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Don’t mix Reese’s Pieces and Skittles

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope my American friends had a great 3 day weekend and a Happy Memorial Day! I never understood the holiday when I was little- it was just an awesome 3 day weekend. But as an adult, I’ve realized how important this day is (at least in my opinion) and how we should remember those who lost their lives so we could live freely.

On to something a little more cheery- I had every intention of catching up on blogs over the weekend but I was busy hanging out with Kyle! I cannot wait to read some awesome race recaps cause a few of my friends (just a few: here, here, and here) ran marathons this weekend!

Saturday WORKOUT:

7 miles, easy pace. I feel like I’ve lost endurance. Don’t know if that’s true or not.

After my run, Kyle and I went to lunch and then a movie (X-men) because my company had a private screening. It was fun except for 2 things:

1) I didย a major candy no-no and mixed Reese’s Pieces and Skittles for Kyle.candy

Sorry Kyle. I didn’t know this was practically torture in a chocolate eater’s eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lesson learned.

2) My coworkers brought their children to the movies, many of which were far too young toย see X-men. They were loud and their parents didn’t seem to think this was unacceptable. And because they are coworkers, I didn’t feel like I could shush them (although I did at one point). Come on people. If they aren’t old enough to stay quiet, they aren’t old enough to go out to the movies.


Ran 5 miles, easy pace. Was going to try to push it but the knee started hurting around mile 3.


No run since my knee is wonky but I did walk ~6 miles of hills with Kyle’s family. We went to a huge garage sale (over 100 houses). Kyle and I were looking for items for our future home. I only ended up getting a ceramic pot for my mom.

kyle me point richmond garage sale

And now on to the 10 Day You Challenge (I know I skipped the weekend days but I typically don’t blog on the weekend).

10 Day You Challenge

8 Fears:

1. Losing Kyle.

I know how lucky I am to have found my other (better) half. We’ll just leave it at that because I don’t want to get all emotional.

2. Losing any family member for that matter.

When I was little, any time my dad would go on a business trip or my mom would go to the store or something, my biggest fear was that they would get into an accident and never come home. <– this is why I got sick all the time. I worry (worried) too much.

3. Losing a pet.

I hate that dogs and catsย age quicker than humans. It’s just not fair. End of story.

4. Snakes.

Kyle and I have had “the talk.” You know, about if we are on a hike and a snake comes out, I will scream and he is to immediately pick me up and save me. Don’t all couples have this talk?

5. Lizards.

See #4. Replace “snake” with lizard.

6. Sharks.

My rule of thumb: don’t mess with animals that can grow new teeth.

7. My house getting broken in to/getting mugged.

Reason #826 why I want an enormous dog.

8.ย Failing.

I know this is silly to be scared of but it’s the truth. I’m hard on myself and I don’t like to fail at things. I don’t like that I could let myself down and let others down.

What are some of your fears?

35 thoughts on “Don’t mix Reese’s Pieces and Skittles

  1. Joe is constantly telling my that my fear of sharks is irrational…how is being afraid of something three times your size with razor sharp teeth and the ability to rip your limbs off irrational? Ditto bears. He wants me to go camping in Alaska…I said only if camping means hotel. I enjoy camping in Virginia, I would not enjoy camping among grizzlies.

  2. I used to be really afraid of drowning, dying in general is a scary topic but the idea drowning sounds really miserable. On a less morbid note, when I was little I was super afraid of getting lost while driving in car. I even named it Lostraphobia… I was a weird kid ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ohh skittles mixed with m&ms or reese’s pieces is like thinking you’re drinking water and then it turns out to be milk…over and over again. haha. My dad will sometimes mix skittles with trail mix for super long bike rides, and the skittles caught me and my teeth by surprise.
    Some of my fears are forgetting something important, getting lost with no phone, and really busy highways

    1. PAHAHAHA you’re hilarious. Such a perfect description for my horrible candy mistake!!
      Completely agree with all of those fears! When it’s finals week, do you ever wake up at like 3AM and freak out cause you had dreamed that you missed your final?

      1. YES, or I’ll have a panic attack of forgetting to pack something important when I travel. I always put a sticky note on my luggage that says “glasses, contacts, cell phone charger” to make sure I remember

  4. Hahaha that’s so funny about skittles and m&ms! That is rather shocking to bite into a sour skittle when your hoping for rich chocolate!

    Over 100 houses!!!! Holy cow, that sounds like a giant flee market haha!

    My biggest fear? It’s hard to admit, but being alone forever :0

    1. LOL exactly what Kyle said. Apparently people play practical jokes and do that. I’m so behind…

      Aww that’s a normal fear but I don’t think you’ll be alone forever! You’re too awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Number one: heights.

    Many years ago, when we were still dating, Randy and I had our first encounter with a rattle snake. We were at Lake Berryessa and it was during those horrible drought years of the 70’s. this snake was coiled and rattling . . . Randy said “turn and RUN” I argued we should quietly walk . . . . what a dufus to try and talk about it- during the moment! We had another rattle snake incident hiking Cal off lead when he was just one- thankfully he had good manners and responded to “come”- I leashed him and we moved back- Mr. Snake left the trail and we went on with our hike. Coming back I was nervous at that spot, but we were fine.

  6. Yes 4 and 5 should be one in the same for you since that incident with the snake/lizard when you were little. “mom look at the lizard” when it was a giant 6 foot rattle snake is kinda funny now but super scary at the time. Glad you didn’t know any better but on second thought maybe it did scar you for life?

  7. Now I want to know what it tastes like to mix Reese’s Pieces and Skittles. Sounds kind of gross but intriguing at the same time. Poor Kyle. lol I do not think parents should bring little ones to movies unless it is a movie made for young children where it’s going to be noisy no matter what. Adult movies? Totally inappropriate. Get a babysitter or just don’t go.

    I have bee phobia. Not a fun phobia to have!

    1. HAHAHA you’ll mix them and then immediately regret your decision according to Kyle! But I hear ya, it’s like when someone says, “Eww that smells disgusting!” and then you have to smell it…
      I KNOW RIGHT?! I was like, those poor kids are probably scared out of their minds and their parents just sit there…

  8. Fears! I am afraid of bugs. If I see a bug or even think there might be one about, I will call and have someone come and help me out. I know it it irrational and most bugs are harmless, but they still scare me to death.

  9. I fear my poor dog getting attacked by a coyote (our home is in the mountains… though the fence is high enough to keep them out). My dog is a wimp and even gets bullied by birds, so she’d be in big trouble if a coyote made its way into the backyard!

  10. We haven’t had that talk, but I’m pretty sure it would happen the other way around if the situation ever arose for us.

    When I saw your post title I thought “well why not? that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing”, but then again I’m also not a major chocolate connoisseur or anything so what do I know. I also just had to Google how to spell connoisseur.

    Thank you for the shout out! I already love Karen’s blog so much, but I am not familiar with your other marathoning friend so I will have to read her post as well!

    OH and let me just tell you how much I would never in a million years be able to be paid to take Betty to a movie. At least not right now. It would not be an enjoyable experience for her or for me or for anyone else involved.

    1. LOL!! Oh man, IDK what I would do if Kyle was more afraid of snakes than me…

      HAHA see Kyle!! When I told him I mixed the 2 he looked at me like I had slapped a baby. LOL you crack me up, I wouldn’t know how to spell it either. See, I referred to connoisseur as “it” so I wouldn’t have to spell it. And I only spelled it there because I looked at your spelling.

      HA see, that’s good parenting there! You don’t take super young children (especially ones who cannot be quiet) to an adult action movie!

  11. I can relate to them fears! Except I’d like to swim with certain sharks, the nice ones ๐Ÿ˜‰ We don’t tend to have wild snakes over here, so I don’t have a fear of snakes. I might even borrow your 10 day challenge!
    Hope your ‘wonky’ knee is on the mend! And there is nothing worse then people talking in the cinema!

  12. Hope your knee feels better asap! I’ve been in a bit of a running rut recently and have had to really push myself to run…hope this ends soon!

  13. Sounds like a great weekend! I am totally scared of thunderstorms, don’t judge. They are just creepy and bad stuff tends to happen during them! I am also scared of the usual stuff, losing my hubby, finding a giant bug somewhere unexpected, and getting injured. Ok maybe i’m a wuss.

  14. My big irrational fear is mirrors at night time. My cousin told me the Bloody Mary story when I was 9, and I never got over it. I still get the chills! I went through a phase where I would cover all the mirrors with towels at night!

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