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Things You Didn’t Know About Me Thursday- Kitchen Bitch Edition

things you didn't know about me thursday

1. I went running in the rain (okay it was sprinkling) yesterday with my pup and loved it.

sienna run

I’m supposed to take it easy on the running until I get new shoes and my new orthotics. I run slower with my dog because I can’t use my arms as much and I make her sit at all the street crossings even if it’s clear. So I figured it was a perfect way to make myself slow down + spend quality time with my buddy.

After our 3 mile jog with only 1 poop. Her, not me. My mom refuses to pick up my poop if I do it in public.

sienna run

2. I am a control freak in the kitchen.

This shouldn’t shock you, as I am an all-around control freak and perfectionist with a dash of OCD. But when people ask if I want to bake or cook together, my initial reaction is, “YES!! That sounds like fun.” I mean, I do like people. But then I think about it and it sounds awful because I like things done a certain way. I think Anne get’s me.

It doesn’t matter if I’m making Toy Story cupcakes or macarons, I like things done a certain way.

Made these bad boys for K's 23rd birthdaymacarons

I’m discovering how bad I am. Last week, Kyle and I made Julie’s delicious homemade granola bars for Kyle to take to work (my second time making these, and this is definitely a keeper). I don’t use as much honey as she does though.

Back to my point. Kyle joked that he was surprised I was actually letting him do things (instead of telling him to do something and then grabbing it from him and doing it myself).

Kitchen bitch. That’s me.

3. I hate the incorrect usage of “sugar free”

Honestly, I mostly see this with celebrities on Instagram and what not, but it still drives me crazy.

For something to be “sugar free” it means that there is <0.5g of sugar per serving.

So when you make that smoothie of fruits, veggies, and what not, and claim it is your “sugar free smoothie.” You mean to say that there is NO ADDED SUGAR. Sorry, there is natural sugar in those ingredients.

4. I have a hard time spending money on bras.

TMI? Too bad. I will drop $100+ on running shoes (if needed), yet I will only go to Victoria’s Secret if I have one of those coupons. Ask me to spend >$30 on a bra (and $30 is pushing it), and I’ll ask you if it’s diamond encrusted and signed by the President. #cheap

What kind of cook/baker are you? Controlling or loosey goosey?

Is there something silly you have a hard time spending money on?

50 thoughts on “Things You Didn’t Know About Me Thursday- Kitchen Bitch Edition

  1. I’m definitely on the more controlling end of the scale! It has to be done a certain way … πŸ™‚

  2. I’m a fellow “running orthotic” wearer…just got my new pair in December. So, what are yours curing (I’ve got stupid high arches). And did you go through your podiatrist or use another service (they made plaster molds of my feet)?

    1. Oh nice! Haha I have the same high arches. Mine collapse when I walk/run and cause me to severely over-pronate. I got mine at the podiatrist. They have you walk across this high tech scanner thingy a few times and it essentially scans your feet (from what I could tell). Then they send the images/data out for your orthotics to be customized.

  3. ugh i’m with you on the “not dropping dough on a bra” thing. thankfully i have a massive discount designer store across the street from work, Century 21, so i can get all my Calvin Klein’s for around $20 or less. i don’t even like wearing them (and let’s face it, don’t usually need one), so why spend a lot? πŸ™‚

  4. So are you saying you just go around bra-less? Hey, be careful about the agave, I’ve read that it’s all marketing, and that it’s actually no better for you than HFCS. I don’t bake, but if I want to sweeten something I use local unfiltered honey. I know what you mean about the sugar free – if a package says that, it usually means they replaced sugar with something even worser like HFCS. You joke about run pooping, but man, I have seen it happen in races all too many times! People pooping their shorts, down their legs, in the grass on the side of the course. It happens.

    1. LOL I’m a hippie. I kid. You are so right about agave. I’m thinking of removing my replacement comment because I didn’t realize until just now that it looks like I substituted it by choice (I was actually just out of honey). I’ve read that it’s low on the glycemic index because it’s fructose, which doesn’t affect your blood glucose levels like glucose would. BUT it has just as much fructose or more than HFCS. My mom bought it a while ago because she heard good things, and then I do what I normal do and burst her bubble. The only good thing I like about it is that I can use wayyyy less of it than sugar. So now we’re just trying to get rid of it haha. LOVE using honey. I’ve heard (never did follow up research) that honey can also help with allergies if you buy local. Haha I only joke about the poop cause I know shit happens <–like what I did there? Us runners are nasty. But awesome.

      1. Haha, ok, ok, you don’t have to explain yourself to me!
        I talked to the honey guy at the farmers market and he said it helps with alergies because it’s made with local pollen. Makes sense. You are nasty, I like it!

  5. You’ve seen me in the kitchen enough to know my style. Safe to say “loosey goosey”? I hate spending full retail price on clothes. That is why I’m so poorly dressed. (that, and I don’t really care enough)

  6. Those cupcakes are amazing!!! I’m so impressed. Thank you for the link as well. My daughter loves granola bars and I can see myself making these for her all the time.

    I totally also have a hard time spending money on bras. I wait until the ones I have are pretty much falling apart before I buy new ones and even then I just go to Target where I know they will be cheap.

  7. HA– the bra statement. I probably shouldn’t air this for all your readers to see. . . more appropriate for personal email, but I promise you I have the same problem. I have bras from AT LEAST 4 years ago, and have only bought bras once (and they were wholesale) in the past 2 years. How did I find a husband?

  8. If the food is for other people I’m kind of a nazi but for me, I’m like meh who cares? Those cupcakes look awesome as do the macaroons! I tried to make macaroons once and they oozed all over the pan into one giant cookie…fail. Hahahah about the bra thing- my sister loves buying them and I hate it…case in point I got a VS gift card for Christmas and have yet to use it.

    1. LOL! Aww thank you πŸ™‚ Macarons definitely took me a lot of practice, and sometimes they still don’t come out. I don’t get how people like to buy items that hide under your clothing! I want quality (so I don’t have to buy another one for like 5 years πŸ˜‰ Ha!) but for cheap!

  9. omg i laughed at the poop comment. As far as cooking/baking goes, I am the loosiest (loosest?) of the loosey goosies. Things don’t turn out well even when I use a receipe, so why go the extra step? ha

  10. Can I just say how glad I am that I’ve found my cheap bra sisters? I just can’t spend the money. I mean, I’m a runner, my butt’s a much better feature than my tiny boobs, so if I’m buying anything expensive it’s a nice pair of pants.

  11. Control freak…another thing that must be genetic. I was much better with you and Annie than with your dad. I really tried hard not to be so controlling so that you two could enjoy cooking and baking. You’ll be fine once you have kids because I know you’ll want to build fond memories with them. Just be sure to teach them the difference between a blender and a mixer…haha.

  12. Bahahahaha Let’s make sure that while we most certainly should enjoy the fruits of our labor together, we should NEVER bake together! That is where my inner perfectionist goes into overdrive tehe

    Ummmmm $100 on a bra? That can go a long way towards a fabulouso pair of stilettos!

    1. PAHAHA we’d be slapping each others’ hands away, snatching bowls from each other, and giving each other dirty stares!! Agreed- we will cook in our separate corners and then enjoy a dessert party together πŸ™‚

      LOL while you say stilettos, I say jeans. I’m obsessed with jeans πŸ™‚

      1. Ok, so I lied, stilettos, jeans, and make-up…and food, maybe I need a budget yikes!

  13. Ahh now I want a chocolate macaron. Perfect dessert right there. I’m not a kitchen bitch hahaha but I’m a “hey let me tell you about health when i have no idea what i’m talking about” bitch. aka the sugar-free thing. that bugs me too! Don’t mislead people! “Healthy eating” is already hard enough for most people

  14. If I want to run slow, I bring the pooch too. His ADD is worse than mine, so I can always count on him to slow us down by about 2 minutes/mile. Good call taking it easy! When do you get your new orthotics? Your Toy Story cupcakes are so cute! Sometimes I’m sad we’re not having kids because I won’t get to do creative stuff like that. But then I remember my husband is a man child and i suck at baking, so there’s that πŸ™‚ Clearly I’m loosey goosey. I mean, did you see my baking post last week?! Good lord, I should stick to fake and baking!

    1. Haha silly Tooth. The doc’s office told me that it could take a couple weeks for the orthotics to arrive. Pahaha if you get good at baking, you do NOT need to have kids to make fun cupcakes. I made those for Kyle’s 22 birthday!

  15. hey love, I just wanted to say thank you for the sweet comment you left about my mom. It really meant a lot and I’m super glad to report she is doing much better. πŸ™‚
    Don’t forget to check out today’s brand new post.

  16. A little late on this one. Playing catch up on my reader. I too am a control freak in the kitchen. I love to cook but sometimes want to give my husband a nudge out. He is very helpful and means well but I am like a whirlwind in there and just want my space. The bra comment had me laughing. I totally understand. I actually love going to VS shopping but avoid getting mine there too. I was actually thrilled to find some good ones at Target. Being on the small end, VS usually doesn’t have my size in stock anyway.

    1. Lol glad I’m not the only one who needs their kitchen space! I’m glad to hear that Target has cheaper bras! I’m always nervous about switching from VS because they are expensive, but I know they last. I will have to make a trip to Target soon πŸ™‚

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