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Fit Family Lifestyles Month

As I am still sick and can barely remember to put toothpaste on my toothbrush, I am pleased to give you a guest post by Kendra Thornton!


It is Fit Family Lifestyles Month, and Kendra was kind enough to offer to write a guest post about staying fit while NOT at home. So here ya go!

Fit Family Lifestyles Month! by Kendra Thornton

Feel awesome, and look good while you’re doing it! I believe in this motto, and I live it out every day with my three active kids. Even when I travel, I do my best to stay fit. It is Fit Family Lifestyles month, and I want to share some of my tips for staying healthy when you’re not at home.

3 kids

1.) Pre-Vacation Prep: You’re going to treat yourself a little while you’re on vacation, so eat healthily and exercise in the weeks before you are on vacation. Calorie counting on vacation is no fun, and I don’t like bringing home extra luggage around my midsection with me. So, I eat healthy foods and exercise well before I go.

2.) Snacks: Pack plenty of dry and easy-to-eat snacks before you go on vacation. Some ideas include dried fruit, pretzels, homemade trail mix, granola bars and a bit of candy for when you get a sweet tooth!

3.) Bring Your Sneakers: Who needs high heels on vacation? Okay, maybe one pair for going out to dinner, but wear your tennis shoes to encourage yourself to take walks or go on a run. Run along the beach, or take a brisk stroll in the park near your hotel.

4.) Hotel with Accommodations: Sleep is vital to your health and those of your children. Bring their favorite blankets, stuffed animals, noise machines, favorite books, sleep sacks or swaddles, pacifiers, and sheets. This will help them to get to sleep in an environment similar to the one they love at home.

5.) Plan in Advance – Research the hiking trails, museums, theme parks or other places to get out and exercise during your trip. I am taking my kids to Disney World soon, so we will be walking the parks and sweating some in the Orlando Heat!

I’m thrilled to celebrate “Fit Family Lifestyles Month,” and I hope you can put some of my tips to use when you go on the road. When my family gets home from vacation, we always get back in our routine of eating healthy meals and staying active in sports and outdoor activities. We love making snowmen this time of year!

How are you going to celebrate the season and stay fit?

P.S. you can follow Kendra @KendraThornton on Twitter

12 thoughts on “Fit Family Lifestyles Month

  1. These are great tips! I especially have a tough time on vacations when it comes to eating healthy. It’s all the restaurants I want to try that get me every time!

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