New Twitter Account!

After a lot of pressure from blog friends (*cough* Kristina *cough*), I’ve caved in and now have a Twitter.

Still don’t know how it works and all that jazz, but you can follow me at


and then I can follow you and then we can all be friends.

I’m such a sheep.

If my mom were to ask me, “If Kristina jumped off a bridge, would you?”

My answer would be “Yes, we held hands.”


26 thoughts on “New Twitter Account!

  1. Yesssssssssss OMG you will love it. Twitter is by far and away my favorite social media platform, though I myself just crossed over to the dark side and got an Instagram but still.
    I swear I have searched for you on Twitter like a bajillion times only to remember you don’t have one lol!

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