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Getting back into running


Wednesday: 4 x 400 m repeats

Thursday & Friday: Active rest days (not on purpose but life happens 😉 )

Saturday: 5 miles- 3 easy + 2 @ 9:00 pace (actual= 3+2 miles: 9:00, 8:45)


Just popping in to say a quick hello!

Right now I’m trying to get back into running. I took some time off because I was feeling burnt out and not enjoying running anymore. It’s not really a hobby if I don’t enjoy it, right?!

I finally feel like I want to train for something (half marathon), but it’s so hard getting back into the swing of things after months of strength training and short 3 mile runs. I’ve written out a training plan, but I find it’s harder to train without being signed up for an actual event. I’m sure some of you can relate!

Anyways, I’m telling all of you this to keep myself accountable! If I (try to) keep posting my workouts, it will keep me motivated to stick with it…at least that’s the plan.

I hope you all enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Who else has lost their running steam?

How do you stay motivated to keep active?

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Weekend Update- 7 Year Anniversary!

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Sunday: 6.4 miles– My watch didn’t start when my friend and I took off for my run. I went by my FitBit mileage and thought we were running 5-ish miles. I later mapped it on Google and we actually ran 6.4 haha. Woops!

Monday: Upper body strength

Tuesday: 3 miles, easy pace


On Friday, Kyle and I had our 7 year anniversary dinner date at Fleming’s! Our actual anniversary was Saturday, but we wanted to go out on Friday instead (more on that in a little bit 😉 ).

2016-01-08 20.30.12

Dinner was amazingly delicious and so much fun! One of our topics of conversation was what we would do if we won the lottery. Very infrequently (MAYBE 1x/year), we will buy 1 lotto ticket just for fun. The conversations alone are worth it to us 🙂

Another funny thing we reminisced about was how on our first dates, we would always stress (internally) about having something to talk about to avoid awkward silence. Now I bet he prays for my silence ;). Funny how times have changed!

Now, Saturday was our actual anniversary. And remember I said how we didn’t want to go out? This is why:


We’ve had 2 car accidents on 2 separate anniversaries (neither were our faults)! So we said clearly we weren’t meant to travel on that date 😉

We had a relaxing day at home, went for a walk, and wrapped ourselves in bubbles for protection. We didn’t wear these for our walk, but I kind of wanted to just to see how many stares we got.

2016-01-09 15.07.17 HDR

Ever miscalculated your run?

What’s something you used to worry about on dates with your significant other?


Giveaway · House Update

Our house update + giveaway

Wednesday WORKOUT:

30 minute tempo run.- 3.45 miles, 8:44 pace
man i forgot how hard speedwork is


For my newer readers, Kyle and I bought a house together in 2014! Because we both work full-time, and I am also in graduate school, all of our house projects move slowwwwwly.

kyle me first house
The day we got the keys!

We really have only tackled the downstairs bathroom and the living room.

BEFORE: This is how the living room looked when we first saw our house.

2014-06-13 13.03.02

AFTER: It’s not quite finished, but we definitely like how much lighter the room feels. Still needs:

  • Love seats (which my fabulous mom reupholstered) need some modifying and legs
  • Year-round decor for the mantle. I really only have decor for Fall and Christmas haha.
  • Decor in general: art work/photos, side tables, lamps, etc.

2015-11-21 13.16.59

And here is our downstairs bathroom, right before I redecorated it.

BEFORE: Very yellow. And bland like a saltine. You can see the painters tape in the background 😉

2014-09-06 14.39.43

AFTER: I tried a few different colors before choosing this grey.

I promise it looks better in person. Very hard to take a photo when this room get no natural light.

My favorite thing in this bathroom is the canvas photo on the wall. My dad took this photo of my family when we went to Montreal several years ago.


Kyle and I definitely want to have meaningful photos hanging around our house, rather than random pictures of babies we don’t know. Sorry Anne Geddes.


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