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I’m boycotting movie theatres

FRIDAY: HIIT workout

SATURDAY: Bike ride (was supposed to run but ran out of time)

SUNDAY: Active rest day


Happy Monday everyone! Or if you’re feeling like I am, happy I-think-all-Mondays-should-be-part-of-the-weekend.

I had a very busy (but fun weekend)! On Friday, Kyle and I had plans to go to Flemings for drinks and appetizers (we have a gift card), dinner somewhere more affordable, followed by a movie. This was my first weekend that I didn’t need to get up at 5:30 AM for class (1.5 weeks off from school), so we wanted to take advantage of fun Friday nights!

Unfortunately, Friday afternoon I felt under the weather (which I believe to be sinus related). I felt better by the time Kyle got home from work, but I still didn’t feel like drinking. We decided to save the gift card, eat a light dinner of delicious leftovers, get popcorn at the movies (which we never do because we would like to afford groceries 😉 ), and then frozen yogurt after the movie.

Menchie’s is our new favorite!

We saw Sully- which we both thoroughly enjoyed!-possibly because Captain Sully lives in a town right nextdoor to where we grew up! Plus, you can’t go wrong with a Tom Hanks movie 😉

But that brings me to my next point- is it just us, or have people become INCREDIBLY rude in movie theatres? I seriously don’t remember the last time I went to the movies and patrons were NOT talking (not just peak movie theatre hours!). Kyle and I both agreed to boycott the movie theatre for a while.

Saturday Morning, Kyle and I got up early, rode our bikes to my friend’s house, and then the 3 of us rode to breakfast! We all got bowls at Vitality Bowls. So yummy!


I thought it was funny that Kyle made me pick and order his bowl- every time we order smoothies, he ends up liking my smoothie more. So now he just makes me order his 😉

Later, I met up with friends for lunch at The Little Pear, shopping, and just good ole fashion girl talk!


Sunday was another early morning. If you didn’t know, Kyle’s family has a vineyard and Sunday was “crush” (picking and crushing the grapes).


I took a short nap break too 😉


After crush, Kyle and I started a couple wedding registries!!! So much fun (Kyle said he had fun too haha)! It felt like my birthday on steroids 😉


Man, I need a vacation after my weekend 😉

Anyone else notice the lack of respect in movie theatres?

Married friends- name one gift that you are sooo happy you received?

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Weekend Update- 7 Year Anniversary!

Hi friends! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a FREE canvas print from CanvasPop!


Sunday: 6.4 miles– My watch didn’t start when my friend and I took off for my run. I went by my FitBit mileage and thought we were running 5-ish miles. I later mapped it on Google and we actually ran 6.4 haha. Woops!

Monday: Upper body strength

Tuesday: 3 miles, easy pace


On Friday, Kyle and I had our 7 year anniversary dinner date at Fleming’s! Our actual anniversary was Saturday, but we wanted to go out on Friday instead (more on that in a little bit 😉 ).

2016-01-08 20.30.12

Dinner was amazingly delicious and so much fun! One of our topics of conversation was what we would do if we won the lottery. Very infrequently (MAYBE 1x/year), we will buy 1 lotto ticket just for fun. The conversations alone are worth it to us 🙂

Another funny thing we reminisced about was how on our first dates, we would always stress (internally) about having something to talk about to avoid awkward silence. Now I bet he prays for my silence ;). Funny how times have changed!

Now, Saturday was our actual anniversary. And remember I said how we didn’t want to go out? This is why:


We’ve had 2 car accidents on 2 separate anniversaries (neither were our faults)! So we said clearly we weren’t meant to travel on that date 😉

We had a relaxing day at home, went for a walk, and wrapped ourselves in bubbles for protection. We didn’t wear these for our walk, but I kind of wanted to just to see how many stares we got.

2016-01-09 15.07.17 HDR

Ever miscalculated your run?

What’s something you used to worry about on dates with your significant other?


Weekend Update

Tangent Tuesday – Cookies, Yoga, and Cowboys, oh my!


HIIT class


Hope everyone had a great weekend (and a Happy Easter if you celebrate!)! My weekend started off with some yoga after work with friends. I’ve fallen in love with CorePower Yoga– more on that later this week 🙂 But here’s a sneak peak:

corepower yoga

Kyle and I have had a deal for the past couple of years now. He does our taxes and I bake him my homemade chocolate chip cookies. Nice and chewy on the inside, of course. I bet you aren’t allowed to pay your tax guy the same way 😉

chocolate chip cookies

My sister had the family dog (Sienna) for the past week. She lives in SoCal while she’s in school, but she finished up a quarter early(!!) so she took our dog for funzies and walked her friends to class.

sienna irvine

Aren’t you jealous? I was. I wish I could have had my dog walk me to class 😉

My sister and Sienna also got some good use out of our Kurgo dog hammock. I wish I looked this comfortable on 6 hour road trips

sienna kurgo dog hammock

Anyways, after my 6:30 AM Saturday class, I went on a nice and easy run. The only benefit to a class that early is getting out on my run before it gets hot.


Later that day, Kyle and I headed out to his best bud’s engagement party!! We’re finally at that age where our friends are getting married. So weird. It was a rodeo themed party so we had to dress the part.

rodeo engagement party

And of course we had Easter Sunday with family and friends! I brought some brie and blackberry tarts for appetizers and a lighter fruit platter.

brie and blackberry tartfruit platter

Chewy or crunchy cookies? Chewy, duh.

Have you ever had a pet walk you to class? I was always jealous of kids in elementary school whose moms would walk them to class with their dog. My mom worked full-time. Damn needing food on the table and what not.

What has been your favorite themed party?

What did you do for Easter?