Annie Tsuchiyama- Maid of Honoramy-annieAnnie and Amy have known each other since 1993, aka since Annie was born. Amy begged her parents for a baby sister. She was very concerned because she found out that mom and dad don’t get to choose the gender of her sibling. She told them that she guesses that it’s fine if she got a brother, but she would really prefer a sister. Amy lucked out with the gender, but if it were up to her, her baby sister would have been named Rosie-Chloe…Rosie-Chloe Annie and Amy loved playing together growing up, pranking their parents, and “sneaking” around the house after bedtime (their mother says she knew the whole time), and now Amy considers Annie to be one of her best friends.

Shanna Sullivan- Bridesmaidamy-shanna
Shanna and Amy have known each other since preschool. These BFFs ended up at the same schools all the way through high school. They took gymnastics and piano at the same facilities, and could frequently be found making up gymnastics routines in their parents’ family rooms, playing spies, and listening to 90’s boy bands. As adults, these two ran their first half marathon together, trained for their first full marathons together, and love to stay active together.

Bianca Gandolfo – Bridesmaid
bianca and amy

This pint-sized duo (both still argue over who is taller) has known each other since freshman year of high school. They hung out almost every day during their senior year, so much so that they jokingly said they were a couple (I’m sure Bianca’s boyfriend at the time loved that). Bianca would like to note that she is the reason Amy and Kyle are together. She convinced Amy that Kyle liked her, even though Amy said they were “just friends.”

Ashley Harrell – Bridesmaid
Ashley and Amy met in 2009, a few months after Amy and Kyle started dating. Amy and Kyle took a trip to NY to visit Ashley. They quickly bonded over their love of running, cooking, baking, traveling, and of course, Kyle! Amy cannot wait to have a new sister!

Ally, Erin, & Sydnie – Junior Bridesmaids

girl cousins
Amy really wanted her 3 girl cousins to be junior bridesmaids (aka flower girls) in her wedding. These kiddos hung out a ton growing up, always begging their parents for sleepovers. All of Amy’s cousins are in college, but they will always be her baby cousins.

Sienna- Ring Bearer
sienna amy
If all goes according to plan, Sienna will be Amy and Kyle’s ring bearer. Sienna is Amy/Annie’s childhood dog. She loves swimming, long walks, FOOD, being around people and being pet.