Can it be the weekend yet?

Hi friends! Anyone wishing that it was already the weekend? Just me?

This week didn’t start off great. I was battling some sinus issues all of Sunday (at the time I thought I was getting sick) = cranky Amy. Woke up on Monday feeling like garbage still. This is basically how my day went:

5:00 AM
What’s that incessant ringing coming from the foot of my bed? Ugh. Alarm. Ugh I don’t feel good. I’m not getting up to workout. *Resets alarm*

If you’re wondering why my alarm is at the foot of my bed- I have 2 alarm clocks. 1 on my phone at the foot of my bed and 1 on my nightstand. I have a tendency to sleep through loud noises e.g. alarm clocks, fire alarms, etc. Some people pick life partners based on love. I pick them based on their ability to wake up in the middle of the night to a fire alarm and save my life. I kid Kyle. Love you ❤

5:01 AM
Meow. Meow. Meow. Meooooooowwwwwww. Cat heard my alarm clock and now must be fed because apparently she thinks she hasn’t eaten in weeks. *Feeds both cats*

5:10 AM *Crawled back into bed*
I am now talking myself into working out. “Just do it. You won’t have time this evening and you’ll feel like crap if you don’t.”

5:15 AM
I’m too dizzy (side-effect of my sinus issues) and blah-feeling to run. Yoga it is. Ooo yoga feels good. Must remember that.


Fast forward through work where I felt crappy all day. Of course I pretend I’m fine and in a great mood but really I’m thinking, “Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.” I’m a peach.

4:40 PM
I went to Costco after work to pick up dinnerware for Kyle and myself. My mom had found this particular set on Sunday and took a photo for us.

dinnerware costco

Basically we want something that’s not completely hideous but also cheap. This was $19.97 for a 20 piece set. Great deal!

My mom and I could’t find it at Costco. Whoops, I found out that she saw it at a different Costco…we ask my dad if he can pick up a few on the way home from work. He obliges. I now have to say he’s the coolest dad ever. Family obligations are hard.

Also found Nuttzo at Costco. This quickly changes my mood from 😐 to 🙂 #loser

nuttzo costco

7:00 PM
Drive over to Kyle’s house to hang out. I can’t wait until we live together and we won’t have to schedule hangout times.

We played 4 games of pool. I won twice…by default. He knocked in the 8 ball prematurely. I was majorly sucking so I’ll take the wins. We also made the game interesting (loose term) by doing pistol squats every time we missed a shot.

And that was my “exciting” day. I woke up today to run in the AM but my head was bad still. This means speedwork on the treadmill tonight because I don’t run outside when it’s 90F.

Do your pets get up as soon as they hear your alarm clock?

The last impulse purchase you made at Costco- go!

Tell me something random about your day!


33 thoughts on “Can it be the weekend yet?

  1. Ugh sinus issues are the worst, and they feel so much worse than you’d think they do! I suck at waking up earlier than I need to, aka I end up working out mostly in the evenings. Random fact- I’m trying a group run tonight for the first time!

  2. I never leave Costco without something in my hands I hadn’t intended to buy. Today it was a double pack of “natural” peanut butter. One of the jars will be going into your new home. I also bought a box of Kind bars I knew I didn’t need but thought would be good apres’ swim.

  3. Hahah yea girl!!! I am wishing the same thing!!! It’s been a right week so far at work, looking forward to the weekend.
    My four legged kids (dogs) …hehe always get il to the alarm, sometimes they wake me up before😭 lol

  4. Aw poor thing I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well! Lilly is my alarm clock. If I’m not up by a certain time she makes sure to stick her nose right in my face and then proceed to wack her tail against the wall next to my bed. Hence the early rising in my house! Feel better!

  5. LOL, I know we haven’t met in person, but I picture you as the ‘unikitty’ from Lego Movie.
    Ha, I have a friend who sleeps with a giant kitchen knife under her pillow everytime her husband goes out of town. We keep telling her it’s a horrible horrible idea, but she won’t budge.
    Ha, fun fact – I’ve only lost one game of pool in my life – and that loss is a long story. I’m not good, I just get very lucky!

      1. Ha, no, I’ve been unbeaten since I was like 16…except one night in college. I made the boast at a bar and people kept challenging me – everytime I beat someone they’d buy me a drink. After SEVERAL victories I was barely able to see straight and lost to the next guy. That was my last loss!

  6. Sounds like a busy day. My cats don’t get up most weeks with me because I’m up at 5:40 and they look at me from their spots on the bed like, “We will be right here if you need us and we will wait until dad gets up!”
    As far as alarms, I haven’t had mine go off in years. It doesn’t matter what time I have to wake up, I just tell myself before I go to bed and then I begin waking up about an hour before. I’m like my own little snooze. But of course I set that alarm because I would hate to malfunction one morning and not wake up on time. 🙂

  7. So maybe you can start writing CCR for me because you jut described my Monday… Except for the part where I did something productive and went to yoga, whoops!

    So sorry you’re sinuses were actig up, that sounds aweful!!

    I’m impressed by your pool skills, this girls got notta lol

    Oh and I will SO be on the lookout for Nutzo at Costco this weekend, yum!!

  8. Yuck, what a morning! Though I love reading play-by-plays of other people’s days (is that weird?). I hope you feel better soon.
    I don’t have any pets, but if I did and if they woke me up in the middle of the night, I think I would get rid of them (I’m going to be a loving mom)

    Ohh good question on the last impulse purchase at Costco. Hm. Probably some sort of trail mix/snack mix. Why are they near the checkout lines?!?

    1. Lol not sure if it is weird, but IDK because it means that I didn’t bore you to death 😉 Thanks love!
      HAHAHAHA you’re going to be an awesome mom!
      This is why Costco is still in business…bastards 😉

  9. Aw, I am sorry you aren’t feel well. Sending good thoughts! You want to talk about random at the grocery…I am not ashamed to admit that I went to Whole Foods today, walked around and got all the free samples, then only bought 2 quest bars and an iced coffee. In my defense, my dentist’s office is next door. I have a problem with free samples, though. I need an intervention.

  10. Hope you start feeling better, lady! My dogs get up as soon as they hear the alarm. And their little bladders can’t hold it, so I have to get up and let them outside, or either clean up a mess later.

  11. I am wishing it was the weekend too so I can be on my way to Florida for vacation! lol Ugh sinus pain is the worst, I hope you feel better. Sadly, I haven’t been in Costco in a while, but that dining set looks great and for only $20! Can’t beat that!

  12. totally ready for the weekend too, esp bc i have fun things going on all weekend and it’s supposed to be beautiful out here again (for the win!). umm i don’t have pets in the city, i think i’ve maybe been to Costco once in my life, and the only random thing i can think of about this week so far is that i met a man from Italy at a restaurant bar on Mon night (why i was at a bar on Mon night plz don’t ask, girl time?) who looked 35 and was 49 and i may or may not have mocked his accent but he didn’t realize it. note to self: stay in on Mondays.

  13. We went to Costco over the weekend to look at the TV’s. Wow, they are HUGE! Almost bought one but then we found a better deal for one at Best Buy.

    I’m pretty sure Loki sleeps with one eye open at all times. If I so much as move at any point he wakes up. Luckily I don’t have to feed him in the mornings because he is free-fed and never had a big appetite unless it’s for people food. 😉

    Random thing: We get bedroom furniture delivered today. I am soooo excited. The before and after pictures might be somewhat dramatic.

    1. Ugh I love/hate looking at all the TVs! Nice!!!

      LOL that’s too cute! I wish my current dog was like that! Our first dog was free fed, but my current dog would be 200lbs if we let her eat freely. She would never stop.

      OOOOOOOOO LOVE new furniture!!! Can’t wait to see 🙂

  14. I hope you are feeling better love. Monday was horrible for me too, I even left the work 2 hours earlier. I felt dizzy as well, but I think it had more to do with low blood pressure (never confirmed lol). Okay, to your questions:

    1. Bella wakes up before the alarm and gets into our bed to get ready. Once the alarm rings, there’s lots of jumping and licking. She still thinks she is tiny and light… while I’m covered in scretches and bruises.

    2. Costco… I can’t believe it, but I can remember:-s

    3. Something random? Can’t wait for this week to be over!!! I feel you, girl!


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