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Spring Dessert Ideas

I took your advice yesterday and listened to my body. It was not up for a run, so I walked with my buddy.


80% of our walks/runs end like this. Followed immediately by, “Mom can I come inside now?”

sienna swim

Since I bet you don’t want to hear about my walk, I thought I’d stick to the general Wednesday blogland theme. A lot of y’all post about what you ate. But instead of reposting those food pics from my week, I thought I’d do something different! Dessert makes lifeΒ more fun in my book, so here are some dessert ideas for any spring/Easter celebrations you might have coming up!

These are all desserts I made, someΒ inspired by things I’ve seen online (most likely Pinterest).

Bunny butt!

Bunny Butt!

Bug cupcakes (aka an excuse to eat a cookie and a cupcake and call it 1 dessert)

bug cupcakes easter dessert

A very simple bundt cake.

bundt cake dessert

Birds’ Nests cupcakes

birds nest cupcakes dessert easter

Lemon Meringue Cake (not as kid friendly but oh so delicious).

lemon meringue cake dessert

I hope some of these inspire you or get you into the spring-time mood πŸ™‚

Do you love to bake?

Does your dog like to get wet/dirty and then immediately want to come inside?


44 thoughts on “Spring Dessert Ideas

  1. The bunny butt is adorable and my nephews would love it! I love making cake/cupcakes, which is also my favorite food group haha. My best creation was a brown sugar pound cake with brown butter icing. Sooooo good. I ate like 2/3 of that cake myself.

  2. I would eat that lemon meringue cake whole. I love lemon meringue! I enjoy baking but am not the best at it… I’m more at-home with cooking!

    And yes, my dogs want to come in and rub themselves all over the carpets/rugs when they get dirty. Those are the times I confine them to the linoleum floored safety of the laundry room!

  3. WOW! You’re sooo good, I suck at baking mostly because I avoid it. I am scared that I will eat it all in a matter of a day. So unless, I have people coming over or going to some sort of reunion, I don’t bake lol. The bunny butt is too cute!!!! ❀ xoxo

  4. I should just start preparing myself to be hungry when I look at your blog. All of this look so delicious and the bunny butt is awesome. Going to have to pass that idea along to the nieces and nephews.

  5. I love to bake! I couldn’t live without it, exercise + baking = my therapy. That bunny butt idea is the cutest thing ever.

  6. Those nest cupcakes are so cute and I think I could actually make them. I gave up on making anything cute last weekend and just bought some cupcakes for a get together that I had. I’m very impressed with you skills!

    1. LOL! Well we were made for each other then! I love to bake FOR people! πŸ˜‰ Kyle always jokes and says I’m going to make him fat because I always ask him if he wants me to bake/cook him something

  7. Those desserts all look delicious! I love baking seasonal goodies and meals. It drives my hubby crazy but every season change I get to start with a whole new set of recipes!

    Our dog loves to get disgusting and then bring it inside. She was born and raised (literally) on a farm and we adopted her as an adult so she really loves being outside. Her favorite activity in NC was to go swimming in the pond at our farm and then try to jump in the car… I don’t think so!

    1. Thank you! Haha I’m totally the same way!! So much fun to try new things and change things up!

      LOL OMG!!!!! That sounds hilariously awful haha! My dog has been known to jump in the pool and then immediately roll around in the dirt…

  8. I was I loved to bake, but unfortunately I am terrible at it and would much rather cook some meat or veggies. If someone wants to bake something for me though, I am totally okay with that.

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