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If I ever go missing, please check here first.


Ran 5 miles easy, 9:35 pace.

Was going to start some interval training (2 mile warm up, 8×800’s + 200m jog in between, 1 mile cooldown). 1.5 miles into my warm up, I realized that I’m supposed to take it easy until I get new shoes (and probably my orthotics). Damn.

After my run, I went to dinner with Kyle and my mom.

kyle and me el nido mexican
{Instagram} I told him to say “queso” but apparently only I thought it was funny.

el nido mexican chicken mole

Wednesday WORKOUT

Cross training with Jillian Michaels.

I got to try out my new workout gear that I won from Monica last year (there was a shipping SNAFU and I didn’t receive it until this week haha).

workout clothes puma

I posted that pic making fun of my thunder thighs. I got a bunch of supportive comments, and I realized they were all right! They may not be the long and lean thighs that I always wanted. BUT They are strong thighs. They made me a powerful tumbler back when I did gymnastics. They made me good at kung-fu. They allow me to run 13.1 miles. They are my RUNder thighs (thanks Mike for that term).

Followed by a delicious dinner brought to me by Whole Foods (I had other stuff too, but this was the only one that photographed well).

kale barley salad

Oh and Kyle had forgotten his phone at home that day, so obviously I sent him random photos for when he got back. I asked him which was the front and back of my head. Not my best work.

hair hair

Thursday WORKOUT

Ran 6 miles easy + 5×20 sec sprints after each mile.

iron horse trail run

This yard/house has always creeped me out (since I was young). They have weird fake zoo animals and Native American statues (looking very Disney Jungle Cruise-esque) in their yard.

run creepy house
If I ever go missing, please check here first.

And because some of you seemed interested in my girl Shanna and her acro, here’s a video from a few years back. She’s the tallest one.

Happy Friday!

What’s a body part you were/areΒ self conscious about, but realized that it is a wonderful part of you?

Spot any creepy things on your runs?


46 thoughts on “If I ever go missing, please check here first.

    1. You and me both sista! ALWAYS self conscious about my tummy. Kyle always gets mad at me for covering it up with sweaters (like if I’m wearing a dress) cause he says he loves my belly. So I think I’m learning to be okay with it πŸ˜‰ Plus I would never give up sweets.

  1. I also used to be kind of self conscious about my thighs, I thought they were too big and would avoid doing much strength training with them cause I thought they’d bulk up. I have a totally different perspective now, I view my thighs as strong and shapely and love working to get them even stronger.

  2. Hahahaha. Those pictures are amazing!! Kyle might leave his phone at home more often if there’s funny shit like that waiting for his return. My cousins in med school and always forgets to respond to my texts, so I started sending ridiculous pictures with them. Like elephants gettin’ it on. He responds immediately now πŸ™‚ Don’t talk smack about those legs. They can run 13 miles and kick some serious ass!!

    1. HAHAHAHA OMG. He probably has his phone set up so that it only reads “text message” if he receives something (instead of showing the actual text on the screen)- all because of you πŸ˜‰ You’re right lady! Lovin’ my RUNder thighs today πŸ™‚

  3. I have ginormous calves…I swear they are as big as thighs! They obviously have been a huge strength once I started running though, and I’ve never really been self-conscious of them (despite getting comments about them all.the.time.)
    I am however self-conscious about my nipples…just ask Michelle. I HATE them! I have what I refer to as “puffy” nipples and I always tell Michelle that’s the one thing I would change about my body, but seriously there is nothing you can do to change your nipples. I don’t even know why I have these stupid things, so pointless.

    1. Lol that’s great that you were never self conscious of your calves! They’re clearly very powerful! Plus you probably look great in heels πŸ˜‰
      Haha that is a weird one to be self conscious about! I guess it’s different for guys because it would be weird to wear a bikini to cover them up. I’ve always thought that too- no idea why men have them…

  4. RUNder thighs is such a great word. That’s how I’m going to refer to mine from now on!

    I pass this statue of a little girl drinking from a fountain when I run. I don’t know why but I find it really creepy. Too many little girl horror movies.

    1. Isn’t it amazing?!

      LOL! I bet it would creep my dad out. He doesn’t like dolls/statues with faces. By that I don’t mean he prefers headless dolls and statues. He just think things with faces that aren’t alive are creepy.

  5. RUNder thighs is the best!! πŸ™‚ I have always had the biggest problem with my nose. I’ve gotten made fun of for it again and again and again my whole life. A few years ago I had an appointment booked with a plastic surgeon to “fix” it and I chickened out at the last minute. I’m so glad I didn’t go through with it. My face wouldn’t be the same without it.

    That is the creepiest yard I have ever seen. I can’t stop looking at that picture. I kind of want to go there.

    And your friend is AMAZING! I wish I could do that!

    1. Noo don’t change your nose! You’re beautiful just the way you are! So glad you chickened out haha!

      Lol I know right? I’m morbidly fascinated with the yard. Like it freaks me out but I can’t stop staring and I want to peak inside.

  6. First of all, this is a hilarious post. So glad you have been getting good mileage in and staying positive. Can’t wait to hear what brand of new shoes you get! Next that yard…. the animals are fake? What is the purpose? Maybe to scare away robbers? Awkward!

  7. I absolutely most definitely understand this. I was a figure skater and we have big thighs. I wanted to run to make them lean like all those tiny runners. Didn’t happen. I have those big thighs. But they do some awesome stuff…heck they used to get me through triple jumps. Personally I think you look great….many would kill for it! You are one beautiful lady inside and out.

  8. I’ve always been self-conscious about my calves because they remain unusually large compared to most women my size. Now I appreciate them more and more because of how strong they are. My thighs are also a part of that strength but they never bothered me the way my calves did.

  9. My sister laughed at my upper arm once in a picture. It was one of those freak angles, I later realized, but at the time I thought, oh no, my arms are fat and old lady like! (I was 16 btw and no where near fat!) I was self-conscious for years. Now I do some kettlebell work and know they are muscle. Sisters can be so cruel!

  10. That house is uber creepy! There is a house a few towns over that has a lawn that is completely covered in buoys and random yard ornaments. And their car – that’s the best part – is painted like a brown and white cow, complete with horns on the front.

  11. When I saw you animal pic on IG I thought you were by a zoo. I never thought “wow, look at those creepy fake animals.” But now “Holy crap those are some creepy fake animals!” The video is pretty amazing too. Glad to know I share my name with someone that can do those weird flexible things. That would never be me! πŸ™‚

    1. LOL right! So random for a backyard to have a bunch of random fake zoo animals! Lol when I first discovered your blog and your name, I got super excited because my friend Shanna has never really met another Shanna before. It’s always Shannon or Shayna.

  12. That’s crazy! I thought those pictures were real on Instagram haha. Not me, but my friend Amy recently told me there was this house she runs by all the time and it had this really weird smell and then the other day she saw on the news that animal control had gone and there were like a hundred cats in the there and some were dead…so weird/creepy

  13. My thighs were always like that as well! It wasn’t the size, but they’re super muscular and lumpy which seemed weird to me, but now I’ve learned to love them! I suppose I should answer boobs since I got called “Sir” the other day, but I’ve *almost* let that go!

    1. You have great thighs!! WHAT?! Cannot believe you got called “sir”…LOL I remember wishing for bigger boobs and then as I got older I realized they just get in the way. My friends with larger chests always say I’m lucky and I don’t want them haha.

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