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A bunch of updates: kitty, running, and life

All of your kind words mean the world to me- seriously. All of you are so supportive and kind and it makes this process a tiny bit easier. Thank you thank you thank you ❤

Again, I apologize for my lack of blog presence, but most of the time I’m just snuggling with my baby.

Kitty update- right now she isn’t in any pain, no vomiting, and eating and behaving normally. Knocking on every piece of wood around.


Saturday: Ran 6 miles. This was my first run after taking a week off after the ball of my foot started bothering me.

The weather was amazing (actually too hot for my perfect running temp)
The weather was amazing (actually too hot for my perfect running temp)

I could tell I was not properly hydrated a couple miles into the run. But I’m stupid and stubborn so I kept running. Ran to Starbucks so I could meet up with Kyle.

garmin run starbucks

Sunday: Ran 2.5 miles, speedwork.

Since I feel like I haven’t been getting any faster, I asked Kyle for his help (he used to train student and professional athletes). He’s never done long distance training, but I trust him.

My “homework” was: 0.5 mile warmup + 2 miles @ 8:30 pace (uncomfortable but doable for me) + 0.5 mile cool down

Ugh. The ball of my foot started hurting before mile 2, and then at mile 2 I started getting side cramps which I don’t usually get. I might need to take more time off of running for my stupid foot. How much do I really need my feet for running?

Before and after speedwork #imoutofshape [Instagram]

running workout speedwork


Since I’ve sort of been MIA for a week now, I have my Valentine’s Day update for you. You thought you were done reading those huh?

Kyle surprised me at work with flowers. He made my day.

roses flowers

After work, I went home and started baking a surprise dessert for Kyle. One of his all time favorite desserts is pumpkin pie. I know. Weird right? So I made him pumpkin pie with a gluten free crust so that I could try it.

pumpkin pie

As soon as the pie was done and I changed, I drove over to Kyle’s house where he was cooking dinner for me. Like I said, he’s the best.

kyle cooking dinner

He made us a delicious homemade Pad Thai, and I also made a Thai cucumber salad.

thai cucumber salad pad thai

Here’s a nice outtake for ya.

kyle and me valentine's daykyle and me valentine's day

After an amazing dinner and a very unromantic movie (we chose End of Watch…), we had some dessert and watch Modern Family to lighten the mood.

whipped cream pumpkin pie

We don’t really do presents or go out for Valentine’s Day. We enjoy just spending time with only each other. BUT I fell in love with Julie’s amazing Valentine’s Day gift ideas and had to make a couple.

I made him/us a date jar. You fill a jar with fun date ideas so when you don’t know what to do, you randomly pick one from the jar and VOILA!

date jar valentine's day

And then I made my sissy these.

open when letters valentine's day

You write letters and the recipient is supposed to open under certain circumstances (open when- feeling homesick, you hate boys, you feel overwhelmed, etc.)

I hope y’all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Have you gone through periods where you just can’t get faster with your running??

Presents on Valentine’s Day- yes or no?


28 thoughts on “A bunch of updates: kitty, running, and life

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty. 😦 I hope that the cortisone shot helps and it won’t have to go beyond that. She is adorable and so lucky to have you! (I have a black cat too and he’s my best friend!)

    It sounds like you had a great weekend of workouts and I love your Valentine’s letter idea. 🙂

  2. Seriously you two are the most adorable twosome. I love pictures of you guys because you can just see how much fun you have.

    Me and the furballs are continuing to send good vibes kitty’s way. Zach and I had a talk before we left and we are giving our animals a little extra love whenever we can as well . . . a good reminder that I will never take my little family for granted!

  3. Ahhhhhhh I hope you can address whatever in the world is causin your foot problems ASAP! That would be so sad if you got a full blown injury:(

    In happier things, can I come to California and just eat for a month or so with you and Kyle? Mmmk thanks.

    What a wonderful concept for your sisters grift! That is so heartfelt an special and I am absolutely stealing it!
    Hope your doing ok with your pet love!

    1. I KNOW!!! I’m so mad at my feet right now! Thanks love!

      LOL you most certainly can come to CA and eat with us! As long as you suggest we get frozen yogurt at least once a week. Kyle would definitely rather eat a huge dinner than get dessert, so I need someone on my team 😉

      Please steal Julie’s brilliant ideas! They are so simple but filled with love!

      Thank you so much my dear ❤

  4. Sounds like a great Valentine’s Day! I agree about spending time together trumping presents. Sounds like you had some really great eats. Sorry to hear about your foot! I hope it feels better. Speed workouts really do make all the difference!

    1. Aww man, I don’t have a recipe for the crust cause I used a package of pre-mixed flours. Then I just followed the instructions on the box and added the other ingredients…and Kyle has the recipe in his head lol! I’ll see if I can get it at some point though.

  5. I’m glad your cat is feeling better!
    You and Kyle are the cutest ever.
    I’ve definitely hit running plateaus, but the speedwork plan sounds like a perfect rut-buster.
    What date ideas are in the jar?? Ryan and I are always looking for things to do

    1. Thank you and thank you 🙂 So bummed everyone keeps telling me I need to do speed work! I enjoy those lazy runs! But y’all are right…
      Send me an email for the date ideas! I don’t want to write them on here and have Kyle see them haha.

  6. I’m crossing my fingers for Snickers since I don’t have any real wood nearby! Glad she is doing better.

    No, pumpkin pie is not a weird favorite dessert. It is one of the best desserts ever! Your Valentine’s Day looked perfect – I love the date idea jar! I have a boring list on my computer of date ideas which isn’t nearly as fun as pulling one out of a fun jar.

    Presents on Valentine’s Day? Meh. We don’t do it because it doesn’t mean a whole lot to either of us. We prefer spending time together and doing something nice instead.

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