Finding the right running shoes is exhausting

Happy Monday everyone! (And a Happy Birthday to Kyle’s brother, Travis!!)

washington trip
Travis is the one on the right

Finding the right pair of running shoes can be quite the process. This is why I highly recommend buying shoes from a store with a good exchange/return policy. I go to Road Runner Sports, and with my VIP membership I have 90 days to test out my shoes. If they don’t work I can exchange them.

If you don’t remember, a while back my podiatrist told me to switch from a support to neutral shoe because my orthotics should correct my over-pronation. This hasn’t been a simple transition for me and I’ve been struggling with finding the right shoes for a while now.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9
I was using the Mizuno Wave Inspires (9), which I loved

Saturday I went to exchange my Brook PureFlows for a different pair of shoes. I’ve tried New Balance and a couple pairs of Brooks but all of them caused knee pain. After chatting with a very informed shoe salesman at Road Runner Sports, and trying on 3 more pairs of shoes, we decided I should still be in a support shoe. Why? Because even with the orthotics, you can clearly see I still pronate a little (so I don’t think using a support shoe would over correct my feet into a supination position).

The knee pain I was having (in that particular location) is common in people who over-pronate and wear neutral shoes. So, my awesome sales dude recommended I keep using my support shoes. If they don’t work out, well, then I’ll see Mr. Awesome Sales Dude in a few weeks.

So after a few months of playing around with different shoes, I am now in…the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10’s that I started with (newer model). Yep.

What a headache. It’s so frustrating when you feel like your weird feet won’t work with any running shoe. I was starting to consider a foot transplant or custom-made shoes (by elves of course).

My advice- be patient and DON’T settle. With that much pounding, your feet deserve a shoe that works with your whole body. Settling will inevitably lead to injury in my opinion. And it’s okay to get multiple opinions. Doctor’s don’t know everything and don’t necessarily know what shoe will work best for your body.

We’ll see if these new shoes work! They technically should, although I know some people can have issues with generational changes in shoes (sometimes newer generations are tighter, looser, rub a certain area wrong, etc.)

And since I know you all are incredibly interested in my workout schedule (sarcasm) for the weekend:

Saturday– nothing. Because of all the shoe testing (aka running around in shoes that don’t work for me), my knee hasn’t been too happy. Even testing out the running shoes on Saturday aggravated it. Rest up buttercup.

Sunday– Knee still bothering me so I didn’t want to run or do leg work. Light arm and ab work before house hunting with Kyle.

How long did it take you to find the right running shoe? Was it love at first unlace-slip-on-tighten-lace-up-tie-and-run?

How was your weekend?


40 thoughts on “Finding the right running shoes is exhausting

  1. It is crazy how different all of these shoes are! I finally found that Asics are great for me but I have been through my share of different types of shoes. I was even fitted for a pair of stability Brooks that caused major tendonitis in my shins. I was hobbling for weeks and was pretty angry! I hope you love your new shoes and they are the perfect fit!

    1. It really is! And it’s crazy how the shoes vary from generation to generation! I used to love my Asics until my back injury and then I had to switch to a different brand/style. YIKES! Tendonitis in your shin! Thank you! I sure hope these shoes work out.

  2. hope these work well for you, girl! so i actually got really fortunate that New Balance 750s are perfect for me — on my 3rd pair and have had great success and no pain with these. my wknd was wonderful — ran the Brooklyn Half (30,000 runners and an amaaazing day!) for the 2nd time, my 8th half, and i prd! 🙂

  3. I’ve needed different shoes at different times weirdly. Right now, my Skechers are the best shoe for me (that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say) and the only shoe I can run in consistently with no pains or aches anywhere. A year ago, it was a totally different shoe that was my “sole mate” (haha) and 5 years ago I was in love with a shoe that is pretty much the opposite of my current pair. It’s a quest, basically.

      1. Haha I think it’s because you get stronger in general and you may have unrelated injuries that pop up plus they change the shoe models all the time, so it works out that the same shoe you wore your first year of running isn’t necessarily the best for you in your 5th year or whatever. At least that’s the logic I made up for myself 😉

        1. I think you’re totally right! Makes complete sense! I’ve also heard that even small amounts of weight loss/gain, and muscles strength increase in certain areas, can change your feet just enough that your old favorite shoes become your enemy!

  4. You know me! I’m more indecisive about shoes than pretty much anything else ever in the world! I’m sorry the Flows didn’t work out. TBH, after a couple runs in them I decided I didn’t love them either so I’m probably going to sell them because I don’t have an awesome VIP membership with a 90 day return policy. SERIOUSLY? I need to get myself to a Road Runner store and sign up for that madness! My favorites are finally picked though. I’m rotating between Pure Connects for shorter races and my Kinvaras for everything else. I hope the new ones work out great for you!

  5. I wear the Wave Inspires too! I have the exact color you have pictured too :). I’ve worn the past two versions and was really nervous about the changes to the 10s based on the online reviews. They don’t feel quite as good on my feet when I just wear them around, but I’ve worn them in all of my races and I’ve had zero problems with pain or blisters. Hopefully they’ll work for you!

  6. SHOEEEE TWINS!!! Mine are the white ones, but the same model. I hope your feet and knees love them. It took me a few pairs of sheos to find one that worked for me, but I’ve been in the same shoe for probably 6 years now. Haha and I actually do enjoy reading about other people’s workouts

  7. Ughh I have been looking for my perfect shoe for years now. I have been fitted so many different times, and have had differing advice on all occasions pretty much. I’m wearing Mizuno for the first time ever (Wave Creation 15), and I love them, but I have knee pain and am hoping that some shoes in the future are the perfect fit. The ongoing search hurts my feet, heart, and wallet.

  8. I thought I had found the perfect pair – Brooks PureCadence – but with all the injuries I’ve been having lately I’m not sure if my shoes might be to blame. Glad that you figured out your shoe problem!

  9. I was in Mizunos forever but two Decembers ago started having pain so I went to my local running store and explained what was happening and tried out a bunch. He had me run around the store (outside) in a bunch of pairs, then wearing different ones on each foot to see what I liked best. I settled on Brooks Ravenna 4s which gave me a lot less shin issues but still some so I’m thinking I’ll try the Adrenalines next. At my last race I got a a massage afterwards and joked to the PT we should just amputate me legs below the knee but he said they only did that in office and I”d have a copay haha

  10. Luckily, I like most of the shoes I get (I own a bunch of different pairs of Mizunos). Recently, I got a pair of PureCadence 2 (Brooks) and ended up loving them… it was even better that they came out to a total of $57! And they’re going to be the shoes I race the marathon in 🙂
    Hope your knee feels better, Amy!

  11. That’s good advice to not settle! Running is a relatively cheap sport, but my personal experience is that it’s definately worth the time and money to invest in the rights shoes for you!

  12. I’m hoping its not my shoes that give me leg pains because I love ’em! Glad you got it sorted in the end! Its totally worth the VIP pass if you can try before you commit to them. Least you get to really find out if they work for you! 🙂

  13. Best title ever.

    I’m lucky in that I have a super boring foot. Most neutral, simple shoes will work for me. That said, I also don’t run fast or crazy far most of the time. So… yeah. I guess I should shut up until I finally suck it up and train for a marathon. 😉

    1. Lol thank you! SUPER jealous of your non-high-maintenance feet! LOL nahhh, I say whatever works for you is AWESOME! But yes, your preference might change as you increase mileage (mine did). 🙂

  14. Ughhh that sounds misreble. I’m so sorry you have been having trouble! Finding the right shoe is so important and tricky! I haven’t had nearly as much trouble as you have but I think we all experience this at some point. Wishing your knees would feel better soon so we can know how the new shoes work! At least they look cute!

    1. Aww thanks love! You’re so right- it’s a completely necessary part of running but one of the worst parts in my opinion haha! Thank you! And yes, cute shoes are almost always a must in my book haha. Hey, you gotta look good to feel good 😉

  15. I hope if you do resort to shoes made by elves they at least have those cute pointy elf toes!

    Honestly I am really lucky with my shoes. I generally know what I like and can wear all kinds. I rotate through 5+ shoes at all times…Saucony, NB, Mizuno, Newton, Brooks. They all work well for my feet.

    1. Oh of course! You only go to elf shoes if you want pointy toes.

      Suppppeerrr jealous of your non-high-maintenance feet! That’s pretty fan-freaking-tastic that you can wear all of those if you ask me!

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