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Birthday Recap, AKA buttload of food

If you didn't know, today was Kyle's birthday! I get super excited about other people's birthdays, like more than my own. So this is how the day went. I baked (on Sunday) him some low-fat butterless breakfast rolls with jam and hung them on his gate (they have a gate to get into their yard/driveway).… Continue reading Birthday Recap, AKA buttload of food

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Nerding Out On Nutrition

WORKOUT: 3 miles, 27:19 (9:06 pace). Hard mentally. I did NOT want to wake up this morning. But I rolled myself out of bed at 5:30 AM. BTW my pace yesterday was fast for me. I generally average somewhere in the 9 min./mile pace with a few sub 9 min. miles. I’m still just a jogger.