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Foot surgeon visit and 30 day thigh challenge

So you know how I've been having ankle problems since my half marathon? Yeah, well I finally used smart-Amy (the lesser-known, smarter half of myself) and saw a doctor. My dad's really good friend is one of the top foot surgeons in the country, so I kind of don't have an excuse. Right? I was unable to run on Wednesday because my ankle was bothering me (well plus, I was too busy making these)

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I LOVE Halloween! This was not always the case. I always loved the idea of getting free candy, but I didn't like the idea of dressing up and people looking at you. Draw attention to myself- no thank you. Still uncomfortable, but I'm a TINY bit less awkward now. TINY bit. Anyways because we never get any trick-or-treaters, I get my candy-giving-jollies at work.

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Work fun. Yeah, I said WORK fun.

Thursday is date night with Kyle at my house, so after work I immediately got my easy 3 miles out of the way. This was a surprisingly easy run, like shockingly easy. Treadmill runs are usually hard for me, even if the pace is super slow. So I have no idea what was goin' on. Maybe it was the episode of Criminal Minds I was watching? For dinner, I made grilled chicken (made the marinade on Wednesday and let them mingle overnight), roasted asparagus, and my quinoa.