Weekend Update

Snapshots from the weekend

I still have a couple recaps to give you, but for now... My mom is trying to make me fat. #imokaywiththat Typical Saturday = long run + meet Kyle for bagels. Except this Saturday was a rest day so I walked Sienna to the bagel shop. She didn't understand why we had to stop, just… Continue reading Snapshots from the weekend


Morning freak out and an afternoon movie

Today was supposed to be my long run (8 miles). Oops. I woke up with a really bad headache (allergies), dehydrated, and feeling like I only had 4 hours of sleep. I was going to go later in the day and then other things kept popping up. I let Sienna out when I got up, fed her, and then let her play. BTW this is what Sienna does every morning when you put her outside. She runs over to her scratching bush, which used to have a lot more branches near the bottom...