Fartlek-ing with my boyfriend.

Sorry I’ve been MIA! My work schedule was crazy last week (working late and skipping lunches) AND my wittle sister was home from school! So here’s basically a week’s worth of running updates!

wedding annie and me
Old photo- but my sister is still the one on the right.

Tuesday WORKOUT:

My new running shoes finally came (after being shipped to Texas from San Diego first. Yeah, I live in the SF Bay Area…).

new balance running shoes

I wanted to run with Annie and test them out. We jogged an easy 2 miles with the dog. Did NOT like the shoes. Definitely not the right shoe for me. Whomp whomp.

Wednesday WORKOUT:

Did not have much time because I left work late, had to cook dinner for the family, and it was my night to go to Kyle’s house.

Ran 3 miles doing 800 m repeats (jog 800 m, run hard for 800 m, repeat).

Vegan food for dinner- tempeh and veggies served over quinoa.

dinner vegan tempeh


Thursday WORKOUT:

Since my sister was in town, she drove out to where I work for lunch and we obviously had to get frozen yogurt. It was delicious until I found a hair at the bottom of mine…it was not my hair.

frozen yogurt

Left work late again, so I didn’t have much time for a run because my mom, sister, and I had an appointment to get our eyebrows done. I decided to run with my dog and meet them there.

sienna run

Friday I was going to sneak an easy run in (even though it was a rest day), but I worked from 6:50AM-5:30PM. I was beat and decided to meet Kyle and his mom for dinner.

Saturday WORKOUT:

Saturdays are usually longish run days mixed with speed work. Whelp, it was raining and clumsy people + speed work don’t mix well. I have a half marathon in ~2 weeks and was not about to NOT run it because I slipped in a puddle, tripped over a bench, fell in a pile o dog shit, and broke my ankle.

me running rain

I opted to do an easy 10K (9:31 pace). It was so much fun! I discovered that I love running in the rain as long as it isn’t really cold and windy.

After my run and bagels with Kyle, we went to try to get me a new pair of running shoes.

If you are a new runner or thinking about running, try to find a shoe store that has a great return policy. I go to Road Runner Sports, and as a VIP member I get 90 days to test out my shoes. If I don’t like them, they will allow me to exchange them (no questions asked) and those shoes get donated!

I bought these to try (they will be shipped cause they were out of my size). And I have to show you a random cat photo because my 2 cats don’t really like each other. When we got home from the store, I found them by the fireplace (turned off when we left but it must have still been really warm) like this:

snickers skyler

No, the white one is not dead.


Sundays are typically my long, easy run days. BUT because I didn’t get to do speed work on Sunday, I decided I’d do some during my 10 miler. Ran 10 miles: 1st 5 miles @ 9:33 pace, last 5 miles of fartleks (if you think I just named a weird bodily function, you can read more about fartleks here).

Kyle, being the best boyfriend ever, decided to meet me at mile 5. He rode up part of Mt. Diablo (he’s a cyclist), and then headed over to where my turn-around point was.

I asked if he wanted to help me do fartleks, and he said, “What the fuck is a fartlek?” I explained what it was, and we decided that he would speed up on his bike and then I would sprint and catch up. Rest. Repeat.

We did this once, and then decided it would be better if I sprinted for a pre-determined amount of time while Kyle rode next to me, encouraging me, tracking my speed, and counting me down.

So once on every block, I would sprint for 30 or 45 seconds (holding it at 9, 10, or 11 MPH) and then recover until the next block.

Actually incredibly fun!! I cannot tell you how much it helped to have him there. Running is an incredibly mental sport, and having the support of someone while you’re doing speed work makes all the difference. Now I just need to figure out how to bribe him to do this with me every week…

But I think I know how this will turn out.

Post-run, after I had cooled off and my sweat was now making me very cold, warming back up by the fireplace. Yes that is Kyle on the floor. He said that he now gets why the cats like to sleep right there.

me kyle run

And later that evening, before a delicious dinner at Kyle’s house.

me kyle

What’d you do this weekend?

Anyone else like to run in the rain?

What’s your favorite way to do speedwork? Fartleks with Kyle!


39 thoughts on “Fartlek-ing with my boyfriend.

  1. You guys are too cute! I love that he met you for your run/fartlek’s. I did a lot of fartlek training as a teenager for soccer…and hated it. Which is funny, because I’m about to add it in to my training 🙂 Sounds like you had a great week!!!
    I love to run in warm rain – cold rain just sucks the life out of you 🙂 I had a great run this weekend with a running group while visiting my parents.
    Bummer about the frozen yogurt 😦

  2. This sounds so fun! I wonder if I can convince Joe to try that, he loves biking but hates running so I’ve never gotten him out with me. My dogs don’t dislike each other or anything but they are SO different so they don’t interact with each other unless they are outside and want to wrestle. We came home one day and they were asleep sharing a pillow and we about died because of the cuteness 😉

  3. I just about threw up in my mouth about the hair in your yogurt. UGH THAT MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL. I’m sorry that happened. 😦

    And I’m sorry about the shoes too. They are pretty though!

    That is a GREAT way to do speedwork. Like Emmeline just said ::points up:: my husband likes to bike but not run, so maybe I can talk him into this too. Right now I just do speedwork on the treadmill and that works out well for me. (I like being able to control it with the push of a button.)

    1. I KNOW right?!! I almost started gagging and I wasn’t even going to say anything but my sis told me I should. They tried to give me another yogurt and I’m like, uhhh no. I have no appetite now.

      Def convince your husband haha!! It’s so fun and you could bribe him with food or something 😉 You could even put Betty on the back of his bike and make it a family thing 🙂

  4. Awww, your bf is such a sweetheart! I need to try that out with my hubby if he is up for it. Your store’s return policy sounds AMAZING. In my opinion, it’s a great initiative. I would probably fake return a few pairs just so that more of them gets donated. Not, that’s a superb idea! Hahaha! Great to have you back. xoxo

  5. You & your bf are beyond cute – it makes me happy! And your dedication to running is so good when youve been so busy. I think I first read your post as ‘Fart-ing with my boyfriend’ – I’m so immature. 😉

  6. Theta the tile of this post is too funny! Love road runner sports! It seriously must be one of the most customer friendly merchants out there! I mean their shoe return policy is unreal! (And the best)

    You are sooooo spot on about running being mental! I always say it’s 70% mental! Aaa ands that makes a bf who will keep you company the best fartleks or no haha!

  7. wow you got in some great runs! It’s so sweet that your boyfriend kept you company on those fartleks (who the heck named those things!). I actually ran a half-marathon this weekend which was coincidentally in the rain, it wasn’t so bad though so I guess I’m pretty good with running in the rain.

  8. Maybe this is one way I can get Zach to go on long runs with me again, lol. You two, seriously, are the most adorable little twosome. And I gotta say you impress me with speed work FOLLOWED by a long run. I would have the worlds worst lead legs (like I don’t always already . . . )

  9. You know I love how great the word fartlek is. Haha! Sorry to hear the shoes didn’t work out. What a bummer. The right pair is out there, though! I don’t mind the rain. Just not the torrential downpours we had when I ran my half marathon this weekend…

  10. After years of running, I still giggle at the word fartlek.

    I ran a half marathon in the rain this weekend. It was a hilly struggle, especially because I am such a priss and always train on the treadmill if it is raining outside. I knew one day that decision would come back to bite me and it finally did. My upper body is so sore because I was so tense the entire race. Lesson learned!

    1. Hehe that’s because fartlek is the best word. So fun to bring up around non-runners too.

      Awww man! I’ve heard from a bunch of friends that they ran in horrible rain during a half this past weekend too! Sounds like it just bad running weather. Sorry girly!! No fun at all!! But at least you did it 🙂

  11. Please stop being so dang cute! I actually ran in the rain for the first time in forever recently and loved it. There’s something so peaceful about the rain! Great runs this week. You’re killing it!

  12. aw you two are cute. my wknd was spent hanging with girlfriends, doing a lot of relaxing and cleaning, and running/working out. i don’t mind running in the rain if it’s warm. and bummmmer about the New Balances!! they’re all i’ll wear. hopefully it was just that model.

    1. Haha thank you 🙂 Sounds like a good weekend to me! Minus the cleaning 😉 Actually sometimes cleaning makes me feel better. SOMETIMES. I know, I was bummed about the shoes too! I know there’s something out there for me. Just might take a while to find it :/

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