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Changing Up the Running

Monday WORKOUT: Barre workout (focusing on balance/single-leg exercises)


OMG 2 posts in a row?! I know you’re shocked 😉

As most of you know, my IT band was hurting on one leg, usually during long runs. I finally decided to stop being stubborn and to change up my running.

This means that I am basically starting near the beginning of my typical half marathon training cycles= shorter short runs and shorter long runs. Here’s what my typical week looks like now:

  • MONDAY: Strength training (I take a workout class during lunch at work. It’s varies each week, but basically HIIT + core work. It’s awesome).
  • TUESDAY: Easy short run (3-5 mile runch with girlfriends)
  • THURSDAY: Short run (usually with speedwork- runch with girlfriends)
  • FRIDAY: Off
  • SATURDAY: Short run, cross train, or strength train
  • SUNDAY: Long run (usually ≥7 miles. Depends how I’m feeling. Maybe some speedwork thrown in.)

So far I’m loving this “plan.” It’s not set in stone, so I move things around according to my schedule. See- 2 Friday’s ago I just felt like running instead of resting


And then this past Saturday, my little cousins’ had a basketball game near our house (BTW they made it to the playoffs!). I decided to run there to watch! Additionally, my current plan is to (hopefully) swap Saturdays’ current workout to yoga at CorePower Yoga! More on that later 🙂

garmin run

My goal right now is to just build a strong base before I start officially training for another half marathon. I don’t have a race planned until the summer, and this makes running wayyyy less stressful. Remember, running is for fun! Unless you’re Kyle…

berkeley half marathon
This was after my Berkeley Half Marathon a couple years ago when I angered my bulged disc during the race but kept running.

I’m also looking in to getting different running shoes. I was in LOVE with my Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s, hated the 10’s, and currently tolerate the 11’s. I’m a severe over-pronater so I really need that support but have yet to find something else.

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep you updated on training! Right now is slow and steady- my turtle plan. Oh and just FYI I post on Instagram much more regularly than here (if you care 😉 )

And this has nothing to do with running (I guess fuel for running?) but I had the most amazing tabbouleh last night! My grandma’s caregiver made some Lebanese food and sent some home with us. So. Good.


Do you like tabbouleh?

How do you come back after injuries?

Does your significant other like to run?

What is your favorite running shoe? If you’re an over-pronater, what shoe do you recommend?


12 thoughts on “Changing Up the Running

  1. Tabouleh is awesome! I tried it for the first time while I was abroad in Paris (random, I know), and since then I have been in love. Unfortunately I just don’t get to eat it enough.

  2. Sorry to hear that you are dealing with injuries but I love how you are approaching it. I think you are playing it smart! Hope you continue to feel better and get back to where you want to be.

  3. it always feels weird to dial back on running after you’re used to high mileage, but I love the variety in your plan! those runches sound so fun.
    I’ve been working on building a base for a few weeks, so I’m slowly increasing my weekly mileage.
    Ryan likes to run, but we have a difficult time running together. He’s better with short and fast, and I’m better with long and slow, so we usually stick to circuit workouts or treadmill runs when we’re together.

  4. That sounds like a great training plan. I’m feeling about 85% good at the moment with my injured hamstring and am going to start training for my next half (in 12 weeks – May 18th) but I’m modifying my training plan – looks very similar to yours.

  5. Whoop Whoop – I love two posts in a row haha!
    Congrats to your cousins!

    I absoposilutely agree that switching up your running routine is awesome. Yea, Yeah, it’s great for your body and running and all, but I love how much I feel it benefits my mind.
    I detest running in the heat, so I tend to take it easy in the summers. Why stress myself out when I know my pace will suffer and I won’t enjoy it much an there’s nothing I can do about it?

    I’m not a big Tabouli fan but my mamma love it!

  6. Nice! Those barre workouts should help fix your IT. Keep at it. As for shoes, I’ve been in Brooks Pure Flows for the past few years and I’ve been injury free. Sticking with what works!

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