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Snapshots from the weekend

I still have a couple recaps to give you, but for now... My mom is trying to make me fat. #imokaywiththat Typical Saturday = long run + meet Kyle for bagels. Except this Saturday was a rest day so I walked Sienna to the bagel shop. She didn't understand why we had to stop, just… Continue reading Snapshots from the weekend

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Olives are not good in smoothies

Is it just me or do you feel super behind on blogging on Mondays? I don't feel caught up until Tuesday afternoons! I apologize for being MIA on most weekends, but I'm usually busy with family stuff. I definitely post on Instagram though! Speaking of which, if you follow me on the IG, you know… Continue reading Olives are not good in smoothies

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Instagram, Fire Pants, and Bagels

Happy Saturday everyone!! First, with some exciting (to me) news, I finally joined the 21st century and started an Instagram for my blog! You can click on the icon off to the right, or follow me at fitnessmeetsfrosting πŸ™‚ So far my weekend is going well! Last night my dad took Kyle and me out to dinner. We were supposed to pick the place, so I asked Kyle earlier that day.