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I am a bad blogger. And the best present I’ve ever received.

A badgger if you will.

Like many of you, I have been super busy with holiday stuff! My sister came home earlier this week, and Kyle’s sister was in town for a little bit. That, combined with Christmas preparation = Amy is a badgger (bad + blogger).

To start off the holiday season, I went to our old high school’s winter choir concert with Kyle, his sister (Ashley), and his brother (Travis). All 3 of them were in choir. Kyle hated it, but I think Travis and (definitely) Ashley loved it.

Ashley, who is a professional singer now, was in Beauty Shop- a quartet (I think it’s a quartet??) of hand selected girls who sing acapella (I think??) <–you see how much I know…

Well, during their winter concert, they bring up the alum to come up and sing! There’s his sis- she’s on the far right in teal/green with the mic.

mv winter choir concert

At the very end of the concert, they reserve 2 songs (Carol of the Bells and Silent Night) for all the alum to join in and sing.

mv winter choir concert

And since ^^ that photo isn’t great…

mv winter choir concert

Fun night! Nothing like Christmas music to get you in the holiday spirit!

Thursday immediately after work, I came home and started baking. I had to make cookies for all of my coworkers. Let me just say, I think I have too many coworkers.

Christmas cookies

I made hot chocolate cookies because Hungry Runner Girl told me to do so. She was right. They were a huge hit.

I also made peppermint pinwheels. Basically a sugar-type cookie with some peppermint extract, and 2 layers of different colored dough, rolled together.

Christmas cookies

Baking cookies is one of my favorite things to do around the holidays. But man, 200-ish cookies in one night is rough.

Later, I got to open my birthday present from my little sister (Annie).

She started this project in October- she contacted a bunch of my loved ones (aunts, uncles, a couple of Kyle’s family members, my parents), and had them write letters to their 24-year-old-selves. It was like reading their stories, but also listening to their advice- you know, things they wish they would have done, things they’re glad they had done, etc.

The final product- She made a folder with a bunch of old photos and then placed each letter inside. Best. Present. Ever.

birthday present

And after I got to open that present, my parents called us outside

christmas decoration polar bear christmas decoration polar bear

Our newest family members. I know some people don’t like blow-up Christmas decorations, but I say there’s nothing wrong with a human sized polar bear.

Do you like choir music?

Best present you’ve ever received?

Do you like blow-up Christmas decorations?


22 thoughts on “I am a bad blogger. And the best present I’ve ever received.

  1. Wow, you’ve done some serious baking! I like choir music but not wanting to be in the choir! Best present…that’s a tough one….my 2nd daughter being born Dec 3rd and not the 12th – that was a nice early present….maybe my snowshoes my husband bought me (he used them to propose).
    Blow up decorations are intense but fun!

  2. Shoot girl, you can’t write about life if ya don’t make time to live it! Family over blogging any day in my book πŸ™‚

    I am so impressed by your sister, what a truly wonderful and amazing gift, you’ll have that for your whole life!
    I am so jealous of your bf’s family musical skills. I always say that if there was one thing in the whole wide world I wish I could do, it would be carry a tune. Not a single person in my immediate family has an ounce of musical ability haha!

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Aww thank you my dear for saying that! I felt a little guilty about not blogging, but then I was like, nahhh. Family time is way more important!

      Yes, I love the present and I will definitely enjoy looking at it for many years to come!

      HAHA I know right?! Singing (well) is something I wish I could do too!

      If I don’t talk to you before hand, happy holidays to you and your family!! xoxo

  3. I have such a deep seated hatred of all inflatable lawn decor! I think it stems back to these people that lived across the street from me that turned their lawn into an inflatable garden. It’s just a knee jerk thing that makes me go “GRRR” when I see them. I will admit I don’t hate your polar bears. That’s a compliment, I promise!

    Best gift I ever received? My husband gave me a locket with a photo of my grandfather who had passed on right before our wedding. I got to put the locket on my bouquet and still have him walk me down the aisle! Husband did good.

  4. Your peppermint pinwheel looks absolutely amazing! Looks like you’ve had a festive fun time πŸ™‚
    That blow up polar bear is incredible! I need it in my life, like right now! If only I had the space for it in our tiny flat…

  5. Very cool gift! Blow up decorations sometime startle me on my runs when I am in a place I’ve run a hundred times and turn the corner and all the sudden there’s an unexpected big blow up thing in my face!

  6. That scrapbook is the coolest idea!! With all the older family and friends, there had to be some great advice in there. I wish I had better guidance of what to expect when I was in my early – mid twenties. Being the oldest grandchild and first generation American, I’m kind of the test subject for the rest of the family πŸ™‚ And those cookies look so freaking good. I bookmarked the Hot Chocolate cookies because you totally sold me on them on instagram!

    1. Lol as the guinea pig, you’ll have to write one for your younger family members πŸ˜‰ Oh definitely make the hot chocolate cookies! They are pretty easy and my coworkers and Kyle loved them! He said he loved them more than my chocolate chip cookies, but then retracted that statement and said they are too different to compare, so they tie.

  7. You’re baked goods look freaking amazing! I’ve never heard of either of those things but I’d eat them all if I could. That birthday gift is incredibly thoughtful. Those are the best kinds of gifts that you can cherish forever. πŸ™‚

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