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Friday 5 + All about that base


Happy Friday everyone!

Let’s ignore the obvious fact that I said I was going to be a better blogger and then completely neglected my blog 😉

I’m currently in the process of updating my blog, so bare with me if there are any issues.

On to the Friday 5!

1. Coconut Oil

I keep a tub of coconut oil in my shower as a gentle and natural makeup removal. Since I wear makeup (other than BB cream) maybe 1x/month, it is obviously necessary to have yet another bottle in the shower.

Anyways, I have recently been adding a blob (if you want to be all scientific, ~1 tbsp) of coconut oil to my conditioner and it has made my hair so much softer! I simply scoop out the coconut oil and kind of warm it up in my hand, add the conditioner, mix it with my fingers, apply it to my hair, and then comb it through.

Keep in mind I have very thick, wavy hair that tends to look dry and frizzy. You may need to change the amount you use. And if you have naturally oily hair, I’m not sure this will work well for you.


2. Paper cranes

If you didn’t know, I’m getting married next year! As a Japanese-American, one of the traditions is that you have to make 1001 paper cranes for your wedding. My family is very non-traditional, but of course the one tradition they decided to keep was also the most labor intensive…

Last weekend, Kyle and I invited my mom and his parents over for dinner and crane making.


3. Pumpkin everything

I LOVE fall. As soon as Labor Day weekend passed, for some reason I switched into full-on fall mode (even though temps were still in the high 90’s). Right now I am craving pumpkin everything- I made these delicious pumpkin overnight oats (minus the cashew cream) and some healthy pumpkin muffins. I also kind of want to make pumpkin ravioli and maybe some pumpkin cookies. Who wants to take bets on when Kyle will hide all of our pumpkin puree?

4. Kitty Cat

I’m risking looking like a crazy cat lady here, but the last time I posted about our newest family member (Jax), he was still just a baby. So, here is an up-to-date photo of Skyler (our white cat) and Jax.


5. Half marathon training

Since this is partially a fitness blog, I should probably talk about my fitnessing 😉

In my last post, I said I would put running on hold- but that was another lie 😉 I’ve decided to TRY to balance running and weightlifting. I really miss the half marathon distance, and I think the benefits that training had on my body are worth it. I am getting married next year so those runners legs would be nice 😉

For you runners out there- who have ever taken a break (voluntary or otherwise) from running- y’all know my current struggles as I try to get back into running shape! I am slowly trying to build that base again, but it is incredibly frustrating comparing myself to previous Amy.

long run garmin
Boo you whore

I used to stay in half marathon shape year round, meaning I could run a half marathon if I wanted to at any point (it wouldn’t necessarily be my fastest, but I could do it easily and without injury). Enter work, grad school, wedding planned, and heavy weight lifting with Kyle. I had to pick something to give up, and since Kyle would likely kill me if I quit my job 😉 I put running on hold.

To avoid injury, I am basically starting to train from the beginning. I do some sort form non-running exercise 3 days, plus 3 weekly runs. Right now the running is 2, 3 mile runs during the week, and a 4 mile run on the weekend. These runs will slowly increase in length each week.

To avoid anger, I am also not paying attention to pace yet. It’s so easy to get defeated when you look at those mile splits and compare them to your previous self. I know the speed will eventually come back, but slow and steady wins the race stays un-injured.

The plan is to run the Kaiser Half Marathon in February with Kyle’s mom (and hopefully some other family members)! I’m hoping to keep this tradition going with his mom (we’ve run it 2 times I think?)! If all goes according to plan, that weekend will be amazing: my bridal shower on Saturday, followed by a Sunday race 🙂

kaiser sf half marathon

Have a great weekend everyone!

Who else is ready for fall?

Anyone take a break from running and have a hard time getting back into it?

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Five Things Friday

1. I only ran once this work week and I’m slightly okay with that.

Monday was Boston Marathon day. So amazing and inspiring to watch all these athletes come together. #gomeb

That evening I participated in the Boston Marathon World Run after hearing about it from the amazing runner Sarah! It was basically a way to honor the Boston Marathon and those affected by last years horrific events. Runners all over the world pledged to run/walk x distance, you could print out bibs and certificates, and you could donate money.

So after work I headed over to Kyle’s house, ran a little under 3 miles (so hilly over there), and made it back just in time to eat dinner with Kyle once he got home. After dinner, Kyle, his mom, and I walked through their neighborhood and to our old high school to participate in the World Run.

boston marathon world run kyle linda me

So glad we were walking cause my hip has been buggin’ me ever since my half. I’ve been rolling like it was my job and it is helping. I’ve been focusing on cross training and I figure I’ll rest up for my long runs this weekend. Am I annoyed that I missed 2 easy runs (no speed work this week)? Yes. Do I know that it is better to give up 2 easy runs than get an injury? Yes *said stubbornly. It’s okay, I think I needed a mental break from running anyways.

2. Kyle and I visited our old high school and my it has changed!

Like I said, on Monday during our World Run, we walked to our old high school. When we were seniors, they were adding some new buildings to our already huge campus. When my little sister was there, they added even more. After we were both gone, they added an enormous and fancy Student Center. The place looks like a small college campus now.

high school student center


high school student center

Kyle and I showed each other where we used to eat lunch as seniors. We were only like 100 feet apart. Good thing we ended up in that same econ class cause who knows if we ever would have met 😉 Continue reading “Five Things Friday”