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My dog should not be a search and rescue dog

I’ve been battling bad sinus issues this past weekend (and RIGHT. NOW.) so I’ve had no interest in blogging. Sorry but my new BFFs right now are my bed, darkness, nasal rinsing, and allergy medications. <–I get cranky when I don’t feel well.

I love y’all on all other occasions though πŸ˜‰

Weekend Update

Friday’s are typically my rest days. So obviously I love and hate Fridays. <– runners, you know what I’m talkin’ bout

Friday night I turned into an old lady and went to bed around 8 PM. My sinuses were acting up so much that I felt dizzy, nauseous, and felt like I had an elephant on the inside of my skull, banging to get out. It was so bad I turned down frozen yogurt. Yep. That’s when you know I’m not feeling well.

Saturday I woke up and still felt a tiny bit dizzy. Kyle told me I was not running. <–why it is good to date someone smarter than you

So instead of my run to get bagels, we walked my Sienna to get bagels.

walk sienna

Fun fact: I almost always wear my white hat while running. Any time we pass a woman on the trail wearing a white hat, my dog turns and tries to follow this lady…even when I’m walking her. Love my dog, but parents- if I’m ever lost and it requires search and rescue dogs, please do not volunteer Sienna.

After a very quick brunch, Kyle and I headed to Road Runner Sports to pick me out a shiny new pair of running shoes. I tried on a few pairs and decided on the New Balance Fresh Foam 980’s.

new balance running shoes

I tried on the Mizuno Wave Riders (similar to my old Wave Inspires but for neutral feet) and they just felt weird. I might try them if I don’t like these New Balance shoes. Luckily I have 90 days to try out my shoes.

That night, Kyle took me to get frozen yogurt because I was feeling better. Do you need a reason to get frozen yogurt? I got mango + vanilla. Kyle tried my mango and he said he liked it more than real mango.

frozen yogurt

I’m assuming it’s unacceptable to sub fruity frozen yogurt for actual fruit? Yeah. Just checkin’.

Sunday I woke up and did not want to run. I felt tired and lazy. I eventually ended up running but it was already 80-ish F and I found out that I wasn’t properly hydrated.

7 slow, dehydrated miles. On the plus side, I got to try out my Fuel Strips that I won from the 3 Cheap Runners. So much fun for this science nerd!

fuel strip

You test the metabolite levels in your sweat with the strip. Then based on the color of the tip of the strip, you eat x number of chews. My sweat indicated I should have eaten 4 chews (tested half way through my run), but I was a cotton-headed ninny muggins and only brought 2 chews.

After my run, I made my best decision of the day by making a slushy out of Nuun, coconut water, and ice.


But unfortunately I spent the rest of the day nursing a bad sinus headache + dehydration headache.

Ever try fuel strips?

Anyone else having bad sinus/allergy issues right now? If you answer no, please go away and don’t talk to me for about 1-2 weeks.


15 thoughts on “My dog should not be a search and rescue dog

  1. Ok we are really related – unfortunately we can blame Grandpa for bad allergies and sinus problems. I too was down for the count on Friday -actually started Thurs. evening felt horrible – was rinsing like there was no tomorrow but instead of feeling dizzy was just feeling drained. Yup had me a hundred pound elephant sitting on my head too. Thank goodness it started to get better Friday evening and I was able to go celebrate Uncle Harry’s 88th birthday in Turlock…Glad you are feeling better – it really sucks having allergies….

  2. Fuel strips sound like such a cool idea! No sinus issues right now thankfully but I’m the queen of sinus infections so I know how you feel…seriously, I had surgery to fix it! Hope you feel better soon!!

  3. I have sinus headaches from time to time. They are definitely no fun. What normally works for me is Sinufed (I think that’s how it’s called), but also rinsing with a salt water that you ‘shoot up your nose’ (you know what I mean? lol), not very pleasant, but effective πŸ™‚ Get better soon darling xoxo!

  4. Holy moly girl it sounds like you’re sinuses are serious! I hope you are feeling better!
    Spending Saturday morning walking dogs to get bagels sounds kind of perfect.

    80 degrees, yikes! I am not excited to return to the summer running temperatures!

  5. a) Hope you get to feelin better! b) of course he liked it better because it was mixed with sugar and cream c) I thought at first you were sharing a pregnancy test – tmi!

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