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Five Things Friday

1. I only ran once this work week and I’m slightly okay with that.

Monday was Boston Marathon day. So amazing and inspiring to watch all these athletes come together. #gomeb

That evening I participated in the Boston Marathon World Run after hearing about it from the amazing runner Sarah! It was basically a way to honor the Boston Marathon and those affected by last years horrific events. Runners all over the world pledged to run/walk x distance, you could print out bibs and certificates, and you could donate money.

So after work I headed over to Kyle’s house, ran a little under 3 miles (so hilly over there), and made it back just in time to eat dinner with Kyle once he got home. After dinner, Kyle, his mom, and I walked through their neighborhood and to our old high school to participate in the World Run.

boston marathon world run kyle linda me

So glad we were walking cause my hip has been buggin’ me ever since my half. I’ve been rolling like it was my job and it is helping. I’ve been focusing on cross training and I figure I’ll rest up for my long runs this weekend. Am I annoyed that I missed 2 easy runs (no speed work this week)? Yes. Do I know that it is better to give up 2 easy runs than get an injury? Yes *said stubbornly. It’s okay, I think I needed a mental break from running anyways.

2. Kyle and I visited our old high school and my it has changed!

Like I said, on Monday during our World Run, we walked to our old high school. When we were seniors, they were adding some new buildings to our already huge campus. When my little sister was there, they added even more. After we were both gone, they added an enormous and fancy Student Center. The place looks like a small college campus now.

high school student center


high school student center

Kyle and I showed each other where we used to eat lunch as seniors. We were only like 100 feet apart. Good thing we ended up in that same econ class cause who knows if we ever would have met 😉

3. I’m obsessed with my pets, but you already knew that.

This was taken the night I returned from my half marathon. My dog must have missed me cause she wouldn’t leave my side. Keep in mind I was gone 1 night.

Left- prepping my breakfast. Right- I opened the door to get my PJs and she pushed me aside and plopped down.

sienna sienna

Saturday happened to be her 9th birthday.


I kind of hate pet birthdays cause they age way too quickly.  But I gave her a bone filled with peanut butter so she wouldn’t know that I hate her special day. You can watch her here.

4. I’m a little nutty and easily amused.

I went to Kyle’s house last weekend and we were playin’ pool.

You know, just scootering around his house on his mom’s old knee scooter (from when she had foot surgery). And a basket for my secrets. You should see the video…

scooter pool me

I swear it was super fun.

5. I baked a carrot cake for Easter and ate way too much of it.

Nothing fancy or amazing to see here. I didn’t have time to make anything cool, but I baked a carrot cake (no walnuts cause my aunt is allergic).

carrot cake dessertcarrot cake dessert

Do your pets get super needy after you leave?

Anyone participate in the Boston Marathon World Run?

Visit your old high school? Has it changed?

Carrot cake- yes or no?


34 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. This is a high school campus?!?! It is beautiful. Our high school was a county school and the county was so poor that many of my classes were in trailers due to overcrowding. Such a great atmosphere for learning!

    My pets are super needy all the time. They are looking at me pouting right now because I am on the computer instead of paying attention to them. (And no to carrot cake. YUCK!).

    1. Lol yes it is! Crazy right?? Lol my cats will typically sit on my keyboard to get my attention. It’s obnoxious and hilarious. Haha I hated carrot cake up until about a year ago. So weird how I changed my mind!

  2. I am still learning to be OK with missing an occasional work day run – sometimes I work long hours and mentally/physically need a break. I love that you’re nutty! Adorable picture of you on the knee scooter! And that carrot cake looks delicious!!!! Yum! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. So glad you were able to do the World Run together. Thanks for the sweet mention 🙂 Your school looks like a palace compared to where I went. Mind you we only had 100 students in our class so you and Kyle would have definitely have known each other! I wish I could reach through my computer and grab that carrot cake. I bet it would be delicious with a morning coffee! Hoping your hip starts to feel much better soon!

  4. dang, that high school is fancier than my college campus! Yes to carrot cake, but not too much of it cause it can get a bit sickly sweet after a while. Fancy or not, yours looks absolutely delicious!

  5. I love visiting my old high school! When I was a senior in high school, my English class was in a cabin on a horse trail and we had to walk on a trail to find it. And we had no hallways, the whole school (besides the classrooms) was outside. I loved it so much! And hell yes to carrot cake.

  6. Joe and I went to the same high school too 🙂 it has changed a ton since we were there (completely rebuilt the year after I graduated) but it’s not fancy like yours! We made peanut butter cake last weekend and I think I ate at least half of it haha.

  7. That must be the fanciest high school campus I have ever seen! My old high school was nice, but not that nice. It hasn’t changed since I went there because it was already updated in the 90’s. The school I teach at, well that’s another story…

    Carrot Cake – YES! It’s been too long, but I will be attempting to make one for the first time in June for my dad’s birthday. My mom gave me a very specific recipe that he wants.

    Loki is super needy all the time, but he deals ok when we leave. He usually whines a bit but I think the rest of the time he sleeps. Even when I get home in the afternoon he stays quite through my workout.

  8. Holy moly that high school is awesome! My high school looked like a jail. It still does.
    Happy birthday to your pup! My one cat doesn’t give a damn when I leave but the other one loses his mind and sits next to the front door until I come home. I got him as a wee kitten and it was just him and me traveling around for years so that’s probably why.
    That knee scooter pic is hilarious. I wish I had one of those. I’d totally ride it around my neighborhood.

    I’m usually very picky about carrot cake, but yours looks DELICIOUS!

  9. A big yes to carrot cake, and what a great idea for Easter!

    My high school underwent massive renovations during my senior year, so I suffered a year of construction chaos and no longer recognize my old school.

  10. That’s awesome that you participated in the World Run! I’m glad your running was minimal this week, injuries are the worst! My momma and bestie are suffering from injuries right now and it’s no bueo!

    Holy cow, your high school is so nice! It’s seriously like the nicest, newest buildings at UF haha!

    I am quite glad you ate too much carrot cake, that would be a shame if you hadn’t haha.

    1. Oh no!!! Wishing your mama and BFF good luck!!

      Lol I know right? I was like, hey where was that when I was in school? I had to bang on my locker to open it!

      Lol so glad you understand my need to eat way too much dessert.

  11. aside from seeing the photo of our walk, and you on my scooter- I love all the comments from your blogging friends. Isn’t the internet just amazing? What a wonderful community of people you have! the best part however was you and Ky eating just steps apart from one another. I think that serendipity is the best. 🙂

    1. LOVE my internet friends! Kyle and my high school story makes me wish I could turn back the clock to watch when/where we crossed paths without knowing. And I mean watch like a movie- you couldn’t pay me to relive high school.

  12. You just ran a KILLER half marathon, so a light week is totally fine!
    Your high school is so fancy!!! Mine has expanded quite a bit since I left, but it still looks like a suburban high school instead of a cool hang out place like yours lol

  13. My dog used to not eat when we boarded her- she just wouldn’t eat unless we were around. Same thing at home, if we fed her and left she’d wait to eat when we were home…haha and she carried her food from her bowl to under the kitchen table and ate there during dinner. So yes, a bit needy 🙂

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