New shoes, no problems?

After yesterdays post, all I have to say is I wish I grew up with all of you ❤ You all are so supportive and kind-hearted. It really hurt to discover many of you have gone through similar experiences. On the bright side, it shaped us into who we are today- and we’re pretty fan-freaking-tastic 😉

Question for my fellow bloggers before I ramble about my feet: How do you read and follow blogs?

I used to only use wordpress to “follow” bloggers, and then I found Bloglovin and fell in love. So much easier for me.


Typical day at work. Had a kale salad with pine nuts for lunch. Super garlicky- so glad I didn’t have any afternoon meetings.

kale salad

After work I went to see my foot surgeon. I’m not having surgery, he’s just a family friend and THE expert. By expert I mean he didn’t acquire his MD from WebMD like I did. I kid. He actually is one of the best in California.

Waiting room shenanigans. Like my super expensive new shoes and compression sleeves?

doctor's office waiting room foot surgeon

It was actually nice of them to give these to me for walking around to the different rooms. But I was walking around like a dog does when you put socks on them .

After some X-rays and foot touching, I found out nothing is wrong with my feet! YAY!

I discovered that I am in the wrong running shoe. I was always told to use a “supportive” shoe for my over-pronating.

feet pronate

This was fine until I got these special orthotics that correct this problem. Using a supportive shoe on top of that was over-correcting my feet. I need a neutral running shoe.

On top of this, he is ordering me new orthotics with more support and cushion in certain areas to stop the pain. I found out that I was supposed to contact him if I experienced any pain (like my ankle and ball of foot) while using the original orthotics so that I could get re-fit. Oops. Missed that memo. Better late than never.

I talked to my doc about minimalist shoes too. I am really interested in them because I’ve heard great things. Unfortunately I will not be trying them at this time. He said he would discourage it based on my particular foot anatomy haha.

So for now, hopefully if I get new shoes and use these new orthotics I will eliminate my problems. Foot related at least 😉

Yesterday was National Pancake Day too.

national pancake day

This was one of the first times I was actually aware of a National __ Day. I usually only catch the lame ones like National Vasaline Day. Or National Wear Your Favorite Socks Day.

So obviously I had to make pancakes for dinner 🙂

Cinnamon raisin pancakes

What type of running shoes do you use? Gimme yo suggestions!

Did you celebrate National Pancake Day?


46 thoughts on “New shoes, no problems?

  1. I wear neutral New Balance and love them. My feet however are even weirder than yours. I would try a neutral in the same brand you already wear. I’m pretty sure, if you got them at the usual spot, they will take these back (they did for me, several times).

  2. YAY!!! So glad nothing it wrong with your feet!! The thought of surgery and being out for weeks is stressful. I’m doing a happy dance for you. One day, when/if you can safely make a switch to minimalist shoes, we’ll talk 😉 And I always laugh when Toothless walks like that! I thought he was just being a drama queen, I didn’t know all dogs did that! I see dogs running at the lake (on hot asphalt) with booties on and they aren’t even phased. That will never be my dog.

    1. OMG I know right?! LOL Thanks love! LOL NOPE Toothless isn’t being a drama queen- my dog does the same thing. Or maybe they’re both dramatic? We had to put socks on her a couple times so she wouldn’t lick at a bandage. So hilarious. Those other dogs with booties must be half human. Oh wait- I walked like that yesterday…

  3. Hahaha WebMD is the WORST! Need to sty awake all night? There’s your ticket!

    Sooooo glad to hear your foot problems hopefully aren’t door problems at all! You an always test out more minimalist shoes later!

    With the sad and (in my opinion) untimely death of google reader, I am a Bloglivin fan myself!

  4. I love bloglovin! It has made catching up on blogs so much easier. I don’t know much about shoes other than I try to find the most comfortable one for the least amount of money, hard to do sometimes.

  5. SO glad everything is alright with your foot! I had awful knee pain for months and one day I decided to buy new shoes and voila! Back to normal. Also- those pancakes look AMAZING. Now I’m starving.

  6. Glad you’re feet are fine, that’s gotta be a relief.
    I use bloglovin too…it isn’t perfect but it’s the best one out there.
    I wear all kinds of shoes, and my favs are my Saucony Kinvara’s, Mizuno Sayonara’s and Brooks Pure Connects. I’m a fan of the low-drop minimal shoes.
    Made pancakes for the kids last night for dinner…always a hit 🙂

  7. I’m all about my brooks pure flows. Right now I’m in the 2, but the 3 just came out. Have you gone to a running store to have them check you out and find the right shoe for you?

    1. I know so many people who love those shoes! Yes! That’s where I tried my Wave Inspires. I’m going to go back to my running store to try on a bunch of different neutral shoes- they have a great return policy so I’m sure I’ll find something I love.

  8. Mmm those pancakes….
    I was just debating about the best way to add blogs to my “to read” list and think that my preference is to make a bookmark bar folder and just keep all my favorite blogs there. In plain sight! And since i just found this one I will be now adding a new one to the list!

    1. That’s a great idea! I would do that but my computer is a dinosaur and is going to die at any moment haha. I don’t want to waste my time. I will once I get a new one though 😉 Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  9. I love my brooks ravennas (knock on wood), I have had way less shin issues since I started wearing them plus the shoelaces glow in the dark!

  10. Wow, I’m totally going to check out Bloglovin! The way I’ve been dong it is not the right way, that’s for sure. I’m still trying to play catch up just using the WordPress reader.

  11. I am obsessed with Bloglovin. I have to make sure I don’t follow TOO many blogs! Glad you got some things sorted out with your feet. I would definitely recommend Mizuno wave riders as a neutral shoe. I LOVE them. I know you are already used to Mizunos, too. 🙂

    1. HAHA I know right?! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the number of blogs I have to read! Thank you! I was considering the wave riders too 🙂 People rave about them and I figured I might as well since it’s Mizuno 🙂

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