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I went to prom

Monday was an incredibly hectic day. Between work experiments (I am a research scientist) not going right, running errands at lunch, going to view a house, taking sick kitty to the vet (she’s okay right now), and a birthday party/prom, I am thoroughly exhausted.

Viewing a house

I’m going to be super lame and not give any details on this one except for that there was a major SNAFU today that could have easily been prevented. All part of the process I guess?? But I will show you that awesome picture again

house drawing

Taking sick kitty to the vet

Snickers wasn’t eating well over the weekend so I took her to the vet (obviously I was freaking out on the inside). She got another cortisone shot and some fluids because she looked dehydrated. Well as soon as I took her home, she wanted food (and gobbled up her dinner). Makes complete sense- when I’m dehydrated, I feel like crap and don’t want to eat. Duh.

Birthday party/prom

Luckily we had a fun evening planned. Kyle and I went to Kyle’s brother, Travis, birthday party! A bunch of his friends met up at a local bowling alley for drinks at the bar and then bowling. We found out a couple hours prior that everyone was dressing up in costume. Ugh. Not easy to come up with a costume that quickly!

Travis and his friend were going to dress up like they were going to prom, so Kyle and I tagged along (her dress was way better than mine but this was the best I could do in 30 min!).

Prom pose
Prom pose

You missed a tiger, kangaroo, shark, fairy, couple of cheerleaders, and a few others.

travis birthday bowling

Today was just as hectic because like I said, house shopping SNAFU. I managed to test out my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s on a destressing run with my pup though. Knee felt meh (in English that means, so so), so we’ll see if I run tomorrow or stick to cross training. 3 miles at an easy pace (9:40-ish).

running shoes gear mizuno wave inspiresienna run

Did you go to prom? Nope!

Ever dress up in costume and go bowling? You should 😉

27 thoughts on “I went to prom

  1. Of course I went to prom! A total of 4 but my own was my favorite, going to other people’s proms actually kind of sucks. My own was awesome and Friday the 13th themed 😉 Dressed up bowling sounds super fun, actually bowling in general sounds super fun, its probably been like 7 years since I’ve been. And poor baby kitty, glad she’s feeling better!!

  2. This sounds like such a fun time! Rock loves bowling and every time we go somewhere and pass a bowling alley he asks if we can go. I know, I live with a 6 year old. Still love that house you keep posting. Isn’t house shopping hard work? But you can just pretend that you are on House Hunters.

    1. LOL that’s pretty freaking cute! You should give him a surprise birthday party and have his friends dress up in costume. Then drive by the bowling alley and wait for him to ask, and then agree and go in! 🙂 LOL thank you for loving my super awkward house! OMG it’s so stressful- fun, but stressful!

  3. i think i went to about 9 proms in high school. seriously, i had a closet full of prom dresses that i probably should find and donate. never dressed up to go bowling though — looks like a fun time!

  4. Boooooo! I’m calling you on your ‘costume’. Yes, you look fancy for bowling, but you’re not going to get any sideways looks in that get up as you would in a real costume! 😉
    Yes, I went to several proms – each with a different date – and even at rival high schools. Playa! Hahahaha

    1. LOL I KNOW! My “costume” is LAME!! But that’s what he gets for telling us last minute. I literally had 40 min to look around my house for a costume, change, and leave. I never went to prom so I didn’t have dresses, but I raided my sister’s closet. Her dresses were too big and too nice to wear bowling!

      HAHAHA I would have expected nothing less from you playa! 😉

  5. You guys looked great! That is such a fun idea for a birthday party! I’ve never gone dress-up bowling, but I’ve dressed up in a costume for so many other things that it would only make sense for me to do that. I’m sorry about the house SNAFU and I hope it gets all situated soon. And I’m so glad that Snickers is okay! ❤

    1. LOL what other things have you dressed up in costume for? Laser tag? Paint balling? Ceramics painting? Okay, I’m only picturing kids’ birthday parties…it was so much fun I highly recommend it! Awww thank you so much!! ❤

  6. OMG, looks totally fun! I’d definitely want to dress up and go bowling. I did get to go to junior prom and senior prom, and both were very fun and memorable.
    And though your house is not drawn to scale, I like how you and Kyle are pretty much drawn to scale 😉

  7. My goodness! I so admire you for posting after two such hectic days! I admit, my Wednesday post fell by the wayside the week. Ahhh well.

    So glad Snickers is ok, hope your knee feels better very soon as well!

    That is a brilliant last minute costume idea! I wish I had thought of that back in my sorority days when there was a social every week!

    I would actually love to wear one of my prom dresses again. Now, to find a black tie event to wear said dress to 🙂

    1. Aww thank you- we’re trying to fatten her up 😉

      LOL it was their idea- we tagged along. I wish I had a better, more dramatic dress to use!

      OMG you should!! And if you can’t find an event and if you have a floor length dress, you could get it altered to be a shorter cocktail dress!

  8. That was all in the same day?!
    I hope your shoes work out. c’mon, knees!
    I went to prom sophomore year and senior year–it was okay, but afterprom was way more fun. food, inflatables, games, caricatures, etc. It’s good costume idea though–my last minute college costumes were always super lame and people were like, “what ARE you?”

    1. Lol yes! Everything except for the run was the same day!

      Thank you!!! I think the knee is just from the old shoes (at least that’s what I’m hoping).

      HAHA that’s how my costumes are. I have no imagination. We just stole their costumes.

  9. I hope the snafu works itself out!! You looked adorable in your dress. I can’t say that I have ever gone bowling in a costume but it sounds great! I went to prom in high school but it wasn’t all everyone says it would. Just a really late night, sore feet, and loud music. I guess that makes me boring and old!

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