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Why I didn’t run outside even though it was a nice day + a surprise 5K

1. I ran 3 miles on Wednesday (all I had time for) on the treadmill even though the weather was nice.

Is it super weird and obnoxious that I decided to run on my treadmill (even thought it was nice out) the other night simply because I wanted to catch up on trashy TV? Don’t answer that…

I mean, the other reason was that I only had really old workout clothes that didn’t match+had yellow pit stains #sexyandiknowit and those items should be only seen in the privacy of my own home.

2. I finally got to try this rice-free/gluten-free/taste-free/vegan sushi the other night.

sushi vegan

My friend Ashley has posted so many photos of her eating it and I could never find it at Whole Foods when I had gone in the past. Well they finally had it and it was AMAZING! Definitely will be going back for more!

3. My sissy is home! She came back last night for Mother’s Day weekend!

annie me

I tried to scare her when she got in the car at the airport. It went something like this- I hid in the back seat and then she opened the door (to the back seat area) and she asked, “What are you doing?” Fail.

4. I didn’t work out last night.

But I had a good reason because after my mom and I picked up my sister from the airport (and then picked up my dad after selling one of his cars), Kyle and I went to view a house! You don’t get a photo because I think would be bad luck (and we decided we didn’t love the house). So you get a completely realistic drawing instead. Pretend you’re my mom and you have to like it.

house drawing

Who wants to come over when we finish decorating? I promise I wan’t label things like “grass” and “door,” and will allow you to figure out which one is which. I mean, who doesn’t love a good guessing game?

5. Tomorrow morning I’m running a 5K with my little cousins!

My little cousins have a very informal (is that the right word?) 5K held by their after school program. Most of the parents run in it (unofficially- but don’t worry, we don’t get fuel/food/medals or anything) but my aunt asked if I wanted to do it instead. So I will be running 4 miles to get to the race location, and then I’ll do the 5K with them.

That’s them (L- Parker, In between Annie and myself- Austin)! (This was us on Christmas going for a jog before dinner)

annie cousins running christmas

I’m pretty excited! They don’t even know I’m coming. I’ll just pop up next to them and be like, “What’s up bro-siffs?” I probably will only be running with one of them. Austin almost placed in his age group last year, but didn’t because he kept waiting for his friends. This year he really wants to place so we’ll try to get that for him!

Ever NOT run outside while it’s nice out just to watch TV? Please let there be at least one of you out there…

What’s your favorite sushi? If you don’t like sushi, I won’t be offended. I didn’t like it until Kyle made me try it when we were first dating.

Anyone racing this weekend?


25 thoughts on “Why I didn’t run outside even though it was a nice day + a surprise 5K

  1. Have a most awesome time at the 5K. That sounds like such a fun time. I love your attempt to scare your sister. Sounds like something I would plan/fail at. I love the house! Sorry to hear it wasn’t for you. It has some real…..character 😉 By the way, I used to only ever watch the Kardashians on TV when I was at the gym. I knew that they were always on and I never watched any of their shows so I was certain to see a new show. My husband caught me watching and I felt like I had been committing a crime!

    1. Thank you so much!!! LOL glad you like my house- you can visit any time 😉 HAHAHA OMG I’m the same way about that show! I started watching it once because my sister had recorded it, but when my BF found out I felt so guilty and ashamed hahaha.

  2. At least you didn’t sit on the couch and watch trashy TV so no judgement from me on the treadmill :). Good luck with the continued house search…very exciting!

  3. This whole post made me laugh. Haha I don’t think I’ve skipped a run to watch trashy tv, but sometimes (i.e. every time) I come in from a run and plan to do ab work, I turn the tv on, do one sit-up, and then watch tv.
    Good luck to your little runners tomorrow morning!

  4. Ahhhhh that’s so exciting you get to see your sis! I told you on Instagram, but I get to see my sister this weekend for the first time since Christmas and am soooooo excited, yippee!!

    Good luck, good luck, good luck X1.000,000 on the house, and have so much fun running with your cousins!

  5. Awww heeeel no. When I was hurt and had to run on the treadmill, the gym tv’s were on the kardashians and I wanted to gouge my eyes out after a while. Sorry Amy, I couldn’t take it. Yay for sister visits! You need to come up with a really good prank to scare her…and video tape it!!!
    From the picture of your house, I think it has some structural issues you need to have fixed. 😉 And you might want to hide all the grass before the cops find it! 😉

    1. LOL I’m fairly certain every man agrees with you!
      HAHA I know!! I’m so bad at scaring her. The last time, I hid on our front porch in a human sized box but when I jumped out to scare her, the box tipped over with me in it. At least she was scared…

      HAHAHA I might need to get the house inspected

  6. Hahah I love to catch up on tv on the treadmill, not judgement here! But then again you shouldn’t be surprised, we have a shared love for trashy tv 🙂

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  8. My most favorite sushi ever in the world is this roll at my favorite restaurant called Pretty in Red. It’s crabmeat and tuna with a sauce. So good. Really I’ll try anything though. I love sushi.

    I’m really swamped at work right now and you have some serious Paint skillz. Want to help me out over here? I love your drawing! And that was one speedy 5K you guys did! I loved the Instapic!

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