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Workout funks. And no, not that stench comin’ from your pits.

Hey kids! You may have noticed that I changed my layout- if you did NOT notice and you’re a regular here, well…I’m surprised you’re able to read this 😉

I have wanted to change the layout for a while and just finally bit the bullet! Let me know what you think…unless you hate it- then go away. I kid. Constructive criticism is good.

I think I finally got my workout mojo back this week. Typically what happens after a half marathon race, is that as soon as I finish the race I’m planning which one I want to do next. Then the next day I want nothing to do with running and I want to quit running for good and become a professional potato chip/frozen yogurt tester.

My workout funk lasted a little longer this time. I mean, I definitely have been working out, I just haven’t had the desire and I haven’t been pushing myself until this week.

How do I get out of that workout funk? I try to surround myself with people who love working out and work hard! I read blogs, check out Instagram, read magazines, etc. Eventually I come back around.

Monday: 3 miles jog + abs

Tuesday: Light weights/conditioning (Arms + abs)

workout arms abs
 Wednesday: Heavy weights/strength training (Legs + abs + tiny bit o arms) + 15 min elliptical

gym workout weights
Had the gym to myself [Instagram]
Thursday: 5 mile run

This past week has been 95+ degrees F over here. This means I don’t run at lunch or after work because it’s just too freaking hot for me. My only other option is running on the ole mill, or early AM runs.

Yesterday I met up with my BFF near my work (she lives close to there) at 5:55 AM so we could run together! Yes, when my 5 AM alarm clock went off I wanted to throw it in a blender. But then I remembered I get to hang out with a friend and I popped out of bed! We were done by 6:50 and it felt so good! Chatting and catching up on life is the best way to workout.

run shanna amy garmin
You can ignore my crazy eyes, AKA 5 AM eyes.

Today is a rest day. Tentatively- Saturday will be a run with speed work and Sunday will be a long, easy run.

Do ya like the new layout?

How do you get out of workout funks? Please give us tips!

Anyone run with friends this week?


36 thoughts on “Workout funks. And no, not that stench comin’ from your pits.

  1. I LOVE the new layout…looks fantastic.(makes me want to change mine now). Getting out of workout funks are hard – surround yourself by people (friends, bloggers etc) and tag along when you really don’t want to work out. I don’t get to run with others very often 😦 But I’m running with a few thousand other people on Sunday…so that’s cool 😉

  2. I like the new look! I was actually thinking about switching to suits too…I just haven’t come up with a new header image that I like yet. I’ve definitely been a bit lazy about working out since my last race. I’m just thinking of it as a much needed break. Hopefully I’ll start to have a little more interest in getting back to a routine soon!

  3. The new layout looks great! I usually get out of workout funks by playing around with my workouts for a bit and trying new things, after doing that for a while I usually naturally want to work on some more serious workout goals.

  4. The more I read blogs about people running with friends, the more I want to run with friends. I’ve always been so solo. It would definitely be helpful for those really early morning times though! It sounds like you had a very solid week and I hope your runs this weekend are just as wonderful!

    I really like the new layout! It’s clean and very easy on the eyes.

  5. A wee bit of a workout funk after a big PR is totally normal. I usually get out of it by putting another race on the calendar (a couple months down the road so I get the proper rest).
    Love that you’re doing a lot of strength training! That’s something I hope to do a lot more of after I race 🙂

  6. new layout looking good, girl! i rarely run with friends but try to convince them all the time that they want to. slowly but surely might be wearing one of the bffs down. 🙂

  7. Oh I love the new layout!! I get out of a workout funk by looking up races, creating training plans, and reading articles on running websites. Running with friends sometimes helps too!

  8. Hi there hunny bunches of oats! I love the new layout, and I definitely noticed it right away. I want you to know that I missed your posts and I’m happy to be somewhat almost there to be able to read them again. A big thank you for all your support! I really value it ❤ xoxo Mucho love!!!

  9. I love running with friends! That is one of the best ways to get out of a funk for sure. Also, signing up for a new race always motivates me!

  10. Ohhhhh I LOVE it! The layout looks fabulous, and clean without being too minimalist!

    I’ve been seriously considering becoming self-hosted and hiring someone to give me a true layout. I’d love to chat with your about your experience if you’re open to it!

    95 degrees! My goodness that’s rough! Hopefully the humidity there isn’t too crazy! That’s fabulous you have an early morning buddy to run with, I am still in the market. I would take that over the mill any morning!

    1. Aww thank you!! I’d love to chat with you about it! I’m currently still using wordpress though. I think going self-hosted would require more of my time (which I don’t have at the moment).

      Luckily it’s not humid where I am at (bleh, I hate humid weather). I so agree with you. Running buddy >>>> treadmill

  11. I’m brand new here, but I think your blog looks terrific! 🙂 I love the this n that workouts 🙂 I did those this week too, it’s kind of nice to do a random workout and work the whole body! Glad I found your blog, I’ll be following you on IG! 🙂

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