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A Year in Numbers

1 Amazing month long trip in Europe

europe germany

2 new hobbies for this couple

sj rnrkyle cycling

101.15 miles of running to train for my first half marathon

1 favorite new toy


2 half marathons run in 2013

sj rnr medalberkeley half marathon

4 years of dating, celebrated in Barcelona

barcelona europe trip

1 Olympic medal I got to hold

olympic medal

1 fantastic trip to Washington (state)

washington trip

2 pumpkins carved

After. Ta Da! Our finished products

1 fantastic birthday

kyle amy's birthdaycirque du soleil

1 fantastic year

work holiday party

Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year! See ya in 2014!

Gimme some highlights of your 2014!


23 thoughts on “A Year in Numbers

  1. Happy New year!!!!

    I hope your 2014 is as absolutely wonderful, meaningful, and fabulous as it looks like your 2013 was 🙂

  2. You had the most beautiful sunset for your anniversary!! What a great way to celebrate and also recap the year. You guys are too cute and are quickly becoming my favorite couple ever (right behind Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family. Duh.). And also, you need to book a ticket to San Diego this October and carve pumpkins with us. Monsters Inc is one of my favorite movies and I have zero carving abilities. Are you available for hire?

    Happy 2014, cutie! xo

    1. Gawww you’re too sweet! I accept second place to Cam and Mitch- any other couple and I’d have to fight back. Lol I’d love to carve pumpkins with you. I won’t charge ya cause you’re a friend, but I will make you buy the pumpkin cause they’re damn expensive at a pumpkin patch 😉 Unlike JLO, my love costs $$.

      Happy 2014 love!

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