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Peer pressure works

How do I know it works? I am currently working on a half marathon training schedule for my sister (Annie)!!!

half marathon schedule annie

Whatttt?? Yup. So. Excited.

She’s a very beginner runner, so I’m starting off with a 5K program before we move on to actually training for a half. She and her friend will be using the schedule, so I feel like it really has to be perfect. Or I’m going to get sued when one of them gets a stress-fracture-splintitis-hamstriplantar-band syndrome. ya, you heard me.

body cast

Since I’ve had great success with Hal Higdon, I’m basically using a combination of his schedules. I will be completely jealous of Annie’s scenic runs. She lives in SoCal for school <–read- ocean views while she runs. Whatever. I don’t even care…

I’ll be bringing her schedule with me when Kyle and I drive down to visit. We leave tonight for Disneyland! We’re staying with her because it’s free.

After work on Tuesday, I quickly cranked out a couple miles

running clothes procompression socks

and then it was time to start packing! That big one in the middle, will be our bed. Over a foot thick so it should be pretty nice.

air matress

After work, I will BART down to where Kyle works and then we’ll leave from there.

I will most likely be MIA from the blogging world, but feel free to follow me on Instagram and watch as I run around like a little kid.

When you find out you barely meet the cut-off to drive the fake cars at Disneyland

Don’t worry, I will announce the winner of the Spartan Race Giveaway on Saturday!

Have you convinced anyone to run a half marathon (or more)?

Are you a Disneyland/Disney lover? If not, I don’t think we can be friends…


28 thoughts on “Peer pressure works

  1. Have fun at Disneyland! The weather has cooled down quite a bit to the high 60s and overcast. Nites are chilly. Happy 5th dating anniversary!

  2. yay for helping your sis! i am currently encouraging one of my friends to run one in May with me, and i had my best friend run her first one with me last year. so much fun to run with someone. have a great trip! xo

    1. That’s great! You’re quite the inspiration! I think it’s more important to help someone find something they’re passionate about, than forcing them to run 13.1 miles. I would never make someone run that distance just because I love it!

    1. LOL WHAT?! Zachary Jara! <– yeah I full named him. He needs to do it with you at least once! Is there something he loves doing that you haven't really tried yet? Maybe you could each do the other's hobby? Unfortunately I have no secret- I only tried to get her to run with me like 3 times. I think just watching me enjoy it made her want to try? Who knows? Watch, it has nothing to do with me and she only wants to run b/c there's a guy she likes who runs all the time 😉

      1. Hahah I send the message that twin does NOT approve. With the inflection and everything. I think he really burned himself out of distance. He trained for the Chicago Marathon and injured himself on a 22 mile training run and has had a bitter taste in his mouth ever since.

        1. LOL thank you for passing along my message. Oooo nooo. I could see why he doesn’t want to now. Tell him a half marathon is much shorter and he got injured on a run that is LONGER than what he’d have to do 😉

  3. Good job pulling your sister over to the dark side! Hopefully she loves running as much as us 🙂 Making tweaks to the Hal Higdon training plan is a good idea. Even though his plans say novice, his 1/2 marathon plan assumes you’ve built a base and can run 3-4 miles easily. I got hurt trying to jump into that plan too quickly (cause, hello, novice = running for dummies, right?). My best advice would be to increase mileage by no more than 10% a week. You’re an awesome sister for helping her out and obviously you’re going to make a good cheerleader and motivator!

    1. Lol I used Jedi mind tricks to pull her in. Wow, dork moment. I’m hoping she enjoys running! I want her to love it and not just do it because I love it! LOL OMG I know, when I first started Hal’s “novice” plan I was like WTF? 3 miles THAT many times a week? Bitch be cray. Definitely using the 10% rule- great advice! I learned that one the hard way…but at least now I know that it’s a rule for a reason.

  4. I peer pressure my friends to run them with me, but they’ve done them in the past so it’s not too hard to do 🙂

  5. Have so much fun, and Yeyyyyy for your sis!

    I grew up near Orlando and have always been a Universal gal myself (I mean really, how can you compete with Harry Potter world? :))
    That being said, I have never been to Disneyland, just world haha

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