Dealing with a crappy run.

WORKOUT: 5.08 miles, 47:49, 9:25 pace (8:57, 9:16, 9:36, 9:37, 9:39).<-- the exact opposite of good pacing (to be fair, the second half was at a slight incline, but still...) Today was one of those runs where I wanted to quit half way through and felt like there is no way I could ever run a half marathon. You will have these days. I had to keep pretending I was at the end of my half marathon and my family was cheering me on at the finish line. Yeah, those 5 were that bad. Tomorrow is a cross training day, so I think I will do something I know I can kick butt in. I think it is important to boost your confidence back up after these types of days. Don't set yourself up for failure after a crappy run.