things you didn't know about me thursday

Things you didn’t know about me Thursday- Fears and Pet Peeves Edition

I haven’t worked out since Saturday. I guess that’s what happens when you’re sick. Naturally, I feel like I’ve gained 15 lbs and my insides are rotting. Anyone else go through this process when you’re sick? Luckily I’m getting better, or else I’d be 200 lbs by next week. Obviously.

things you didn't know about me thursday

  1. When watering my indoor plants, I secretly think a lizard or snake could be inside and attack me at any moment. Thus, I try to only stick the watering can into the plant. Where said lizard/snake would come from, that I do not know.

    This applies to plants. They aren’t just full of secrets, but wild animals that will eat you.
  2. When I was little, every time my mom would take batteries out of my toys to change them, I thought she might go blind. One time she was changing the batteries in a toy and they were so old they had started leaking. She told me not to touch it and explained what acid was and how it could hurt your skin or eyes. So I was scared every time she changed batteries…I’m fairly certain this is why I got sick so much as a kid. I stressed about everything.
  3. A very random pet peeve of mine is when people use dry erase board markers on paper. And I guess regular markers being used on dry erase boards. IDK why this bothers me so much.

    school notes dry erase board
    My old notes…with the CORRECT markers
  4. Another big pet peeve- People spelling “a lot,” as “alot.” 2 words people. 2 words.

  5. HUGE pet peeve- People who don’t pick up after their dogs. I know you think they poop sunshine, but that sunshine ruins my shoes.

I’ve got so many more fears and pet peeves, but if I give them all to you today, I’ll have nothing else to talk about on Thursdays 😉

What’s a weird fear you have?

Gimme a pet peeve!


29 thoughts on “Things you didn’t know about me Thursday- Fears and Pet Peeves Edition

  1. haha I like your post. When I was a kid I watched a movie about this women who woke up when the scorpions in her bed starting biting her. It freaked me out so much and now every night I check under the sheets for scorpions even though I’m pretty sure they don’t live in northern Canada.

  2. Those fears aren’t irrational. I firmly believe that a lizard will jump out of your plant and lick your face the next time you are watering it!!!! I just know it!
    My biggest pet peeve is people who wear scrubs in public. If I’m at the gym or at lunch and there is someone there also on their lunch break, and in scrubs, it drives me nutso! The way I see it, they are either bringing germs from the hospital to the gym or eatery, or they are collecting germs from the gym or eatery to take back to the hospital. I don’t like it!

  3. YES on the ‘alot’ problem. I get SO frustrated. Also, people using the word ‘whilst’. Whilst is NOT a word in the English language – while is the correct term yet so many people print it!!

  4. I fear spiders…yuck! And “alot” bothers me’s A LOT people! A BIG pet peeve of mine is when you come out of a building and someone is smoking right at the doors! Common people, I don’t want your second hand smoke – find some place else to ruin your lungs. End rant … ahhhhhhh. 🙂

  5. I hate when people use “to” when they mean “too” (and your/you’re, etc) basically I’m a grammar nazi

  6. Omg I love that you used hyperbole and a half, Allie is the best. I don’t like being the only one in a pool because I have an irrational fear a shark or alligator will somehow come out of the drain. Naturally, I think myself crazy, but a pro runner posted a pic on twitter yesterday and said she was afraid “the pool sharks” would come get her because she was the only one there. Fears vindicated!

  7. YES to the whiteboard! I go insane when people at work use SHARPIES on whiteboards. I’m like “homie, you have an MBA… you know those are permanent, right?” Idiots. I pick up after my pooch all the time, except when I’m on trails. He goes way off trail into the tall brush/bushes and the tree hugger in me would rather not use a plastic baggy. There’s no way people will step in it and I’m being environmentally friendly, so that’s how I justify it 🙂 Don’t hate me.

  8. I get what you mean about feeling like a lazy blob with time off exercising–I took a bunch of time off a few weeks ago and was shocked that I didn’t die or forget how to run 😉
    Weird fear: getting a water bottle stuck under my brake pedal and not being able to stop my car.
    That’s so cute about the blinding batteries!

    1. Lol glad I’m not the only one who feels like I’ve lost all athletic capabilities after being sick. Haha my sister actually dropped her metal water bottle once and it rolled really quickly into on-coming traffic (so she had to just watch) and a huge truck (I think garbage truck) rolled over it and completely flattened it. So you could switch to driving a garbage truck or one of equal size? 😉

  9. ahhhh love that you used Hyperbole’s “Alot!” just made my bloglife day. 🙂 i’m a grammar nerd and get annoyed by all of those sort of things as well. English major syndrome.

  10. Oh my…you and Annie had to suffer having two science nerds for parents. I suppose your fear of water came from your dad pointing out where bacteria and algae like to grow??? Scaring you to be safe must run in the family; for years I was afraid to plug stuff into outlets because of the electrocution stories your grandpa told me

    Peeves 3-5 are high on my list as well. As Sharpie is a Sharpie and dry erase marker is not Sharpie!

  11. Haha your plant watering fear made me giggle!

    Pet Peeves are one of those things where when you ask me them I can’t think of what mine are, but in 2 hours I will have a litany list.
    Except for people chewing audibly…ew!

  12. I agree with Anne and seldom can list my pet peeves, till they raise their ugly heads again. Yes, not there or they’re . . . I cringe with the way some folks write! My ongoing pet peeve is the Costco shoppers who STOP suddenly so they can snack their way through the store . . . I want to smack them in the head! Each week I maintain there should be separate lanes for 1. the efficient, non eating shopper, 2. the occasional, but courteous taster 3. The person who gets their daily calorie consumption in one trip. On Tuesday there was one woman who kept stopping right in front of me. As luck had it, she was in front of me in line too. The very sweet checker said to her, “oh, you only got Kale and chicken breasts?” The lady proceeded to announce she was on “a very special diet”. I just about laughed out loud. (she later went over to the counter and bought a slice of pizza) I wonder what her special diet is for?

    There isn’t a lazy bone in that body of yours.

  13. Great post! Love it. I have a problem with “a lot”, too. My weird fear is bees. But it’s a phobia, so what can ya do? I have a similar pet peeve to yours but it’s when people say “refer back to…” instead of just “refer to…”

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