Fartlek-ing with my boyfriend.

Sorry I've been MIA! My work schedule was crazy last week (working late and skipping lunches) AND my wittle sister was home from school! So here's basically a week's worth of running updates! Tuesday WORKOUT: My new running shoes finally came (after being shipped to Texas from San Diego first. Yeah, I live in the… Continue reading Fartlek-ing with my boyfriend.


The run that NEEDED to happen

My first half marathon is in 2 weeks and 1 day!! Today was my last longish run until then, and I needed it to smack my face with a dose of reality. Ran 8 miles, 1:17:08, 9:38 pace 9:59 (warm-up) 9:15 9:32 10:10 (I hate mile 4, always have) 9:24 (took a gel) 9:42 9:40 9:24 (started to rain- rained the whole last mile)