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I would rather not play with my poo

Thursday WORKOUT:

Ran 4 miles, 8:58 pace. Easy run, but my stomach hurt the whole time.

garmin run


Went to the doctor because my stomach issues weren’t getting any better with the Pepcid, Tums, and GasEx combo. She thinks I had salmonella poisoning. Whelp that explains a lot!

I was given the option to collect a sample, bring it back, and have it tested but miraculously my stomach issues went away by Friday evening. Isn’t that how it always works? I didn’t care enough to find out definitively if that’s what the problem was. I would rather not play with my poo.

Doctor told me to take it easy with the running, hydrate, and avoid raw foods for a little while (hard for your stomach to digest).

Saturday WORKOUT:

8 miles were on the schedule. Kyle made me promise that I wouldn’t run more than a 10K (and that took negotiating). Something about how my doctor said to take it easy blah blah blah.

Well, even though I fought him on the 10K, my body could only handle a VERY slow 5 miles+1 mile walk with Sienna. My body just felt weak and exhausted. I guess that’s what happens when you drop 5 pounds in 6 days.


Later on Saturday, I met up with my BFF Shanna for lunch. We went to a new place, Gotta Eatta Pitta. SO GOOD!

We both got the Falafel Bowl and you get to customize all the “add ins.”

Falafel_Bowl gotta eatta pita
From their website

Mine had hummus, cous cous, tomato and cucumber salad (forgot that those are raw…), tabbouleh, eggplant, and pickles. AMAZING!

That evening, we met up with family friends and family for dinner at Pizza Antica. Did I remember to take a pic of our food? Nope. But luckily my mom did and here’s what she and a few others had.

pizza antica

After dinner we all walked to a local candy shop. Heaven.

candy store candy store


Ran 8 miles. Last longish run until my half next weekend!

My first mile was horrible. I was struggling to keep a 10:20-ish pace. I thought the run was going to be a horribly long and painful one. It didn’t help that it was already getting warm (73F). Somehow my legs warmed up after the first mile and it was a good run.

And because Kyle had to work on Saturday, I ran and met him for bagels (we usually do this on Saturdays)! When we got to my house, I was cold. Even though it was mid-70s out, when you sweat a ton and then walk into your house where it’s only 63F, you get very cold. Thanks for capturing that gem Kyle.

me run

Then he helped me with my taxes. And by “helped” I mean he did them as I sat there and watched and then got bored and made him cookies as payment. Best deal ever (for me).

chocolate chip cookies

How was your weekend?? Anything fun, interesting, or boring happen?

Ever have salmonella poisoning?


50 thoughts on “I would rather not play with my poo

  1. Your meals looked delish! And your cookies looks perfecto! Good luck on your 1/2 marathon next weekend! This must be #4?

  2. Hope your tummy is feeling better, that’s not fun at all. We had a good weekend even though it was raining and cold here…a few runs on the treadmill (I did a virtual 5k) and a play date for the girls (and mama’s too).

  3. OMG! You are so adorable! You even made him cookies. Well, my hubby did my taxes, and… ummmm… I didn’t do anything in return lol! To top it all off, he is still runing after me to find receipts for my pill lmao! Glad to hear, you’re getting better hun! xoxo

  4. Glad you’re feeling better! Never had salmonella poisoning but I imagine it would be awful!

    Your food looks amazing!

  5. So glad you are feeling better. Ugh that sounds awful. It can be so hard getting your stamina back at first but once you get going it comes back fast. That food is making me so hungry. It looks awesome. All of it!

  6. awww hope you’re feeling better, sweets! my wknd was fab…friends, a cute boy, a Broadway show, an outdoor run, and way too much of an aggressive night out last night…but great. 🙂

  7. I have, in fact, had salmonella one time and it was absolutely horrid. (Thai food was ruined for me for awhile.) I hope you are feeling much better today! I’m glad you didn’t play with your poop.

    YAY FOR HALF MARATHON WEEKEND COMING UP! You are going to do so great!

    My weekend was okay. I had a horrible run on Saturday morning, probably because I just had a stomach flu and you shouldn’t run 15 miles after just having had a stomach flu. Basically I can kind of relate to how you were feeling during your Saturday run.

    1. NOOOOO! That sounds awful! Especially since I love Thai food haha! Lol I’m glad I didn’t play with my poop too 🙂

      YES! Super excited! Wayyy undertrained, but I’m excited to just have fun!

      WHAT?! Lol no you should not run 15 miles after the stomach flu (or any sort of flu!)! I’m sorry it was horrible 😦 I guess we’re both stubborn! Are you feeling better?

  8. sorry to hear about those stomach issues but I’m glad that it’s feeling better. I think they should just make baked goods a new currency, I’d be rich 😉

  9. First of all, so glad you’re feeling better, second of all, Praise the poo lords! I think I would have texted the exact same way as you and said thanks, I’m curious, but not THAT curious 🙂

    That candy sores looks fabulous… An that’s coming from an expert haha

    I just KNOW that you will be well rested, recovered, and totally ready to rock your half next weekend, good luck!

    1. PAHAHA OMG love you! Praise the poo lords! I just about spit my water out (literally). Lol yup- if my tummy is better, I just really don’t care about the details 😉

      Haha totally thought about you when we visited the candy store!

      I’m so excited for my half! I’m definitely undertrained, but I’m excited to just have fun and enjoy the course!

  10. You’re napping spot = weird. Haha. I would tease you some more about the food poisoning and stuff, but I did eat some undercooked chicken once at a restaurant and it was the WORST 48 hours of my life. I won’t get into details, but…nevermind, I won’t get into details.

  11. Glad you’re feeling better. I think sometimes just seeing a doctor can cure whatever ails you. Nice work keeping going when you’re not 100%. My next race is a week after yours and I’m also super excited.

    Lucky for me I’m too poor for my taxes to be complicated so they took like 10 minutes. But I would try doing yours if I got me some of those cookies. They look so good.

  12. Oh no I’m sorry you had to deal with salmonella! That stuff is no joke for real. Glad you’re feeling better now.
    That pizza looks yummy!
    Nothing boring going on these days. I went to The Lion King musical which was a lot of fun.

  13. Not a fan of playing with poo either…we runners do discuss poo a lot, but that’s where I draw the line.

    Great pic by the fireplace, love it.

    Pizza night capped off with a trip to the candy store?? Sign me up!

  14. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and hopefully your tummy issues are over! Make sure to take it easy and rest up for your race this week. As my coaches always say…at this point in training you can do a lot more harm than good!

      1. One in Charlotte…I skipped my long run last week in favor of letting my shins feels their best…we’ll see how that plays out!

  15. Oh stool samples are the worst. When my middle son came home he had giardia and shared it with EVERYONE which meant in one summer I collected over 100 stool samples from the entire family to ensure we had it resolved. It was the worst, worst, worst…..hope it’s getting better soon!

  16. Thank GOD things cleared up before it got to poo collecting. Um, but I think falafel is probably the WORST idea if you’re not feelin’ so hot. It’s so bloating and… farty. Once you’re fully recovered, please check out Maoz falafel in Berkley. That place is amazing. I will go out of my way to eat there if I’m visiting somewhere that has one. So good!!

    1. LOL I know right? Poo collecting is #2 on my list of things I could live without. Cellulite is #1 😉 HAHAHA but I wanted falafel so badly! Luckily it didn’t create any issues and it was delicious. OMG I’ve been to Maoz in Berkeley! Love it!!

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