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I only have smart friends. And I like big boxes.

Tuesday for lunch, my friend Stephanie (who is a newly wed!!) took me out to lunch for my birthday at Simply Greek.

falafel simply greek

And then she made the brilliant decision to take me to get frozen yogurt at Blush. <– I only have smart friends πŸ˜‰

Guess which one’s mine?

frozen yogurt

Duh, the one with sour gummy worms. Actually I don’t usually get sour gummy worms on top of frozen yogurt. They usually end up super hard but I was feeling daring. Plus I solved that problem by eating them first.

frozen yogurt

photo cred (for both): Steph

P.S. I never say “froyo” cause it gives me theΒ heebie jeebies. Kind of like how “sammies” (sandwiches) drives Kyle up the wall.

I digress.

That evening, I made pizza for my family and Kyle.Β And then we patiently waited for our new TV to arrive.

My dad ordered a new TV when they were on sale around Cyber Monday. Our old one was a 63,” 300-and-something pounder. Basically the equivalent of a linebacker, and my dad wanted to change things up and get a ballerina.

This was the only photo I could find of the old TV and it’s hard to tell how big it is.

The previous weekend, Kyle and my dad set up the wall mount. They wanted to make sure it would hold the TV, so they had me hang on it. Nothing worse than getting a brand new television and having it crash to the floor because the wall mount wasn’t installed properly.

Enter Amy.

tv wall mount

Yes, in my family, it is a bigger tragedy to have your TV come crashing down than it would be to have a heavy metal wall mount fall on your daughter’s head.

The TV arrived and Kyle and my dad brought it into the family room. Obviously the first thing I did was jump inside the ginormous empty box

tv box amy skyler
[Instagram] #iam5
And then Annie “threw” my cat in there with me because she seemed interested. Interested quickly changed into angry so I delicately tossed Skyler the heck outa there.

Ta da! The new TV!

tv kyle

Favorite frozen yogurt toppings? Go!

Any (word) contractions that drive you crazy?

You would have jumped in the box too, right? Don’t be a liar!


42 thoughts on “I only have smart friends. And I like big boxes.

  1. If you hate the word froyo, do you also hate the word yolo? I know I do. lol
    I like to get Cold Stone ice cream with gummy bears mixed in. Yeah, they don’t stay soft but at least they are still yummy!
    Yay for a new TV! Is it the same size as the old one? Sheesh, I thought our 50″ TV was big!
    I totally would have jumped in the box. When I was a little kid and my parents bought a new fridge, that box was my new playhouse for like a month. :p

    1. LOL I do hate YOLO. I used it once for a post, but I was trying to be obnoxious haha.

      The TV is bigger lol, it’s 65″!! Glad you would have jumped in the box too! I did the same thing a few years ago with a slightly smaller, but taller box. I had my boyfriend put it out on the front porch and help me inside, and then I scared my sister when she walked by lol. It was sort of funny, but then I tipped the box over while I was inside. Karma.

      1. That is hilarious! Sounds like it would have made a good video clip.
        I hate YOLO so much. So does Mike. When I hear my students say it I just cringe, even if they say all the individual words. Blah.

  2. That IS a good friend! A self proclaimed froyo snob/expert my ratio of ice cream to toppings is 99.99:.01, I’m allll about the fro yo πŸ™‚

    Hahaas a girl whose fav birthday present was a hula hoop, I appreciate your love of giant boxes!

  3. It’s not a contraction really but I hate “nom nom” with a passion. It creeps me out and makes me not want to eat. Ever.
    Frozen yogurt with toppings is the best, I always have more toppings than yogurt.

    1. HAHA! OMG I know what you mean! Toppings are amazing. I’m the opposite of you and almost always have more yogurt than toppings. NOW, if I could have the amount of yogurt I normally put, plus an equal amount of tops (aka one massive frozen yogurt), I’d be totally down for that πŸ˜‰

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