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Just. Get. Through. This. Week.

Happy Wednesday!

So glad this work week is half over. I’m stretched so thin this week between assignments/quizzes for grad school, catching up on work after being sick last week, getting ready for our housewarming party this weekend, and trying to train for my first marathon!

long run garmin

I’m actually very nervous because I’ve missed over a week of running! When I was sick, I had this horrible cough and when I took deep breaths, I would get coughing attacks. I figured running would be a poor choice. And this week, I’ve been working non-stop and still getting to bed by 12:30 AM. With a (late) start of a 6:30 AM alarm clock, this leaves little time for running. Just. Get. Through. The Week.

My experienced runner friends- should I be worried about missing this many runs???

Things have been going pretty well with my puppy dog visitor. She seems to not hate my guts for moving out of my parents house and leaving her behind.

Kyle texted this to me when I was in class (behind that closed door).
{Instagram} Kyle texted this to me when I was in class (behind that closed door). It made me happy and sad.

She leaves today. Which is probably a good thing after this incident.

scratched door sienna
That’s one of our pocket doors for our kitchen. I did not make those scratch marks.

I’ve also been keeping busy with trying new recipes for our Oktoberfest/Halloween-themed housewarming party.

soft pretzels
{Instagram} Soft Pretzels!

And last night, Kyle and I met up with his family for his dad’s birthday! We went to Revel, which is the second time Kyle and I have gone. It did not disappoint!

We ordered the Happy Boy Farms Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta, General Santos Ahi Tartare, and Pickled Vegetables to share as appetizers. So delicious!

randy birthday dinner revel

Everyone loved their entrées. I ordered the Fresh Spaghettini with Organic Cherry Tomatoes, Roasted Delta Corn & Arugula Walnut Pesto. I typically don’t order pasta out (unless it is a signature dish or an Italian Restaurant). But this was speaking to me and it was amazing! But of course I forgot to take a pic.

Oh well, we got this better one instead!

randy birthday dinner revel

And the night ended with me staying up till 12:30 AM studying again, followed by accidentally crawling into bed with my purse on. Don’t ask.

Experienced runner friends- give me advice on missing runs during marathon training 😉

What is the worst thing a pet has ruined in your house? Hmm I’m fairly certain my dog growing up ripped up the linoleum that used to be in our kitchen. That’s got to be a big one.

Ever made soft pretzels from scratch?!


28 thoughts on “Just. Get. Through. This. Week.

  1. Don’t worry about one week! Get back on track and you’ll be fine. My dogs have never actually ruined anything, unless you count shedding hopelessly on everything so we have to wash blankets/bed sheets twice as often.

  2. Our malmute pulled trees out by the rootball. Murray destroyed the drip in the vineyard. We paid dues with those too- the rest have been relative “smooth sailing”. Just enjoy your week- running will fall into place, the party will be fun. YEAH!!

  3. Ohh my gosh, that pretzel picture!! YUM!! Also, you’ll be fine with running!! Don’t worry!! You’ll jump right back into it!! You’re amazing!! xoxo

  4. Dang girl! You have A LOT going on! (Like you needed me to tell you that :))

    Soft pretzles are quite literally my favorite food and bread baking is my favorite form of cooking, but I have yet to try making them. I think I embarrassingly feel like they have to be incredible and I’m intimidated….dumb. You’re very wise to practice! They look great!

    I wish I could offer words of wisdom, but alas, I am not baller enough to have ever trained for a marathon.

    I am sorry you were up so late studying, but the image of someone going to bed still wearing their purse is pretty finny tehe 🙂

      1. Can you share the recipe you used? I think I might be making them soon for our family Oktoberfest!

  5. Soft pretzels are my favorite food (second favorite is hard pretzels; chocolate covered pretzels make top 10). Yours look amazing!

    Just consider it a rest week and don’t stress. Things happen with training, just roll with them 🙂

  6. My kitten used to chew cords all the time and broke my fan and computer adapter… luckily, they were always unplugged when he chewed on them, and it was only when he was teething.
    Don’t worry about your missed runs! You need to show up healthy on race day, so it’s better to be sick now than later!

  7. I’m not a good enough runner to have any REAL advice about it, but you’re busy! School is going to be a temporary thing in your life (hopefully) and you can run for the rest of your life (also, hopefully). Your marathon times can improve over the years but you only have one shot at grad school, unless you just want to throw away thousands of dollars! Unfortunately, sometimes spending hours a week on your fitness just can’t always happen, unless you want to sacrifice sleep, which will really just end up being worse for you in the long run!

  8. You forgot about Sienna using our new kitchen cabinets for teething.Listen to your friend Liz and look forward to the fun stuff. Can’t wait till Saturday!

  9. Missing a week won’t hurt you, I think it happens to everyone in their marathon training – who can stay healthy for that long while putting so much stress on the body anyway?
    I think I told you, but our one dog pukes almost daily. Most of the time I hear the warning sounds and get him outside….but not always. Not always.

  10. Do not worry about a week. We all get sick, we all miss a little training. Don’t try to OVER compensate next week. Just jump back in. You may need to alter your next long run depending on how you feel. But seriously, no stressing allowed for taking a week off! 🙂 My cats have ruined all of my dining room chairs, a couch we bought of Craigslist, and multiple shower curtains. They are worth it, though. 🙂

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