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Pre-Race Thoughts

Yesterday I did a little 2 mile shakeout run with Sienna. That’ll be the last of the running until the Santa Cruz Half Marathon on Sunday!! Super excited because the course is supposed to be beautiful.

My thoughts going into the race:

1. Why do I feel so nervous?

I’m doing this race for fun and to enjoy the course. No time goals. Why am I nervous? I guess all races make me jittery.

2. Remember to smile during those race photos.

I’m running this race to have fun since I feel under-trained (whether that’s true or not, I don’t know). Since my goal is to have fun, look like it! When I’m concentrating or zoned out, I tend to get what I call, “constipation face.” No, I am not trying to poop here:

kaiser sf half marathon

Us runners rarely have that problem. So no constipation face Amy.

3. Remember to download music onto your phone.

My last 2 half marathons (out of 3) I have run without music. This isn’t a big deal to me. I typically train without music. I like to be prepared and want to make sure that if I cannot race with music, I won’t suffer. For example, my last half marathon was in the rain. Since electronics and water don’t mix, I opted to not use my phone.

This race I should be able to run with music. Sometimes this helps me, and sometimes I don’t even pay attention to the music. Never know what will happen.

But I got a new phone a little while ago and never put music on it. Must remember to do that. I know it sounds as simple as plugging my phone in, but my computer is a dinosaur and this is a long process. Plus I need to plug in my external hard drive (where I store my music) and that takes an additional 5 seconds…

Good luck to all those racing this weekend! I’m so excited to read your recaps. Probably my fave posts to read. Not my favorite to write. I’ve got that runners high mixed with minimal brain function and exhaustion.

Have you ever run the Santa Cruz Half?

Do you get pre-race jitters even if you are running for fun?

Are you good at remembering to smile/pose for those photos?


55 thoughts on “Pre-Race Thoughts

  1. As long as I can see that there is a photographer there, I will ham it up. They always seem to be lurking in the shadows waiting for me to make the most ridiculous faces though. I have never run the Santa Cruz half (or any race in California), but I WISH! I bet it will be beautiful.

    And yes I get terrible race jitters. I have them right now. I can’t wait to read all about your experience too!

  2. Good luck this weekend…you’ll do great! I try to smile for the cameras but my pictures always look so awkward. Usually I look like I’m flapping my arms or something instead of waving!

  3. Good luck and have a great time! It doesn’t matter if I am feeling like a million bucks. I could be skipping and frolicking to the end and I still would end up with an ugly picture. It is inevitable. Have a blast!

  4. Ahhhhhh I am so excited for you and jealous! I wish I were running a half tho weekend!

    I know you are going to rock it because in my mind, you have 110% the best mind set, and who knows! My approach to my last half was the same and hello majorly unexpected PR!

  5. good luck on your half!!! I highly doubt that you are at all under-trained. I was actually just looking at my recent half-marathon finishing pictures and they were pretty hilariously bad.

  6. Good luck with your race – you’ve got this! It sounds like it will be a beautiful course. I always get nervous before a race – my stomach goes to pieces – but once I start running I’m fine. And my race photos – I try to remember to smile but they are not a pretty bunch.

  7. I always get jittery, even when I’m just racing for fun! I try to tell myself that my sweaty palms and racing heart are because I’m excited, and sometimes I believe it!
    During my first half marathon, I smiled and gave the photographer a big thumbs-up. I’m still embarrassed by that photo.
    Good luck!

  8. I always get pre-race jitters,too. It’s hard not too! You will do great! Just focus on not looking constipated!

  9. Good luck for Sunday! I always get nervous before races–sometimes even before longer training runs. And I’m terrible at remembering to smile for photographers! I’m usually too busy concentrating on not falling down!

  10. I always get pre-race gitters….I even had them Wednesday night before my soccer game (we’re in play offs right now). Funny, how we get nervous! No races this weekend for me.

    GOOD LUCK! You’ll rock it, can’t wait to hear about it!

  11. I get nervous before every race. I can never sleep. And I don’t try to run any race for fun. I run them all for a PR. Oh, and I never have good race photos, but at least I don’t look like I have to poo. Haha!

  12. Have fun! 🙂 If I was taking the photos, I would be that erm, photographer waiting for the ‘constipation face’ lol! I love getting photos like that, I’m sad and somewhat not-nice – but I guess it captures emotion 😉 ….But in return I always end up looking the same on any photograph. I’ll look the other way accidently, or just have the ‘derp’ face.

  13. Good luck, I am sure you will do or have done great! Yes I get prerace jitters even for fun runs. The only ones I don’t seem to take to serious are the ones you dress up for. Those are hard to take seriously!

  14. I try to be good at smiling (and I like to wave with both hands, I know it’s weird) to race photographers but they usually snap mid blink so always ugly haha

  15. Whenever I try to smile or be playful for pictures I end up looking like a giant turd. I’m better off looking like I’m huffing, puffing and dying. But you’re too cute to look like a doofus. I bet your pictures are awesome and you rocked your race! Can’t wait to read about it!

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