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I am a bad blogger. And the best present I’ve ever received.

A badgger if you will. Like many of you, I have been super busy with holiday stuff! My sister came home earlier this week, and Kyle's sister was in town for a little bit. That, combined with Christmas preparation = Amy is a badgger (bad + blogger). To start off the holiday season, I went… Continue reading I am a bad blogger. And the best present I’ve ever received.

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Snowmen, Ugly Sweaters, and Penguin-shaped Food

Tuesday After work on Tuesday, I went with my mom to Costco, the most beautiful store ever. Hey, if I can buy sports bras, tires, and enough Greek yogurt to deplete the milk from a few dozen cows, I'm in! Not that I've ever purchased tires from Costco, but I like that I have the option. I was really pleased to see how much they have improved on their selection of organic goods. They have a whole area dedicated to organics, plus I think they post the prices of all the organic items on green paper (instead of the usual white) now. And because you can NEVER buy Christmas decorations too early, I tried to guilt my mom into buying a life size light-up snow man (it assembles into a much larger snowman).