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Friday 5 + All about that base


Happy Friday everyone!

Let’s ignore the obvious fact that I said I was going to be a better blogger and then completely neglected my blog 😉

I’m currently in the process of updating my blog, so bare with me if there are any issues.

On to the Friday 5!

1. Coconut Oil

I keep a tub of coconut oil in my shower as a gentle and natural makeup removal. Since I wear makeup (other than BB cream) maybe 1x/month, it is obviously necessary to have yet another bottle in the shower.

Anyways, I have recently been adding a blob (if you want to be all scientific, ~1 tbsp) of coconut oil to my conditioner and it has made my hair so much softer! I simply scoop out the coconut oil and kind of warm it up in my hand, add the conditioner, mix it with my fingers, apply it to my hair, and then comb it through.

Keep in mind I have very thick, wavy hair that tends to look dry and frizzy. You may need to change the amount you use. And if you have naturally oily hair, I’m not sure this will work well for you.


2. Paper cranes

If you didn’t know, I’m getting married next year! As a Japanese-American, one of the traditions is that you have to make 1001 paper cranes for your wedding. My family is very non-traditional, but of course the one tradition they decided to keep was also the most labor intensive…

Last weekend, Kyle and I invited my mom and his parents over for dinner and crane making.


3. Pumpkin everything

I LOVE fall. As soon as Labor Day weekend passed, for some reason I switched into full-on fall mode (even though temps were still in the high 90’s). Right now I am craving pumpkin everything- I made these delicious pumpkin overnight oats (minus the cashew cream) and some healthy pumpkin muffins. I also kind of want to make pumpkin ravioli and maybe some pumpkin cookies. Who wants to take bets on when Kyle will hide all of our pumpkin puree?

4. Kitty Cat

I’m risking looking like a crazy cat lady here, but the last time I posted about our newest family member (Jax), he was still just a baby. So, here is an up-to-date photo of Skyler (our white cat) and Jax.


5. Half marathon training

Since this is partially a fitness blog, I should probably talk about my fitnessing 😉

In my last post, I said I would put running on hold- but that was another lie 😉 I’ve decided to TRY to balance running and weightlifting. I really miss the half marathon distance, and I think the benefits that training had on my body are worth it. I am getting married next year so those runners legs would be nice 😉

For you runners out there- who have ever taken a break (voluntary or otherwise) from running- y’all know my current struggles as I try to get back into running shape! I am slowly trying to build that base again, but it is incredibly frustrating comparing myself to previous Amy.

long run garmin
Boo you whore

I used to stay in half marathon shape year round, meaning I could run a half marathon if I wanted to at any point (it wouldn’t necessarily be my fastest, but I could do it easily and without injury). Enter work, grad school, wedding planned, and heavy weight lifting with Kyle. I had to pick something to give up, and since Kyle would likely kill me if I quit my job 😉 I put running on hold.

To avoid injury, I am basically starting to train from the beginning. I do some sort form non-running exercise 3 days, plus 3 weekly runs. Right now the running is 2, 3 mile runs during the week, and a 4 mile run on the weekend. These runs will slowly increase in length each week.

To avoid anger, I am also not paying attention to pace yet. It’s so easy to get defeated when you look at those mile splits and compare them to your previous self. I know the speed will eventually come back, but slow and steady wins the race stays un-injured.

The plan is to run the Kaiser Half Marathon in February with Kyle’s mom (and hopefully some other family members)! I’m hoping to keep this tradition going with his mom (we’ve run it 2 times I think?)! If all goes according to plan, that weekend will be amazing: my bridal shower on Saturday, followed by a Sunday race 🙂

kaiser sf half marathon

Have a great weekend everyone!

Who else is ready for fall?

Anyone take a break from running and have a hard time getting back into it?

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My Amazing Yoga Experience – CorePower Yoga Walnut Creek Review

So bummed the weekend is behind us. They fly by so fast! I had a lot of studying to do, but at least Kyle and I got to work a little on house projects/yard work.

I promise I helped
I promise I helped and didn’t just stand there and take photos.

Sounds awful, but we’re still in the “I love to work on the house even if it’s basically chores” phase. I hope to have some DIY projects up on the blog soon. And since I’m always busy now and neglect blogging, hopefully “soon” means this month.

Anyways, I’m trying to get into the half marathon training spirit. I’m doing well with strength training this round, but those speed workouts just make me want to give up.

I might be okay with that.

I realized last week that my half marathon is in 2 months. Whoops, that crept up on me like a bad wedgy. I’m going to attempt to do speed work 2 days a week (1 if I can tell my body needs to take it easy), plus a lot of easy long runs, and my new favorite form of strength training- yoga.

A while back, I tried yoga for the first time with my BFF. I always thought I would hate yoga because my only experience (prior to that class) was yoga in P90X and a unit in PE. And to me, they were both snooze-fests and seemed like a way to say you worked out without actually having to physically exert yourself. Boy was I wrong!

Here we are at my first yoga class (we went to a yoga studio in the city). I fell in love with the vinyasa flow class!

yoga shanna me

Well fast forward to this year- CorePower Yoga recently opened up a studio in Walnut Creek, CA (not to far from me). They generously offered to host a class for my friends/readers (and myself)! I jumped at the opportunity because I had been dying to try another yoga class!

corepower yoga

Their new studio is gorgeous!!!

corepower yoga

My friends/readers and I did a C2 class (heated) with the amazing Sharon and it was FANTASTIC! They have so many different kinds of classes, but here is the C2 description

CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) is a rigorous yoga class with demanding strength postures that will have you moving, breathing and sweating! True to its name, a C2 class focuses on building and engaging your core strength to support you in more advanced postures. Set to energizing music in a heated, climate-controlled room, CorePower Yoga 2 strengthens, balances, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind.

I got in a great strength workout, sweat, and stretched out those tight muscles. One weird thing I was worried about before this class was the smell of a heated room. I’m sorry, but when someone says heated yoga, I think of sweaty, overweight men who reek of onions and garlic. Don’t know why. Luckily the studio smelled (surprisingly) amazing and fresh (and we went to a class in the early afternoon).

Anyways, our instructor Sharon had this amazing energy to keep us motivated, and also made me feel comfortable in a more advanced class (even though it was my 2nd yoga class ever). I loved that she walked around and corrected form IF you wanted the help. I even dragged Kyle to the class (who said he hates yoga) and he “didn’t hate it.” 😉 I’ve never felt so good after a workout. Seriously. After the class, I was so energized and relaxed at the same time.

My class was so great that I made my friends from work go to a beginner class later that week. Even though I think the 3 of us could have handled a C2 class, it was great to go to a C1 class and learn the basics. C2 is still my favorite so far, but I loved that C1 was still challenging and helped me learn the basics (but without being boring).

We debated using their amazing showers in the locker room after class, but decided we wanted to avoid traffic and just hit the road. We may or may not have sat on towels in my car to prevent nasty sweat from getting all over my seats. I’m an awesome host.

corepower yoga corepower yoga

If you’re a yoga lover or debating trying yoga for the first time- GO TO COREPOWER YOGA!! I promise it’s an amazing experience! I’m so excited to see how this will affect my running journey.

If you’ve never tried it- here’s a referral coupon you can use for a free 1 week trial!! (Feel free to put Amy T@FitnessMeetsFrosting, but no worries if you don’t 🙂 )

A huge thanks to CorePower Yoga for hosting a wonderful event for my friends and myself!

corepower yoga

This post was sponsored by CorePower Yoga. All opinions are my own.

What are your thoughts on yoga- I promise, no judging here!

Do you practice yoga regularly?

How do you strength train?

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Changing Up the Running

Monday WORKOUT: Barre workout (focusing on balance/single-leg exercises)


OMG 2 posts in a row?! I know you’re shocked 😉

As most of you know, my IT band was hurting on one leg, usually during long runs. I finally decided to stop being stubborn and to change up my running.

This means that I am basically starting near the beginning of my typical half marathon training cycles= shorter short runs and shorter long runs. Here’s what my typical week looks like now:

  • MONDAY: Strength training (I take a workout class during lunch at work. It’s varies each week, but basically HIIT + core work. It’s awesome).
  • TUESDAY: Easy short run (3-5 mile runch with girlfriends)
  • THURSDAY: Short run (usually with speedwork- runch with girlfriends)
  • FRIDAY: Off
  • SATURDAY: Short run, cross train, or strength train
  • SUNDAY: Long run (usually ≥7 miles. Depends how I’m feeling. Maybe some speedwork thrown in.)

So far I’m loving this “plan.” It’s not set in stone, so I move things around according to my schedule. See- 2 Friday’s ago I just felt like running instead of resting


And then this past Saturday, my little cousins’ had a basketball game near our house (BTW they made it to the playoffs!). I decided to run there to watch! Additionally, my current plan is to (hopefully) swap Saturdays’ current workout to yoga at CorePower Yoga! More on that later 🙂

garmin run

My goal right now is to just build a strong base before I start officially training for another half marathon. I don’t have a race planned until the summer, and this makes running wayyyy less stressful. Remember, running is for fun! Unless you’re Kyle…

berkeley half marathon
This was after my Berkeley Half Marathon a couple years ago when I angered my bulged disc during the race but kept running.

I’m also looking in to getting different running shoes. I was in LOVE with my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s, hated the 10’s, and currently tolerate the 11’s. I’m a severe over-pronater so I really need that support but have yet to find something else.

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep you updated on training! Right now is slow and steady- my turtle plan. Oh and just FYI I post on Instagram much more regularly than here (if you care 😉 )

And this has nothing to do with running (I guess fuel for running?) but I had the most amazing tabbouleh last night! My grandma’s caregiver made some Lebanese food and sent some home with us. So. Good.


Do you like tabbouleh?

How do you come back after injuries?

Does your significant other like to run?

What is your favorite running shoe? If you’re an over-pronater, what shoe do you recommend?