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No knee pain and 5 foods

I received a lot of requests for my quinoa burgers from 2 nights ago. Sorry! I don’t have a recipe yet cause I wasn’t completely happy with the way these turned out. I promise to share once I get a good recipe!

Thursday WORKOUT:

Ran 5 miles, easy pace.

I was feeling good (aka NO KNEE PAIN!) so a part of me wanted to do some speed work. And then the smarter part of me was like, “Don’t be an idiot. Take it easy until you can run without knee pain for at least a week.” This part of me is definitely the logical halfΒ cause it’s not like I’m training for anything yet. No need to rush.

run trail sunflower

I also baked some Danish Oatmeal Cookies for a coworker who has been helping me out with something.

danish oatmeal cookies dessert

Five Foods

10 Day You Challenge

1. Broccoli.

Yes, you read that correctly. And if you know me, you’ll also know that as a kid I used to ask for broccoli for dessert. Now before you give me weird looks, it was the broccoli from dinner so I was just technically eating more dinner instead of dessert. Okay, now that I read that out loud, I do deserve the weird looks…

dinner vegan tempeh
That’s broccolini but it’ll do.

2. Frozen yogurt.

Duh. I could eat this every day.

frozen yogurt

3. A really good salad.

I eat salad for lunch almost every day, and we almost always have one with dinner. I just love me a good salad. None of that iceberg lettuce crap though.

kale salad

4. Italian food.

LOVE Italian food. I wish it wasn’t so heavy though. Unless of course the heaviness of the food wasn’t directly proportional to the heaviness of my cottage cheese thighs.

There’s pizza under that arugula I swear.

pizza arugulameat sauce dinner

5. Mexican food.

LOVE chicken molΓ© (below), tacos, enchiladas, guacamole, salsa, etc.

el nido mexican chicken mole

What are your favorite foods?


26 thoughts on “No knee pain and 5 foods

  1. You pretty much have to have nothing else available for me to eat a salad (except cafe rio salad which totally doesn’t count), I’ve just never been a salad person. But I love broccoli and asparagus with all my dinners and love spinach in my smoothies. Favorite foods: pasta, pizza, Mexican. It’s probably super boring to say oatmeal too but I literally eat oatmeal every single morning and I physically crave it when I have to eat other breakfasts for more than a few days.

  2. lol, broccoli for dessert! That’s adorable, but roasted broccoli is seriously delicious. I have a lot of favorite foods but if I were to narrow it down I’d probably go with chocolate and cheese. Diet of champions πŸ˜‰

  3. You’re probably the only kid who requested dessert broccoli… πŸ˜‰
    I could eat steamed broccoli every day, but I have to choke down raw brocc

    Pizza is one of my favorite foods. and trail mix! I can’t let myself buy trail mix any more

  4. I love a good salad. Usually that is my food choice wherever I go (but I look a bunch of unhealthy stuff on it, like fried chicken and tons of cheese).

    Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is my favorite. Especially now that they have new core flavors. I could eat it every day.

  5. Good fruit and vegetables (preferably from a garden), home style Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Mediterranean.

  6. So let me tell you about me and broccoli. Occasionally for a snack, I will just steam a whole crap ton of it and put it in a giant bowl and eat it while watching TV. I could eat broccoli all day, every day. Did you know that at Red Robin (are there Red Robins in CA? I can’t remember) instead of the bottomless french fries you can order BOTTOMLESS BROCCOLI? I always have to warn the waitress ahead of time that they better get like all the broccoli they have in the back ready for me.

    I’m the same way with asparagus.

    And you know how much I love me some fro yo. πŸ™‚ Other than that, faves include pretty much anything that is seafood, especially scallops and steamed crab but only crab steamed the Maryland way because I’m a huge snob.

  7. Seafood! I love all of it. Other than that I lovvvvve french fries. And tuna melts. And chocolate covered pretzels. And I bet you got a unanimous nod from the blog world when you said froyo – you can’t have a blog and not love froyo πŸ™‚

  8. Obligitory comment: You’re so weird. Now that that’s out of the way…I also looove Italian! And Mole…oh yes, mole all day! I was thinking of foods I love now that I didn’t know about when I was younger that I wish I had – guacamole, tomato soup both stand out. Oh man, where have they been all my life!

  9. Yeyyyyyy for no knee pain AND for being your smart self and coming back the right way!

    Hahahah to broccoli, that’s awesome! My dad is the same way. He would prefer to eat veggies (cooked the nasty southern way until they look like they’ve been pre-chewed and spit back out) over dessert any day.

    I couldn’t agree with your 2/3 annnnyyymore! Question, do you have a heard time eating Italian out since you came back from Italy? I am so picky with my Italian food now, and would way prefer to just make my own.

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