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You don’t ignore friend’s advice. That would be rude.

Friday night, Kyle came over and we made tacos. Fast, delicious, and healthy (the way we make them). I like to serve mine over greens (taco salad) to cut out some Calories and carbs. Look at my guy, flipping the onions like a pro.

kyle cooking tacos taco salad

I also felt like baking earlier that night, so I tried Brittany’s (of Eating Bird Food) Coconut Carob Chip Detox Macaroons. So good. I don’t really like coconut but these were tasty. When I told Kyle what they were, he made a disgusted face. Then he tried them and said they were amazing and taste like Samoas. I think the only thing I would change is add less coconut oil.

coconut carob chip detox macaroonscoconut carob chip detox macaroons

Saturday WORKOUT

Ran 10 miles, 10:07 average pace. Another long, slow, and happy run for 2014.


I’m digging this whole “not training for anything in particular” thing. Us runners (weird to call myself that), we go through rough periods. Your body doesn’t want to move as quickly as you know you can. It’s frustrating. It sucks. Shit happens. Normally I would be stressing, but because I’m not technically in training, it’s nice to get back to running for fun.

What makes running even more fun- when you get back home and your boyfriend is making German potato pancakes for you (and himself). So good.

german potato pancakes

And because my girl AnneΒ told me that frozen yogurt is great fuel, I listened. I’m not going to ignore my super speedy friend’s advice. That would be rude.

frozen yogurt

I got Valencia Orange and Vanilla. Tasted like an Orange Julius or an orange creamsicle. AMAZING.

After a long day, I fell asleep while Kyle and I were watching TV.

sleep snickers

On Sunday, I went to brunch with some friends from high school. We only take photos in order of height.

high school friends

Actually that was a complete accident.

My BFF Bianca. We met freshman year of high school and spent probably every day of our senior year together. She’s the one who told me that I should go out with Kyle. I told her she was crazy and he didn’t like me…moral of the story- Bianca knows all. Another reason not to ignore your friend’s advice πŸ˜‰

bianca present

And after brunch I went to Kyle’s house to watch the Niner game!

Niners football
A great way to end a fun weekend!

Don’t forget to enter in the Spartan Race Giveaway!!

Do you like coconut?

Do you still see your friends from high school?

Your football team is?


32 thoughts on “You don’t ignore friend’s advice. That would be rude.

  1. LOVE coconut! I love running for fun-I really do better than when I’m training for stuff. I wish I could trick myself into running like that all the time, because I put too much pressure on myself when training and then sometimes the running doesn’t go so well because I’ve doomed it before I took a single step!

  2. ahhh i’m back in the blog world! yikes am i a slacker. i totally dig all things coconut. i still keep in touch with some hs friends but my bff is from college, and i don’t really follow football, but i’d have to go Giants. i am a NYer, aft all. πŸ™‚

  3. Looks like you have fun! I love coconut. A favorite dish that I leaned in Guam is called Kaleguin – fresh shredded coconut, diced hot peppers, shredded grilled chicken or fish or shrimp, fresh squeezed lemon juice, diced green onions, salt, pepper. Simple, healthy, delish!
    My team is the Browns. They suck. Thanks for reminding me, jerk.

  4. I like the idea of running for fun. I can get burned out while training; when I “have to” run it can become a chore. You’re a stud(ette) for running 10 miles for the hell of it! And is it just me or was that niners game boring?! If I was at home, I probably would have taken a nap. Fingers crossed for a more exciting game next week!

    1. Haha thank you! I know exactly how you feel though. Sometimes I forget that I actually like running when I’m training for something. I actually enjoyed the game. I thought it was pretty close for the majority of the game! Next week, Kyle and I will be on the way home from LA during the game. We’re trying to figure out what to do (leave late and stay in LA for the game so we can watch, or listen on the radio which sounds lame to me).

  5. I love the whole “running for fun” thing these days, too. My official marathon training doesn’t start until the 4th week of January, so I’m just enjoying running or doing whatever I feel like when I wake up πŸ™‚

  6. Hahaha I PROMISE you your runs will be out of the park this week!

    I have honestly never trained for a race in my life, I don’t like the pressure of that πŸ™‚
    As a hardcore lover of all German food, and consierding potatoes are my favorite food (I am actually eating them right now) I must must must try those potato pancakes!

    1. LOL I’m counting on your advice!! πŸ˜‰

      Man you’re much stronger than I am! I NEED a race or I wouldn’t get any better.

      LOL they were so good! Especially after a run when I’m craving salty and carb-rich food πŸ™‚ I unfortunately don’t really have a recipe because he just sort of winged it! I know it had shredded potatoes and onions, a whole egg plus a lot of whites, salt, and pepper.

  7. Those potato pancakes look so good! I need to try those…and I love coconut, so I need to try those too. My bf keeps trying to get me really into football, and he likes the Giants. I like it but I prefer college football. I always tell him I like the 49ers too just bc I love San Fran so much lol

  8. I’m not training for anything either, but I’m actually itching to sign up for something, just gotta find it. And so jealous of your awesome long run, I haven’t had ran more than 5 miles in a month, I think I want to change that…

  9. That froyo looks yummy!
    Hate coconut – Like samoas and german chocolate cake (how does that work!?).
    The only friend from high school that I kept is my best friend, Kat.
    I live in Seattle, so gotta be a Seahawks fan. This has got to be their best season ever!

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