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Few Words Wednesday


8 mile run.


Moderate pace. Weird how that distance used to be my long run on the weekend and now it is part of my mid-week recovery running! Progress people. Progress.

halloween candy

Stocking up on Halloween candy that I can find on sale. Strategically placed out of my reach ๐Ÿ˜‰ My other strategy is to purchase chocolate candy (which I won’t eat since I’m not a chocolate lover). This is the first year that Kyle and I will have trick-or-treaters (he lived on a hill and I lived on a tiny private street) and I’m pretty excited.


I got to see my puppy over the weekend! As you can tell she really missed me…I’m also really excited because she is going to be staying with Kyle and me for a little bit at the end of the month! Sleepover party!


Couch sharing with a cat. I sat down first but she wears the (fur) pants in this relationship.

Anddddd the winner of my free Spartan Race entry is…

spartan race entry winner

Congrats Bob!

The winner was chosen randomly with Rafflecopter. The winner was notified via emailย today.

Thanks for those who participated!

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

How early do you start stocking up on candy?

19 thoughts on “Few Words Wednesday

  1. almond joy or mounds. kit kats are good too! I don’t buy any as we have only had one trick or treater in 22 years. That child scored a five dollar bill (it was all we had) I envy you this Halloween. Are you dressing up?

  2. Candy corn duhhhhh haha I know people have an all or none relationship with that deliciousness ๐Ÿ™‚

    I literally cannot express how jealous I am that you get tick or treaters this year!!!! I live in an apartment and try and hit up friends with town homes come Halloween so I can partake haha!

  3. Oh Halloween candy and I have such a love, hate relationship. I don’t buy it anymore because it won’t last until Halloween and Jon doesn’t eat sweets. Anything with chocolate and peanut butter (cough cough reeses’) are demolished within a few moments of coming into my sight…

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