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Work fun. Yeah, I said WORK fun.

Thursday is date night with Kyle at my house, so after work I immediately got my easy 3 miles out of the way. This was a surprisingly easy run, like shockingly easy. Treadmill runs are usually hard for me, even if the pace is super slow. So I have no idea what was goin' on. Maybe it was the episode of Criminal Minds I was watching? For dinner, I made grilled chicken (made the marinade on Wednesday and let them mingle overnight), roasted asparagus, and my quinoa.

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SWAG, Gifts, and Giants

I forgot to mention a couple cool things I got on Monday! My aunt and uncle gave me this really cute body scrub. I’m fairly certain this was for helping out with my cousins while they were off visiting my other cousin in college…or just because I’m awesome. we’ll go with the latter 😉