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Team Ignite! + 2 Songs


Pretty excited to run this afternoon. And then run a tiny bit with Kyle + strength workout (he hasn’t agreed to the running part yet…)

No workout on Tuesday. Decided to give the ole knee a rest and just move my rest day from Friday to Tuesday.

Now, I’m super excited to tell you guys something! I’ve been keeping it a secret, waiting for the right time to share the news andddddd *pause for dramatic effect*

I am a now a proud ambassador of Ignite Naturals!


If you have never heard of Ignite Naturals, they make

100% all-natural sports nutrition and dietary supplements

I was drawn to them because I am a salty sweater. Yep. Super hawt.

I found that when I ran >7 miles, even with proper hydration during my run, I could not get those electrolytes back in my body. Post run I would try coconut water, Nuun, and sports drinks (which I hate). I would feel dehydrated and have a headache the rest of the day. As much as I love Nuun and the naturalness of coconut water, the only thing that worked were those highly processed sports drinks with enough food coloring to dye your poo. I wanted a more natural option. Enter, Ignite Naturals.

ignite naturals

I now use InRefresh immediately after my longer runs, which

uses 100% plant-based high quality real food ingredients that are in as close to their natural state as possible

Here’s what I found when trying InRefresh:


  • Cured my post-longer-run dehydration issues
  • Made from NATURAL ingredients
  • 100% plant based/VEGAN
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Fruity taste


  • Stevia aftertaste

So far this is the only con I’ve found while using InRefresh. I hate the taste of Stevia and artificial sweeteners. You know that aftertaste you get when drinking a diet drink (even the natural kinds that use Stevia)? Well this has it too.

Honestly I don’t care though. I typically chug my post-run drink so I’m not savoring it like a cup of coffee. I’d rather stick to the all-natural ingredient option.

Anyone interested in trying?? Well, I have a special off for you!

10% off if you use the code: IN00353 (this will be posted in my sidebar if you forget)

Ignite Naturals 10% Off

If you try it, let me know what you think!

And finally, 2 songs

10 Day You Challenge

I need to preface this list by saying I don’t think I have 2 favorite songs. But these 2 songs were the first to pop in my head and they always make me smile.

1. A Wink and a Smile, Harry Connick Jr.

From Sleepless in Seattle, another adorable movie that I need to rewatch.

2. The Good Life, Frank Sinatra version

Are you running today (or have you)???

What do you use to hydrate?

Favorite song?


12 thoughts on “Team Ignite! + 2 Songs

  1. I hydrate with water (and powerade and a protein shake if the run was 15+ miles), but I usually crave pretzels or anything salty after runs…I’m a salty sweater too.
    Ohh picking a song is hard!! I love the ones you chose–very chill and feel-good

  2. That’s awesome to have an option for getting your electrolytes in check that ISNT full of chemicals!

  3. I’m about to go for a run! I’m a salty sweater too so I try to drink Nuun after long runs but sometimes I still have those run-hangover headaches.

  4. Congrats on your ambassadorship appointment! Nice songs! My music taste changes by the day. The past few I’ve gotten back into some old school David Gray. Hydration? Fro me it’s coconut water and chocolate almond milk!

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