Back to my normal routine

Sort of.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen my annoying face in about a week, my life has been quite busy lately. Another story for a different post. But yes, things are a changin’. In a good way. Oh yeah, I should clarify- my life has been busy in a good way (still stressful, but good).

After about 2 weeks with minimal running (and mostly cross training), I think I’m ready to get back to business. An amazing race with a shiny new PR left me a) mentally exhausted from running and b) ready to chase a new PR.

running gear legs

2 weeks off (mostly) from running was just what I needed. Day 1 during that 2 week hiatus- running sounded like something you would make your kid do if they snuck out of the house, went to a party, and got drunk. And you would make them do it with a hangover. #imgoingtobeanawesomemom

We’re now at the end of that time frame (haven’t been keeping track really so it could have been 3 months for all I know) and I’m itching to pound the pavement.

New goal: sub 1:55 half marathon (8:46-ish pace. Yikes! That’s fast for this turtle.)

At first I wasn’t going to put “sub” in there. Then I realized I tend to doubt myself.

New approach: Be more positive. Be more confident. You CAN do this. Train hard and you WILL see results. But you need to believe in yourself.

Also, more strength training. Now this is still just a theory that I need to test out, but I think my body might do better with less “easy” runs. By this I mean, I would eliminate 1 easy run/week and swap it with strength/cross training.

Previously: 3 easy runs, 2 hard runs, 1 day cross, 1 day rest

Possible new training plan: 2 easy runs, 2 hard runs, 1-2 days cross/strength, 1-2 days rest

A part of me thinks that the only reason I want to switch things up is because I miss strength training. Kyle and I used to lift weights at the gym 5 days a week (and I never ran). I kind of miss it. But I do think this might work.

I’m going to keep things flexible and find out what works well for me. In the past, I used training programs and felt like I had to stick to them. Now I think I’m getting to know my body better and how it likes to train. Can frozen yogurt count as training?

frozen yogurt

We’ll see if this works. If not, it doesn’t really matter cause I’m not training for anything in particular.

Catch me up on your lives!! I will be catching up on blog reading this weekend 🙂

What is your current running goal?

How much strength training do you do? What do you think your body responds to?


41 thoughts on “Back to my normal routine

  1. Hi!!!! I’ve been gone too, but not for exciting reasons…I’m trying to finish a chapter of my dissertation that is due in a few days and I’m not blogging until I’m done 😦 I think you can totally do a 1:55! Extra strength training may just be exactly what your program needs to boost your running, I got faster when I started incorporating 2-3 days a week of cycling and I think it was all because of leg strength I gained.

    1. Holy moley that IS exciting!! Probably more stressful than exciting but that’s huge!!! Yay! Glad you think the strength training will work miss speedy pants!! I’ll take your advice 😉

  2. I’m lousy with the gym, I do a body pump class once every couple months with Michelle. Not much for strength training (though I know I should!)
    My training plans have always been my own…I know what works for me, both with my body and my schedule.

  3. Welcome back. I have been missing your fun posts. I love strength training and when done right it can really help and make your running easier. Core work can especially be helpful. There is nothing wrong with running less, especially if you plan your other runs out to make them maximally effective. Given your progress I think your goal is totally doable. Welcome back. Also, I am totally on board for making frozen yogurt into cross training.

    1. Haha aww thank you love!! YES! So glad you approve of my running decisions since you’re the expert 🙂 Oh and since you said frozen yogurt counts as cross training, I better get on that 😉

  4. I’ve totally gone in the opposite direction with my training from running to strength so my running goals are to just maintain my endurance. I think adding in an extra day of strength training instead of another run is a good idea, having the extra strength is great for preventing overuse injuries.

  5. Glad you’re doing ok….and glad you’re not my mom! #hahaha
    I liked the schedule I got on when training for Dopey. Run 5 days per week, lift weights 2 days (same day as 2 of the runs), and yoga 1 day. Cross training is so important for runners to avoid injury!
    Good luck on getting your PR! My next goal is to run a 1:45 half. I’d have to cut 10 or seconds off my current half pr pace, which sounds scary to a runner, but when I said that to a weightlifter friend, she looked at me like I was crazy. “That’s easy. It’s only 10 seconds. The time it took me to say this. See, that was quick.” Kind of makes sense.

    1. Thank you!!! Danggg 1:45- you can totally do that though. Pahaha non-runners just don’t get it!! You need to make her run 5 miles with you at 1:45 pace and tell her, okay now do that again…and then tack on another 5k.

  6. Yes frozen yogurt most definitely counts as cross training. I cross train with it at least twice a week, but more normally like 3 or 4 times.

    I like your new plan! I think your new PR goal will be VERY doable. My current running goal is just to make it through this marathon and then I’ll use that as a base to do better in the next one. (I’m not counting on a whole lot because of stupid, evil tendon that likes to ruin my life.)

    I strength train in some way or another usually around 3 times a week, but I count yoga classes in with that because it’s a lot of using my own body weight. So it’s like 2 days of yoga (usually…I’ve been missing a day recently) and one day where I do actual weight stuff. And then I’ll exercise my core a couple nights a week after Betty goes to bed because a strong core is so important. 🙂

    1. LOL okay if you speedy lady tell me that I can cross train with frozen yogurt- it must be okay 😉 You’re totally going to crush your marathon! I just know it. You’re a beast! But take care of that bitchy tendon 😦

      See when you do yoga you’re all hard core and it actually counts as strength training. If I do yoga, I’m like when do we do child’s pose again?? 😉

  7. My current running goal is a sub 60 – 10k and I’m just on track for it but have to prep for the hills a little more for my May 18th race. I don’t do enough strength training and need to get back to it…I miss it.
    My body responds to change….I love when I do a workout I haven’t done in a while or that challenges the muscles I’ve been neglecting

  8. hello!! first off, frozen yogurt counts as anything.
    second, you can definitely do that sub 1:55! Your tenative weekly schedule sounds good! I usually do 1 long run, 1-2 fast-ish runs, 1 easy run, 1-2 days strength, and 2 rest days. I really really do not like to strength train (and I totally don’t push myself very hard), but I know that it’s really important.

  9. Good to see you back! Strength training… I’m not a fan so I only do whole-body twice a week. It yields results when I do it consistently but stopping for 2-3 weeks has a pretty negative impact!

  10. You can totally do a sub-1:55 half 🙂 My current goal is a sub-2:00 half so my current training plan is 4 runs per week (1 interval, 1 tempo, 1 easy, 1 long), 2x yoga and strength 1-2 times per week.

    I’m catching up on reading blogs this weekend too 🙂

    1. Aww thank you!!! Your plan sounds fantastic!! That’s pretty much what I did during training for my halves- minus the yoga and add 1 easy run. Best of luck with your sub-2 goal!!! You can definitely do it!!!

  11. You are totally gonna kills that sub 1:55 PR (which sounds super duper fast to me, also a turtle). I love strength training, but prefer to do it with group fitness classes. The threat of the judgement of others who are doing the exact some movements as me motivates me to push myself harder to get stronger. Peer pressure can be a good thing, sometimes, I guess.

    1. Awww thank you!! OMG we are the same! I really only love strength training when I’m with friends. The time goes by a lot faster, we have fun, and we push each other. Doing it by myself is just bleh. Hahaha totally agree with you on the peer pressure thing!!!

  12. Strength training is a great idea, and might get you to a new PR faster than more easy runs. From my stupid knee injury, I’ve learned that especially strengthening the hips and core is really important for runners. I found the book The Anatomy of Running by Philip Striano to be helpful, because it has a ton of strength training exercises (with lots of pictures) and I can go through and focus on my weaknesses and the areas like hips and core that are important to maintaining good running form.

  13. Ohhhh So glad things are going well, I can’t wait to hear!

    Girl, you most definitely can hit your goal! Your new plan looks awesome, I am as far from knowing what I am talking about as humanly possible, but it seems like taking easy days easy and hard days hard as opposed to mehhh miles, really helps me with speed!

    And girl you KNOW froyo is a crucial component of recovery and fueling 😉

    1. LOL thank you!!! I think my plan should work…in theory…but I totally agree with you. Why bother with the mehh miles when I could be doing something my body would benefit from! Hehe since you’re the super speedy runner, I’m taking your frozen yogurt advice 😀

  14. Frozen yogurt is essential to training. I am positive. I think it is great that you are experimenting to find out what works for you. That is what is most fun about training, learning about yourself!

  15. That frozen yogurt looks amazing. Fruit makes it so expensive tho! Confession: if I’m going to get fruit I usually bring my own and then leave the fro yo place, sit outside and enjoy it with my own cut up fruit. That’s the one downside to fro yo being charged by weight haha. I strength train twice a week usually. That’s such a great half marathon goal — challenging but doable. I bet you’ll kick butt!

    1. Pahaha OMG I think we just became BFFs. I never add my own fruit to frozen yogurt because of the added $$ either!! I typically take it home and add fruit there! This particular place I went to was $3.50 for a set amount of frozen yogurt + 3 toppings of your choice (no weighing!). It was awesome! Awww thanks love!

  16. I was drawn to your blog because of our similar love for running and desserts! Good luck on your new plans and I do believe that yogurt counts as training 😉

  17. Love it, girl!
    Perhaps you can PR for the Jungle Run in July if I get you an entry 😉
    It’s definitely smart to rest after a big PR! And also good to incorporate strength training. You are becoming such a smart runner, and that sub-1:55 is definitely doable (being that you do get back into a training cycle after sufficient rest).
    My goal is to get a BQ in a couple of weeks at M2B!

  18. I really want a sub-2 hour half but it’s still a long way coming for me! Glad you’re back, I missed creeping on your life! Haha that was not intended to sound as creepy as it does

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