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Gluten Free for 30 Days

First, I need to thank all of you for your kind words yesterday! Bloggers and runners make the best friends πŸ™‚

Now, on to my gluten free for 30 days thingy-majig.

Yesterday I went to the dentist and was chatting with my dental hygienist. Somehow we got on to the topic of my chronic sinusitis. Apparently she had the (seemingly) exact same problem- started in high school with a ton of sinus/allergy related headaches, continued on into her 20’s when she found out she had chronic sinus problems. Sounds exactly like me.

Back in her 20’s, she talked with a specialist who suggested eliminating dairy and gluten for a month or 2 (since nothing else seemed to help). Dairy and gluten can cause inflammation in some individuals, and this could lead to inflammation of the sinuses.

I know we aren’t the same person. I know it could be a myriad of things (heck it could just be the anatomy of my sinuses-actually I know that’s part of it). BUT I also know it’s an easy thing for me to try.

NOW, she said dairy AND gluten free. But the scientist in Kyle and me (read- nerdy side) thinks that it doesn’t make sense to eliminate 2 items from my diet at once. If my sinus issues start to clear up, I won’t have any idea if it was the dairy or gluten or both. It makes more sense to do these “studies” back to back (gluten first, followed by dairy).

Kyle also suggested that I just get allergy tested. I like and dislike this idea. I would find out right away what I am allergic to, but I also have to get pricked. Bleh. I’ll probably do this anyways, but I like the idea of trying a diet for 30 days.

So for the next 30 days I will be a happy camper, enjoying my frozen yogurt.

frozen yogurt

For the gluten-free aspect. Well, there are a lot of great options out there these days. It will still be a challenge for me. I don’t eat it often, but I love my fresh baked bread, whole wheat pasta, and don’t even get me started on bagel Saturdays with Kyle.


I want to add that I really hate when people automatically think gluten-free = healthy.

gluten free

Sorry, your gluten-free brownies and chicken nuggets do not make you healthier than me. Yes, I’ve had people imply this.

Don’t get me wrong, eliminating gluten can help a lot of people. BUT people without a sensitivity, allergy, celiac disease, etc., don’t necessarily have anything to fear.Β Honestly, if I find out that eliminating gluten doesn’t cure any of my issues, I’m bringing it back into my diet.

So, this should be interesting. I can’t wait to experiment with recipes. I know a lot of you out there are gluten and dairy free, so feel free to offer tips or recipes! It will be greatly appreciated!

42 thoughts on “Gluten Free for 30 Days

  1. People always think that because you can’t have dairy or gluten you can’t eat anything. With my husband being a vegan, I get a lot of comments of “what do you eat then?”. It’s really not that hard today to find the alternatives…you just need to educate yourself on what else is out there that you can replace it with (almond or soy milk vs normal milk, gluten flours vs normal flours etc.
    There are so many awesome recipes out there, that’s the other thing I love about my husband begin a vegan we get to try all kinds of new stuff!
    Good luck!

  2. Do whatever it takes to figure yourself out! My sinus problems had to be fixed with surgery but now I have maybe one infection a year as opposed to 10 and the constant inability to breathe. We discovered I have a red meat intolerance thanks to diet changes followed by pricking to confirm though so it definitely helps me make choices. I’m not “allergic” the way I am to apples but it causes headaches and nausea so I make educated choices and if I want a steak, I knw the consequences. I now only eat it once a month or less or keep my portions SUPER tiny and it’s been a huge difference.

  3. It’s definitely worth a try. And if you find that going gluten free really helps you, then just treat yourself to your bagel once in a while or find another yummy ritual! I’ve come to enjoy gluten free breads and using Bob’s Red Mill flour products are quick and easy. Our American diet has too much wheat in it. Plus, it’s in many things…used as fillers for sauces, soy sauce, gelato….I’d say I’ve gone maybe 90%? gluten free only because there is non-obvious stuff out there that has gluten in it that I’m not aware of. It has helped my inflammation from RA tremendously. So, good luck with it!
    I’m going to make naan for our Indian cooking class. We’ll see how that turns out!

  4. It’s good to do these self scientific studies…nerd, nerd, nerd…sorry it’s in your genes. I will join you and your Aunty 10e. if I can reduce my occasional joint inflammation and prevent permanent joint damage, that’ll be a big win! I’m positive Omega 3’s make a difference, I can tell when I forget to either take some or miss it in my regular diet. Let’s see if gluten/wheat reduction will work for you, me and your dad!

  5. Gluten free flour makes terrible popovers! (they don’t pop, let alone go over)
    I’m always up for trying something new though- let me know how it goes.
    One of my FAVORITE lines from “This is the end” is the one you quote . . . HILARIOUS!!

  6. I think I gave myself a sensitivity to gluten, if that’s possible. I cut it out for a couple months and the first time I ate a baguette I wanted to die the next day. It’s good to eliminate while you troubleshoot your issues, but adding it back in is a wise choice. Otherwise, girl, you’re gonna pay for those bagels. BTW I read this whole post picturing you nerdy scientists in lab coats and goggles while developing your gluten hypothesis.

    1. Oh no! I did that with fatty foods lol. I went vegetarian and on a low fat diet for over a month one time. Now if I eat fatty food, I usually end up with a stomach ache…I’ll keep a tiny bit of gluten in my diet if I find out it causes inflammation. Gotta get those bagels! Lol we were most definitely wearing lab coats and goggles while having this conversation πŸ˜‰

  7. What a crazy coincidence. I have had Crohn’s disease since I was a child and recently found out it is commonly confused with Celiac’s disease. Since my illness has always confused doctors because it isn’t quite the textbook Crohn’s, I decided this week to give gluten free a try. I took my first official gluten free grocery trip today. I was bummed I couldn’t buy my favorite wheat thins, but saw the same company makes gluten free rice thins! WIN! Share any tips you find out!

  8. Getting allergy tested won’t tell you if you’re sensitive to gluten or dairy anyway. Most people would never show up as being a true Celiac and can still be gluten insensitive. I cut out all grains (including gluten free stuff) for about 5 months (and most dairy) and I’ll tell you, it was like all hell broke loose when I started eating grains again! I still really limit them because they cause me to bloat so much! But some of the gluten free stuff makes me feel just as horrible cause it still has ingredients that can cause inflammation! I’m lucky that dairy doesn’t irritate me as much. Well, I say dairy but I mean cheese! I can tolerate cheese but milk and ice cream still bother me a lot. Good luck! And keep in mind, it takes 14-16 days for your body to heal from the effects of your diet, so give it some time to feel different!

    1. Hmm do you know why an allergy wouldn’t tell me if I’m sensitive to gluten or dairy? I’m not looking to find out if I have Celiac (an autoimmune issue, not allergy). Hahaha yeah, I’ve had several people tell me NOT to cut it out completely if I’m not allergic cause that will happen. I need my real breads! Thanks for all the tips and advice! I need the luck πŸ˜‰

      1. Gluten allergies aren’t true allergies. It’s not like being allergic to pollen. It’s a gluten intolerance, ranging from simply being intolerant to Celiacs. You would be allergic to the wheat, which you can be tested for. If you want to find out if you’re allergic to wheat instead of gluten, you need to cut out more foods than just foods that contain gluten. You’d have to cut out rye, barley, semolina, spelt, flours, etc… All that crap. And I haven’t done tons more research into that, so that’s about as fast as I can go with it. But dairy and wheat both cause inflammation with a LOT of people in their body, which is why when you go back to eating it, you feel so awful. Because wheat and dairy are both such big inflammatory foods, it’s recommended to cut both out at the same time. THEN after a month, reintroduce one at a time. If you are sensitive to both, you won’t be able to tell as much by just getting rid of one because the inflammatory effects will remain. The only reason that you would feel bad reintroducing it is because you truly are sensitive to it and you have just been used to living with your body’s inflamed condition. But the inflammation can cause symptoms similar to allergies along with a wide range of things (a lot of people say things like alopecia will go away when you stop causing an inflammatory response with food). Anyway, that was long. I just love this stuff!

  9. Good luck on this endeavor. As for me, I will finish off my allergy shots (because sneezing constantly while running sucks) and enjoy my wheat bread/love my carbs! I really do hope it helps and I can’t wait to read about your adventures here. I have never heard that allergies might be caused by this. If it works, I might have to try it too! πŸ™‚

  10. Haha, I KNOW my gluten free treats are not healthier than the gluten-full ones. Good luck though! Prior to being diagnosed, I had tons of various ailments that my MD couldn’t pinpoint until we realized gluten was the underlying issue. Random funny/cute story though- my sister’s first grade class was reading a book about wheat today and she asked the kids why it was important and one of her kids said “It makes you happy and healthy and without it you might die” haha just wanted to share!

    1. Gluten free desserts CAN be healthier! I didn’t mean to imply that. I just know a lot of people who think that going gluten free = healthier. I know people who think this about going vegetarian and vegan too, without knowing anything about proper amino acid and other nutrient consumption and balance. That story is too stinking cute LOL! My friend had someone tell her once that he was allergic to carbs…but this wasn’t cute, just sad because he was in his 20’s.

      1. No, wasn’t trying to say you implied that- I was just saying my personal ones aren’t always the healthiest πŸ˜‰

  11. So I had horrendous sinusitis when I was younger and still struggle from time to time now. The best things for me are cutting out dairy. Seriously – my whole face and nose swells up from eating it. Gluten doesn’t make a huge difference but I don’t eat a huge amount of it. I think your plan to eliminate one at a time is definitely sensible though!

  12. I tried doing a “Whole30” once which is eliminating gluten and eating only whole foods…it was so hard lol. But I try to avoid gluten as much as possible though sometimes I just need some pasta! Also I totally agree that just because it’s gluten free cookies, does not mean that is healthy.

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