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Foam rolling + when runs don’t count

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

I haven’t posted since Thursday, so I need to catch y’all up!

  • Thursday WORKOUT: Ran ~5 miles total. 400’s x 1.

No, that 1 x 400m repeat is not a typo. My knee started to feel weird so I took it easy.

I’ve been rolling with Kyle’s stick roller consistently but my knee still acts up sometimes when I run. I was getting ready to call the doctor to get it looked at, and then on Sunday I used my foam roller. And then BAM! My knee started to feel a little better. I think the issue with the stick roller is me. I’m not using enough pressure…

We’ll see. I’m going to foam roll instead of stick roll for a while and see if the knee issues go away. Crossing fingers!

foam rolling

  • My sister cleaned out her closet, which is one of the best days of the year…for me.

Basically, I get new clothes for free 🙂 New cargo pants!

outfit clothes

  • Saturday WORKOUT: Ran ~7.5 miles, easy pace.

No idea what my actual pace was because my watch died. Luckily it was the same route I’ve ran a bazillion times so I knew the rough distance. Cause y’all know if I didn’t know the distance, my run basically didn’t count #runnerproblems

  • After my run, Kyle and I went to my BFF, Shanna’s, acro performance.

This will be her last year doing acro, so I’m glad I got to watch!

shanna me acro

  • Saturday evening, Kyle and I cooked dinner together and caught up on Homeland.

Kyle had to run downstairs to get something from his room. We waited patiently for him.

me cal gus

And that’s basically my weekend! Sunday was full of light weights, errands, and soccer.

Do you foam roll, stick roll, both, neither?

Do you do hand-me-down clothes in your family? Yep! We always offer clothes to my cousins too, and then it all goes to charity.

How bummed are you when your running watch dies mid-run?

Tell me what ya did this weekend!!


29 thoughts on “Foam rolling + when runs don’t count

  1. Haha my watch died when I was almost at the end of a run a few months ago, I had planned for an easy 5 but my watch died saying 3.8 so I ran for another minute or so to be absolutely sure I at least ran 4 then promptly stopped because lord knows I can’t estimate how far another mile is and I’m crazy weird about stuff like that. I don’t know what prevents me from running another 2-3 songs and estimating that it’s another .75-1.25 mile but nooooooooo.

    1. LOL I prob would have done the same!! Runners are weird! And what’s even weirder is that I have no problem stopping at 7.35 miles (or a random fraction of a mile) on a run if I’m meeting someone. Of course the next time I’ll try to allow more time though 😉

  2. OMG! Now I’m even saddER because: first, I don’t have any sisters, or even any cousins, who are girls, second, nobody passes on any cool stuff to me!!! WAAAAHHHH!!! LOL! Really though, I’d love it. Gotta live with what I have haha! Btw, love the look, you’re totally rocking the outfit. Mostly, I foam roll, but I am really intrigued by that stick. It’s a second time you’re talking about it, so I’ll definitely take a closer look. Have a wonderful Monday! I hope your knee feels better ❤

    1. LOL I wish I could pass on some stuff to you! 😉 Aww thank you!! The stick, I find, is great for isolating certain areas. Also I find it works better on my calves (I can’t get enough leverage on my calves using the foam roller). And the stick is brilliant for having someone else roll you out 😉 Hope you had a fabulous Monday darlin’ ❤

  3. I mostly foam roll, but stick roll for the harder to get spots.

    I give hand me down clothes to my 13 year old stepsister – but usually my clothes aren’t “cool” enough for her.

    I always forget to charge my watch. I always have my phone with me, so I’ll switch to Map My Run, but it still sucks.

    I did a whole lotta nothing this weekend at it was wonderful.

  4. I like to go back and forth between the foam roller and the stick. Depends on the mood and how I am feeling. That really stinks about the watch. It’s crazy how obsessed we get with them!

  5. Me and my younger sister ALWAYS share clothes. It is like having a second wardrobe and after she wears something for awhile, she lets me keep it. Love those pants and yay for new/old clothes hahah. I ran a run-fun 5k this weekend with my sister and it was so much fun! Can’t wait to write about it today!

  6. i do foam roll (not stick, my trainer used to do that and i all but cried and definitely yelled) but totally need to foam roll more, like for sure. my wknd was so dope…beach, running, girl friend time, rooftop, Central Park, dinners…so good!

  7. I so feel you on the hand me down thing! I’m the youngest in a family of 3 girls so I’m pretty much living the life in terms of free clothing. I love/hate my foam roller.

  8. Usually I stick roll, but I’ve been having a lot of knee issues so do you think the foam might help!? I’m willing to try anything at this point. I always feel like I’m doing it wrong when I use it though.

    No hand me downs for me. I have three half brothers. I don’t want any of their gross boy clothes! I would love that if I had a sister though! Those pants are cute!

    1. Maybe??? I just think for me, I wasn’t stick rolling hard enough (because you can control the pressure unlike with the foam roller). So I think the foam roller will dig deeper into my angry muscles. We’ll see though…

      LOL ewww boy clothes. They have cooties ya know 😉 Aww thank you!!

  9. I hate when my Garmin dies. I feel like my sister and I trade a lot and I love it, it’s cheaper than shopping 🙂

  10. Glad your knee is feeling better! Did you foam roll your IT band or quads or what? I’m dealing with a knee problem now..
    I have the stick and a foam roller, but I do a lot better with the foam roller. I think it digs deeper and is easier…probably because my whole body weighs more than my arms can push.

    1. Thank you!!! All of it! I do 4 sides of my upper leg (IT band, top of the thigh, inner thigh, and hamstrings). Noooooo not knee problems!!! Take it easy speedy friend and make the evil foam roller your friend ❤

      I agree with you on that! The stick is great if Kyle rolls me out. Otherwise I don't press hard enough because I'm a wimp haha.

  11. I am a big fan of the stick, but have never had much luck with the foam roller. That is SO darn exciting that the foam roller seems to be working it’s legendary magic on your knee, fingers crossed this finally is the silver bullet you’ve been searching for!!

  12. I know what you mean! When my Garmin was sent in for repairs…I had to run around the park coz I knew how many miles it was in 1 lap, instead of randomly around the neighbourhood. You know…coz I’m just that anal about numbers! 😛

    My sis is my BFF coz I get her hand-me-down bags.

  13. Oh yes, I foam roll like it’s my job…or I did when in training, now it’s hit or miss. I did pass down all my clothes to my youngest sibling…but she wasn’t impressed. 😉

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