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Sorry for not being sorry

Here’s part 1 of my Christmas recap! Anyone else think it’s weird that it’s Saturday? If I didn’t have my phone calendar, I swear I would have no idea what day of the week it is.

Christmas morning I woke up around 8 AM and had to pry my sister out of bed. Clearly she missed the you’re-still-a-kid-and-need-to-get-up-super-early-on-Christmas  memo. That’s what I’m for I guess.

I had planned on running before everyone got up, but my little cousins wanted to run with me in the afternoon.

We got the parents up and brought all the presents to the family room (our tree is in the living room, but the family room has a fire place).

One of my cats was very concerned that Santa did not come. Luckily my dog reassured her that he most certainly did.

skyler sienna christmas
Chester (penguin) and Sienna waiting for Santa
Chester (penguin) and Sienna waiting for Santa

After presents, I went over to Kyle’s house to deliver gifts and spend a little bit of time with his family. Unfortunately I had to go back home after about an hour.

Sienna and me, waiting for breakfast
Sienna and me, waiting for breakfast

Every Christmas morning since I can remember, my dad makes homemade hash browns (and other stuff)  for breakfast.

hash browns breakfast

After breakfast, it was time to start cooking and getting ready for family to come over.

My little cousins arrived and informed my sister that they did not want to run anymore. Luckily she convinced them to do a single mile with me.

annie cousins running christmas
Look at that excitement…

They did great and we ran 1 mile in 8:29! And I clearly need to get a Christmas running shirt.

We had a fun night of games, presents, and food!

For the meat eaters- pot roast prime rib (LOL if you look down at the comments, my mom corrected me. I don’t know my meats…) and crab

pot roast christmas crab christmas

And for me. Tofu lol


Sorry, for not being sorry for the lack of posting! Family time > posting a blog post

Who else ran on Christmas?

Any Christmas traditions?


22 thoughts on “Sorry for not being sorry

  1. I completely agree that family time>blog, which is my blog has been so dead 🙂 I tried to buy a Christmas running shirt from a running store in Charlotte but sadly when I went they were sold out 😦

  2. Yes, a meat eater you are not…it was prime rib…not pot roast…pot roast would have been cheaper… Thanks for making the delicious quinoa!!!

  3. That food looks so delicious! And good job on making your cousins run. I feel like kids have so much energy but always dread running. I know I did when I was little and in gym class!

  4. Love the pictures! Twins are too cute! So is the penguin and Sienna. My brother did a prime rib too and played Santa for his grand kids. This year he pretended he came out of the fireplace….he was all sprawled out and was so stuffed with a pillow (dinner too) it was hilarious to watch him get up. We usually go see a movie on Xmas day too. This year we saw Saving Mr Banks and enjoyed it very much! Happy New Year!🎶

  5. That is so faboosh that your little cousins wanted to run with you!!!

    I agree, I do not care how old I get I shall always, always, be ready for Santa at the crack of dawn!

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