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Quick Foot Update

I’ve mentioned I’ve been having some foot trouble recently but haven’t talked much about it. Here’s what’s goin’ on:

I have pain in the ball of my foot (sometimes both feet) when I run. It feels like bruising and sometimes aching. According to my MD, which I obtained from WebMD, I have metatarsalgia. This injury was also confirmed by my friend Emmeline over at Run For the Pizza.

My feet naturally over-pronate (like A LOT). Bad pic, but see how much they fall inward at my arches and ankles?

feet pronate

I have custom insoles and buy running shoes with a lot of support, but I still have issues. Running and non-running πŸ˜‰

orthotics custom insole

Emmeline was super sweet and offered me some advice for fixing my feet. She had, what sounds like the same thing, and gave me great tips.

(FYI I am waiting to hear back from an actual foot surgeon to make sure I don’t have a more serious problem)

To spare you the boring details about these nasty body parts, I’ll just say that the biggest change is that I will most likely be trying minimalist running shoes (BrooksΒ PureCadence, Newtons, etc.)

So my question for you is, have you ever tried minimalist running shoes??

Have you ever had metatarsalgia?


46 thoughts on “Quick Foot Update

  1. Ugh, foot issues are the worst. Really hoping you get this fixed and fast. I too attained my MD from WebMD. It drives my husband nuts when I self diagnose everything. But I am usually right πŸ˜‰

  2. My feet are like that when I stand, but I tend to supinate when I run. I tried Newton’s and hated them. I have a pair of Brooks coming in. But I LOVE my New Balance Minimus shoes. I got in the habit of wearing them (well, I wore Five Fingers) and pose running during CrossFit and when I decided to start running more, I switched to NB Minimus and love them. I tried some other shoes to run in too and just didn’t like them as much. Once you are used to running with a 0mm drop and a 4mm sole, it is really hard to like running in other shoes again. I’m curious to see how it goes for you with switching up shoes! I like reading about how people do with it!

  3. I’ve never tried them, I stick to my big super supportive Ravenna’s per doctors (jk the running store man’s) orders. Plus insoles

  4. My foot surgeon SWEARS by minimalist shoes. He is the one who wanted me to read “Born to Run” which somehow influenced his running (haven’t read it yet myself) I’ll also be curious how the change of shoe affects you. Because of my particular foot issues, he was skeptical about me going minimalist just yet, perhaps after the foot is more fully healed.

  5. Gahhhhhh I would never ever ever try and tell you what to do but if you were my sis I would pester you to see a sports doctor!

    The worst that could happen is that you find out what the root problem is and pay a co-pay. Then you can kick that silly injury to the curb once and for all

  6. Sorry that you are having trouble – it’s no fun to have pain with running! I’ve also had really good luck with seeing a doctor who specializes in sports medicine, so I would second that recommendation. I love my Merrell’s for strength workouts, but don’t love them for running. They make my calves super sore!

  7. Aw shoot 😦 I haven’t had this, but I have PF in both feet, so I know it sucks!! Ryan had Morton’s Neuroma (mentioned in that WebMD link) and I think switching shoes really helped him manage it. I don’t think it goes away completely without surgery though. Hopefully that’s not the case with metatarsalgia! I was getting hurt ALL the time until I switched to minimalist shoes. They are seriously life changing. I ran for almost 2 years injury free! I love my saucony kinvara’s. Definitely check those out, along with any other recommendations you get. Good luck!!!

  8. I feel your pain. I’ve had and occasionally still do have foot issues around the outside of the ball of my right foot. I hope you can find a shoe that works better but make sure to take it easy at first with a more minimalist option. It can actually make your feet worse if you don’t adjust to them.

    1. Thank you and thanks for the advice! My coworker who swears by minimalist shoes said the same thing. He said when he first got them, they told him to only run like a mile and slowly build up. He went out and ran 3 miles and could barely walk for a few days because his calves were so sore!

  9. I hope you sort out your foot issues! I run in the Brooks Pure line. These guys have a 4 mm drop which is a little minimal but they still have plenty of cushioning. My fiance has switched over to zero drop shoes but I think they can give you Achilles and calf problems at first.

    I am currently recovering from injury and have been working with a PT in a running clinic to improve my form so I would definitely recommend going back to basics and figuring out how your biomechanics are affecting your running.

  10. Its a good idea to consult the foot surgeon first so you don’t create another issue. Glad you are not giving up and working towards getting good advice and healing.

  11. Almost all of my shoes are minimalist, but that is just what suits me best. You will sure feel a difference wearing them, just be careful not to overdo it. Those shoes can take some getting used to as you might be using muscles you didn’t even know you had!

    1. Oh really? I have heard they have great benefits, but I agree, you have to do what works best for you. Hahaha yeah, my coworker told me the same thing. When he first got a pair of minimalist running shoes, he was told to go out slowly. He went out and ran 3 miles and could barely walk the next few days!

  12. I wish you were going to the Chi Running seminar with me Saturday- she focuses a bunch on injury prevention I think. I just finished a questionnaire that she sent so she could get a feel of what I was looking for prior to the class. Now, off to walk the boyz . . . who knows, in a couple of weeks, I may be able to “run” them.

  13. Hmmm, I haven’t heard of that. I’ve dealt with plantar fascitis tho. I hope you get it worked out. KT tape? Golf ball rolling? Toe scrunch exercises?
    I have a pair of vibram 5 fingers, but I use them for my dog walks. I used to wear newtons, but now I like brook pure flow – cushiony, but with a minimal heel to toe drop.

  14. That is a bummer. I hope you get it all figured out soon. I definitely am interested in hearing about the minimalist shoes.

  15. hope you find a good solution for you, girl. i don’t like to run long distances in super minimalist shoes, but my regular running shoes are just a tad more support than minimalist. i had to try a bunch to find what worked best for me (IT band issues). New Balance makes some great less-support-but-not-quite-minimals that i love. best of luck!

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