Our Story

December 6, 1989
Kyle’s mom meets Amy, as she is the nurse who helps deliver her.  She casts a magical spell on Amy and tells her that she will meet her son (who was just born a few months ago) in high school and eventually marry him. Both Kyle and Amy’s families (who don’t know each other) coincidentally live in Fremont, CA at the time, but move to Alamo, CA within a year of each other. [Okay, so the magical spell thing isn’t true- but everything else is, believe it or not!]


January 2007
Kyle and Amy meet in Mr. Blandino’s econ class and get partnered up for the big class project.

Summer 2007
Kyle and Amy hang out a lot over the summer after they graduate from high school. Their first year of college, they take some GE classes together and start hanging out almost every day, and end up becoming best friends.

About a year later, Amy starts to like Kyle as “more than friends.” She just knows that there is no way that Kyle likes her. She suffocates those feelings like Spanx on a muffin top, but this becomes hard because Kyle starts acting a little differently around her…Meanwhile Kyle also starts to like Amy as “more than friends.” Both of them don’t act on these feelings because they are awkward don’t want to risk the friendship.

December 2008
It snows on Mt. Diablo. Amy is leaving soon for a family vacation to Montreal, so Kyle asks if she wants to go up to the summit. They take a bunch of photos (including this one) and explore. It’s pretty slippery in some areas so Kyle offers to hold Amy’s hand and help her walk. Awkward Amy doesn’t think anything of this and says she can handle it…classic Amy.

January 5, 2009
Kyle and Amy spend the day shopping for new jeans for Kyle (because that’s a normal “just friends” thing to do 😉 ). They are on their way to meet up with a friend and Kyle starts acting weird. He ends up asking Amy out. Amy is so shocked but obviously says YES…or so she thinks.

January 7, 2009
After Kyle and Amy hang out at Casa Harrell, Kyle walks Amy to her car. He asks her, “So uhh, about that question I asked you a couple days ago…So umm what do you think?” Whoops. Amy was so in shock when Kyle first asked her out that she either didn’t say yes, or said it so awkwardly that poor Kyle didn’t know her answer. Bravo Ames.

January 9, 2009
Their first date.
Amy had some gut feelings that this was going to last.

July 2014
We decided to live in sin and buy our first house. Obviously we sleep on separate floors…

The day we got our keys!
The day we got our keys!

[insert a lot of pressure from family and friends here]

November 21, 2015
Kyle proposes on Mt. Diablo. He picks that location because back in 2008, that trip was when he knew he wanted to be with Amy.