I was not built for the 5K- Dublin Shamrock 5K Race Recap

Thanks for all your encouraging words for my 5K race! You all make me smile 🙂

On Sunday, I ran my first 5K race (that I didn’t run with someone else- meaning, I got to give it my all). I ran the Dublin Shamrock 5K and had a blast! It was a smaller race, close to my house, people dressed up and wore green, and my family was there to walk/run it too!

run dublin shamrock 5k race
My shirt looks more green in person- but yes, it wasn’t a true green

I did have a ton of fun, but man I realized that I was not built for a 5K. Honestly NO type of running has ever come easy for me. I was not born with the gift that elite runners have. Gymnastics and kung-fu, both sports I was good at and came naturally. Running on the other hand- think of a baby dear with asthma trying to climb an escalator. It took a lot of hard work, and will continue to take a lot of hard work. (By that I do NOT mean that gifted athletes don’t work hard)

But back to the 5K- after training for half marathons (and one marathon) relatively consistently for the past ~2 years now (weird to think that I only started running in 2013!), I have settled in to, slow-and-steady running. I like to think of myself as a basic Honda (and no, not because I’m Japanese). No amazing acceleration or top speed, but I am reliable and can last a long time. 5K’s on the other hand- those I feel like you need a flashy German sports car 😉 I always joke with Kyle that I have 0 fast-twitch muscles.

Now I know I said I’m not built for a 5K, but all exaggeration aside, what I really meant was that I wasn’t trained for a 5K. I like to stay in half marathon shape year round. Not half marathon PR shape, but in good enough shape that I could run an easy half marathon if I wanted to. Half marathons and 5K’s are completely different beasts.

And I did not really train for a 5K race. I really had no idea how to pace myself, how much to warm up, etc. So I just went with it!

The Race:

Because it’s a small race, the parking and getting to the starting line was easy peasy. In fact, so easy that my family gave me death stares because we got there so early. After we hit the port-a-potties, I decided to warm-up and jog around the block (maybe .75 miles). When I got back to my family, I freaked out and realized I had to pee again and got back in the line (which at this point was super long). I got out just in time, 5 minutes till the start.

They had nice, large, pace corrals signs and expected people to use the honor system. Ha. I lined up in my corral- at the back of the 7:00 min. mile corral, right before 8:00 min milers. I started to look around and noticed that a lot of “suspicious” people were in front of me. Now, I’m not one to judge a book by its cover. But when you see parents with babies in those backpack carrier things, kids barely walking and holding their parents’ hands, and grandpa over there with his cane- all in front of you- you start to question this honor system. I realized that if I didn’t want to spend the first 2 miles weaving, I needed to move up.

The race started right on time. I thought I was in a good spot, but I still spent a good half mile weaving in and out of “walkers.” Rude. The race went by really fast for me. I remember breathing hard and thinking my lungs were on fire. I remember a few small but evil hills. I remember thinking that I miss the half marathon. And I remember dad-with-baby-in-stroller FLY by all of us.

I'm the one in the white hat
I’m the one in the white hat

Mile Splits: 7:28, 8:23, 7:54

See, I told you I had no idea how to pace myself. 7:55 average pace- not bad!

Official Time: 24:56. 11th in my AG, 40th female overall (out of >1000)

I was a disappointed in my time. Obviously I wanted to be faster. But hey, I know what I need to work on for next time.

This was a great small race! The volunteers were awesome and the course was clearly marked. I only wish they had more port-a-potties and a more organized start. The festival (that was running all weekend) after the race was a lot of fun. Live music, a raffle for runners, free samples (+ food you could buy), carnival rides, etc. Definitely a race I want to do again 🙂

Did you do a St. Patrick’s Day Race?

Do you have a hard time pacing yourself for 5K’s?

What sport comes easy to you? What sport is hard?


20 thoughts on “I was not built for the 5K- Dublin Shamrock 5K Race Recap

  1. I did a St. Patricks Day race here in Baltimore. It was a 5K too. It was my first 5K in a long time and while I’ve been working on speed and even PRd, I feel like I held back. I was afraid of going too fast. I’m happy with how it went, but I wonder if I could have done better. I think that could be the trouble with anyone who does endurance running…you go into a shorter more intense race and you either aren’t able to move faster or you don’t push it enough. You still did GREAT though!

  2. you did a great job!! 7:55 average pace is FAST, girl!
    I’ve gone out too fast in many-a-5k, and then I have to slow down a lot in the later miles. I think the trick is starting out realtively conservatively in the first mile and then pushing more each mile.
    lol “suspicious people”

  3. Congrats on tacking the 5k. It is a tough one! I too prefer the half marathon to this distance. But I am so glad you had a good time and ran a good race. I’m sure you will be ready to try a new one at some point and kill it even more!

  4. Good job on your 5K! I think you did great! I ran Shamrock Run in Indianapolis on Saturday. It was a 4 mile run and my husband ran with me. We both had fun and finished at about 33 minutes. I also have a had time pacing myself during short distance runs but I typically just go at comfortable pace and try to enjoy it, rather than trying to kill myself 🙂

  5. Ummm I totally wish j were naturally good at gymnastics and Kung Fu… Talk about the coolest sports ever, forget running!

    Dude I feel ya on the 5k. I literally have no idea in the whole wide world hoe to run one!

  6. Congrats!! That is great time for a 5k. Keep working at it and you will continue to get faster. My fastest 5k mile has been 9:30, so consider yourself awesome for being this fast!

  7. Hahahaha at your Honda comment, this is why I love reading your posts, you’re hilarious! You’ve gotten so speedy though- I know you were disappointed in your time but 7:55 average is pretty badass. Way to go Amy!

  8. Great job, Amy!!
    OMG, I’m terrible when it comes to 5K’s. It’s weird but the 5K and 10K split times within my PR half marathon were faster than ACTUAL 5K and 10K races. That just means I have not done nearly enough speedwork or enough warming up for the short distance races. I never know what I’m doing when I do the shorter distances… but I always have fun 🙂

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