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My laptop ages in dog years

Sorry for being MIA in the blog world this weekend! I'm fairly certain any computer in my possession ages in dog years, meaning its life is cut way too short.Β My dinosaur of a laptop has been acting funny, and this weekend it wouldn't turn on. Well I finally got it to turn on today, so… Continue reading My laptop ages in dog years


Super Long Survey Thursday

I've been meaning to do this survey that I saw on Skinny Chick Blog. She's kind of my secret BFF, in that she doesn't know we're BFFs, or even know me at all, but I kind of agree with everything she says so I pretend we're BFFs. Plus she lives in one of my favorite… Continue reading Super Long Survey Thursday

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Steals and Deals

Happy Friday everyone! The only thing I have planned for the weekend is running, so hopefully I can find something else that's fun to do. Anyone have any good weekend plans? WORKOUT: Ran 3 miles, nice and easy. Tomorrow I am supposed to run a 5K race so I took it slow today. And I'm not actually running in a race because I am too cheap to pay for a 5K. I've ran in a bunch before, so this isn't about getting used to the racing environment. It will be about seeing how fast (or slow) I can run. This morning's breakfast: organic fresh mango (I usually use frozen but it was on sale), organic NF Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and organic granola.